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23 Dec 2007 1,092 views
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photoblog image The Rector's Slot

The Rector's Slot

This is the Rector's mail slot outside his residence at Barcelona's Cathedral of Santa Eul├ália.
Don't you wonder what everything means?

[Today I'm in Atlanta.]

The Rector's Slot

This is the Rector's mail slot outside his residence at Barcelona's Cathedral of Santa Eul├ália.
Don't you wonder what everything means?

[Today I'm in Atlanta.]

comments (25)

Oh what a story this could be. Very nice and glad you're showing it.
Ginnie Hart: The stories we could tell on our own, without knowing the real one! Thanks, Mary.
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 23 Dec 2007, 00:29
Well my friend this is really interesting and as the imagination working over time.
Love your processing and the tones are very apt Ginniesmile
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Tracy! Thanks. (I can just see your imagination working overtime! smile )
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 23 Dec 2007, 01:37
I love this image, Ginnie.
The rector doesn't like the uncouth term "snail mail"...he prefers "turtle mail", indicating the mail is still slow but much more dignified.
The rector has had a sheltered life...he figures if stalks bring babies, then surely swallows bring mail.
The vector has a high opinion of himself...believes he sits at the head of the high court of morality, and his role is to judge all matters that come before him.
Ginnie Hart: Oh how I love how your mind works, Ray!! grin Thank you for the smile.
  • rags
  • United States
  • 23 Dec 2007, 06:29
yes, i wonder what it means. i think it is a awesome shot and also lovely and intricate piece of art.
Ginnie Hart: I thought so myself, Kanyi! Thanks. smile
  • Gale
  • South Africa
  • 23 Dec 2007, 06:33
Intreging Ginnie.. and the history does not intimate why they have chosen these symbols. Perhaps it just looks pretty!You really do have the eye.. well spotted!
Ginnie Hart: Maybe Jose Angel will know! Thanks, Gale.
  • urban8
  • Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK, The World
  • 23 Dec 2007, 06:44
Nice shot, Ginnie, well spotted.
And it could be anything in Barcelona as the architecture and sculpted pieces like this are just mad there.
Ginnie Hart: You are so right about Barcelona. Hmmm. Maybe Jose Angel will know. Thanks!
Vey nice shot Ginnie. Well spotted. I haven't got a clue about the meaning. It's intriguing.
Ginnie Hart: We'll just have to make up our own stories, Richard. smile Thanks.
I can not work out the meaning, Ginnie, save some kind of reference to `fast and slow`, but it certainly is a beautiful letterbox! Love the texture in this one.

Wishing you all the best at Christmas. (:o)
Ginnie Hart: It sure has its charm, whatever it means, Roz. Thanks. And the best of Christmas to you and yours as well!
  • Astrid
  • The Netherlands
  • 23 Dec 2007, 10:03
Deze is ook weer hartstikke goed, I can sit for a long time and make a story out of this, about Kings and Queens, (the crown on the left)about they might go on a long travel, ( the scales) the birds, well it is too bad they have to walk and cannot fly, (doorgaan?) they got stuck in the bushes....and they moved on as quicky as a turtle, but they lived happely ever after AND that is the most important story of all........ I love the picture but you already knew that tonguetonguetongue
Ginnie Hart: I am in stitches of laughter over your wonderful imagination, Astrid!! HAHAHAHA! The best one of the day thus far. I lost it with the birds in the bushes. LOL LOL LOL. But when I got to them living happily ever after, I fell off the chair onto the floor. Thanks for that good laugh, mijn vriend!
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 23 Dec 2007, 10:12
I'm fascinated by the excellent work of this sculpture. Gale is right, "perhaps it just looks pretty", but I'm sure these animals are symbols (we look at a churchwall) like Rosalyn has said ("fast and slow"). The turtle could be a symbol of eternity whereas the swallows could be a symbol for a characteristic mark of our live: mostly momentary, present, alive, quick, often instable, too... I love this pic because of the opposition of the figures and the wonderful artwork!
Ginnie Hart: Well, Philine, we know the Roman Catholic church has symbols for everything, so I'm quite sure this is rich in meaning. I like your ideas and can safely assume you're guessing correctly. Thank you, as always.
what a lovely shot,great tones to it and thats some mail boxsmile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Tim, for stopping by and commenting!
My mind has gone into creative mode nice shot..
Ginnie Hart: Awww. That's good, Shakara...I think? grin Thanks.
  • Bill Phillips
  • Droitwich...the fog is finally lifting
  • 23 Dec 2007, 15:10
Well spotted little detail Ginnie. It does make you wonder...there must be a story here.
Ginnie Hart: Surely there's a story here, Bill, indeed. If only we knew! Thanks.
The title could have a whole other meaning . . . however, it is a gorgeous shot.
Ginnie Hart: HA! You just cracked me up, Michael! grin Thanks.
yes i would like to know what they mean! so interesting!
great capture of details and texture!
i will venture some guesses, some are quite similar to those who have already said it...

