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14 Feb 2018 261 views
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photoblog image Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day



Part of the "Me, Too" movement?

(in Verona, Italy, home to Juliet's House)




Happy Valentine's Day



Part of the "Me, Too" movement?

(in Verona, Italy, home to Juliet's House)




comments (27)

  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 14 Feb 2018, 04:20
erm....but I think I am your, Juliet wink.....grin...
Ginnie you might be right on the T-shirt and the "Me,Too" movement. I am not going into the discussion, I wonder why it even have to be said out loud "keep you hands off"..... wonder how hard they scream if it is the other way around......
Ginnie Hart: And to thimnk that back hen we saw this (a year ago), the Me, Too movement hadn't yet happened. If it had, this woul have been a great t-shirt to buy! Bedankt, Juliet. smile
Cute, Ginnie!!
I like Astrid's comments! smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Elizabeth. As I told Astrid, back when we saw this (a year ago), the Me, Too movement hadn't yet happened. If it had, this would have been a great t-shirt to buy!
  • Martine
  • France
  • 14 Feb 2018, 05:25
Très drôle le tee-shirt.
Ginnie Hart: Indeed so, Martine...and maybe more serious than we think?
  • Chris
  • Not Nowhere
  • 14 Feb 2018, 06:30
All very worthy stuff Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: T-shirts can be so pithy, Chris. smile
Un tee-shirt bien sympathique
Ginnie Hart: A t-shirt with a statement, Claudine., smile
Ha ha...wat leuk gevonden en gezien smile
Jullie ook een fijne Valentijndag
Ginnie Hart: T-shirts have such an audience, Marjolein, don't they! smile Bedankt.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 14 Feb 2018, 07:38
an almost fitting t-shirt - a funny find - yes, the "me, too" movement has now reached also our country.
Ginnie Hart: I believe "ME, TOO" is everywhere by now, Philine!
Well get off me balcony then !

No, seriously this is rather appropriate now
Ginnie Hart: HA! And indeed so!
Ah un Roméo, on en a qu'un ;-)
Amusant ce Tee shirt.
Bonne journée Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: It IS fun, Pascale, isn't it!
  • gutteridge
  • Somewhere in deep space
  • 14 Feb 2018, 08:02
Ha ha that is very good Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: It was very fun to see, Chad, even before the "movement."
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 14 Feb 2018, 08:12
I'm expected several truck loads of cards later on and the police have closed my roads so that the trucks can unload safely. I like the selective colouring.
Ginnie Hart: Leave it to you, Alan, to get truckloads of cards. HA! And thanks.
  • Ray
  • Not Germany...
  • 14 Feb 2018, 09:03
A tiff, perhaps?

Chris might know...
Ginnie Hart: I suppose a lot of people know, Ray?? smile
  • Elaine-
  • Canada
  • 14 Feb 2018, 09:27
i think i can use that tshirt idea lol... neat shot, and a Happy Valentine's Day to you two too!!
Ginnie Hart: Go ahead, Elaine, and use it. smile And thanks.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 14 Feb 2018, 10:09
Yes, happy Valentines my dear. Oh, sherbet, I shouldn't have said that, now Ginnie is going to "Me too" me as well.

Let me first say, that I am dead set against no consent relations and abuse in any way. Even abuse of power, without sex being involved.

What I find very interesting in the "Me too" noise being generated, is how many celebs are involved on either side of the allegations. Which brings to mind a court case that happened last year. Two boys alleged that they have been abused by the headmaster of the the school they attended three years earlier. They sort of did a "me too" before it was fashionable. The degree of evidence the two boys provided lead to a guilty verdict. When the man was lead away after receiving his 15 year sentence, the one boy broke down and confessed that they didn't mean for "this" to happen and then the real truth came into the open. Everything by the boys was fabricated by themselves. The headmaster never had contact with them, while they were in his school. Why they picked him? No-one knows to date - maybe they saw him as a celeb of some kind. Anyhow - you can think - as the charges were laid and up to the court case - he became estranged from everyone in his life. Wife divorced him, refused visiting rights with the children, fired from work, etc. Within a week of the sentence, it was set aside, the man freed as not guilty. But, his life was a total shambles, irreparably so. He committed suicide.

To me, the point is (same as with Donald the lame Duck), that it is way too easy to fling accusations on social media. The naivety of the readers is also suspect at best.
Ginnie Hart: It's such a double-edged sword, Louis, I know. I hate stories like this. However, my guess is the pendulum will swing far to the right awhile before it comes back to the place it needs to be, where going forward EVERYONE will hopefully be more sensitive to their actions. The main problem here, as I see it, is that women really have been victimized for way too long. We can hope it will be "rectified" in most countries but we both know there will be places where it will never change, sadly.
The message can't be much plainer than that can it. I do like the way you've colour popped the shirt, it stands out so very well.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Brian. It reminds me of "what part of NO don't you understand!"
Have you seen Gnomeo & Juliet?
It's a good one smile

Oh, so it's Juliet and Julia?
Too bad, you're not my Julia. ;p
Ginnie Hart: OMG. I just watched the preview of Gnomeo & Juliet. We'll have to look for it (on Netflix?). HA!
I would not wear that. It is such a shut down.
Ginnie Hart: HA! Don't want to turn anyone off when you're not attached, Mary, right?! smile
  • Steven
  • Chicagoland
  • 14 Feb 2018, 12:40
How appropriate for the location and the day!! A cute find!!
Ginnie Hart: The fun things we see when we're out-n-about, Steven. smile Thanks.
Funny the T shirt, the nice choice to isolate the purple color inside the image in black and white.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Claudio. Isn't fun, isn't it!
That's a hazardous T-shirt - what if Mr Right just happened to turn up? smile
Ginnie Hart: If you're not already attached, Tom, you have a point!
  • Emily
  • Canada
  • 14 Feb 2018, 21:09
AHHH you're reminding me how much I want to go to Italy --- verona has always been on my wish list.
Ginnie Hart: You'll love it, Emily!
Modern life.
Ginnie Hart: HA!
  • CherryPie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 14 Feb 2018, 23:45
I rather like the background on the Verona T shirt.

Happy Valentine's day to you smile
Ginnie Hart: Yes, indeed, Cherry. Thanks.
nice shot, Ginnie. i like the colour treatment here.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks and thanks, Ayush.
Time to rewrite Sleeping Beauty. What a puzzler for Prince Charming. To kiss or not to kiss. That is the question.
Ginnie Hart: HA! I like that, Michael.
Love the color with the b&w. Just read your conversation with Astrid...and couldn't agree more with her comments!
Ginnie Hart: Went back to read Astrid's comment and...YES! And in this day and age we're still having a discussion about this?????
Oh, and p.s. - Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!
Ginnie Hart: HA! Well, the Dutch really don't celebrate it, Robin, so we don't either...especially since our wedding anniversary is February 5th. After the 5th we don't NEED another day to celebrate. smile

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