here goes

turtle/tortise ~ slow and mail or snail mail? maybe it's slow and steady wins the race?

swallows - if God feeds the swallows, my needs will be taken care of or swallows are such lively happy swift birds - they bring good news fast

leaves and branches - to remain in the Vine

crown - works for the king

sword balance - protector of justice

cross (left) and bars (right) on the shield - remember Chrisy's death and be merciful to those who are behind bars

and oh... the rectangular frame - box, letter box smile

ok i think i did'nt leave anything out did I? smile
Ginnie Hart: I think your guess may be "right on," KS! Thanks for thinking this out so clearly. smile
p/s whopps sorry for typo errors - I mean to say

1. slow and steady not "slow and mail"

2. Christ's death not "Chrisy's death"
Ginnie Hart: I knew what you meant, KS! smile
Very nice sculpture so fine so beautiful and you spotted it very nicely ! Bravo !
I Wish you a merry Xmas and happy new year - As I'm in vacation, I'll see you back in january !!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Zeb, and the best of holiday greetings to you and yours!
Hi dear Ginnie,
I have not a clu what this could mean, its a gabel-stone right? Looks wonderfull to me... Birds which are coming down to earth? But why? Question for you....

I want to wish YOU and D. a merry Christmas, you might celebrate this with your friends or family or both, I posted some Christmas decorations, on my blog with Happy celebrations, come and look,

With the BEST Christmas-greetings
Ginnie Hart: Actually, it's not a gable stone, JoAnn, but a mail slot for the rector. Very ornate, right?!

The best of holiday greetings to you and yours!
  • Ellie
  • United Kingdom
  • 23 Dec 2007, 21:04
Wow, there's posh!

I wouldn't dare guess what the symbols mean, but the birds looks like Swifts - called something else in Spain. The tortoise - symbols of stability I think. Ivy - to drive away evil. Hmm, makes you think ... but not till next year wink
Ginnie Hart: HA! No more thinking till the end of the year, Ellie! grin I like that thought. Thanks.
Good bit of carving Ginnie, you must have a good eye to spot it.

Have a good Christmas.


Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Les, and best holiday wishes to you and yours!
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 23 Dec 2007, 21:53
Isn't that just fasinating, there must be a story behind it. Well spotted Ginnie, terrific detailed capture.
Ginnie Hart: I'm sure it's a good story, Aussie. Thanks!
  • Chris
  • frosty tonight!
  • 23 Dec 2007, 22:18
Very ornate mail box...must be needed for all those holy orders Ginnie wink
Ginnie Hart: HA! I'm sure you're right, Chris! smile Thanks.
  • Steve
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 23 Dec 2007, 23:59
Have a great Christmas Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: The same to you and yours, Steve. I'm so glad I met you in 2007! smile
  • Ruth
  • United States
  • 24 Dec 2007, 10:31
Hehe, I really enjoyed Ray's rendition. Beautiful image and fun to think about.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, indeed, Ruth. As you see, I'm catching up! Thanks, as ever, for your support. It means the world to me.
  • pixelpixie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 29 Dec 2007, 16:41
Well I don't think they are Swallows but Swifts. I guess this is the letterbox for all mail both fast and slow...but your title is something else and had me laughing and laughing!
Ginnie Hart: HAHAHA. Now you've got me laughing, Jose-Ann! grin Thanks!

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