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27 Feb 2012 779 views
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photoblog image "Naked Lady"

"Naked Lady"


Or, Amaryllis, as you may prefer to call it?

What's in a name?  That's my post at Vision and Verb today.

"Naked Lady"


Or, Amaryllis, as you may prefer to call it?

What's in a name?  That's my post at Vision and Verb today.

comments (54)

  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 27 Feb 2012, 00:32
Somehow, Ginnie, Naked lady seems more evocative...
Ginnie Hart: Why did I not know you would say that, Ray! grin
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 27 Feb 2012, 00:52
May as well comment on this exquisite image - while I'm here. Gorgeous! And - you're all set...;-)!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, thank you, dear Marcie! smile
Nice shot. But confused by the title
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Navin. This is an Amarylis flower that is also called a "Naked Lady" as a nickname. Don't you wonder why it's called that?!
  • rian
  • Vestavia Hills, AL
  • 27 Feb 2012, 03:01
looks like a monster's maw gobbling up strands of something.. grin nice shot!
Ginnie Hart: Hmmm. Now that's one way of putting it, Rian! grin Thanks.
  • emily
  • Canada
  • 27 Feb 2012, 03:54
What an interesting title for such a fascinating image. I really get lost in this image. Fantastic!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Emily. Don't you sometimes wonder how they come up with the nicknames for flowers like this?!
I love the details of plants and flowers- the colors are beautiful!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, dear Elizabeth. Who would have known an Amarylis is also called a Naked Lady?!
Pretty colours in the photo... I enjoyed your V&V Ginnie... It got me thinking and I wrote down all my names... It was a fun exercise. Still giggling. : )
Ginnie Hart: Ohhhh, thank you, Jacquelyn. I would love it if you copied this comment for V&V, if you wouldn't mind...or I can do it for you. They would get a kick outta it! (Let me know if you want me to add it as from you and I'll do it.)
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 27 Feb 2012, 06:36
Never knew the other name for Amaryllis. I just love the macro, Amaryllis' are such wonderful flower, that last a long time. Love the texture in this picture.
Ginnie Hart: I was surprised, too, MLMA. Don't you wonder how they came up with these nicknames?! I love that you enjoy these plants so much because they become great photo ops for me. smile Hartstikke bedankt.
  • Chad Doveton
  • Where latitude and longitude meet.
  • 27 Feb 2012, 07:18
I am partial to a naked lady Ginnie so like this very much but, what is the writing all over you photograph, and I don't mean your name?
Ginnie Hart: I'm quite sure there are many out there who are partial to a naked lady, Chad! smile And, well, since I was writing about names, I was happy to fine a texture overlay that had words/names...but who knows what?! smile
  • lisl
  • England
  • 27 Feb 2012, 07:22
Seems an appropriate name, Ginnie.Oddly enough, I grow some pink flowers from bulbs in the garden in the autumn, and they have the same name, I think because of their bare stems and no foliage
Ginnie Hart: Astrid just read your comment and she and I both agree that this makes sense, Elisabeth. Thanks for the enlightenment. smile
i too am wondering what the writing is. I will pop over to v&v in a bit
Ginnie Hart: The writing is only a texture overlay I foiund that had words on it...which seemed appropriate for the post over at V&V. Thanks for visiting there, btw!
Very nice picture and colors!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Victoria.
Beautifully, intimate image of this `Naked Lady`. (:o)

Loved your piece on V and V today. Set me thinking about my `names`. Rosalyn, my proper name, seldom used, only by my Mum, and usually when I was in the dog house. Normally, Mum would call me Roz (like everyone else), or occasionally, Rosalinda.

Grandma called me Rosylea.

Starting senior school, my Mum insisted that my two long plaits of hair needed to be replaced by a more `grown up` hairstyle. With much protesting, my hair was cut and I was treated to a home perm. It was a disaster, and within weeks of starting my new school I picked up the nickname of `Flossie Biggs`. Miss Biggs was our geography teacher who sported a similarly outrageous hair style. That name stuck with me for five years! lol! (:o)

I`ve also made a startling discovery, and that is that I can not remember my Dad ever calling me by my proper name - shortened or otherwise! Not a single time. He always addressed me as `pet` or `hen`, very Northern terms of endearment.
Ginnie Hart: Ohhhhhhh. I love it, Roz. Would you mind copying-n-pasting this over at V&V? Or if you prefer, I can do it for you? They would love it there. THANK YOU.
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Feb 2012, 08:14
Very artistic, Ginnie. I like the colours and the abstract feel to this.

I loved your photo and fine words on Vision & Verb; it's fascinating to see the names that you have been called. perhaps you display two different persona.. Chickadee to one and Thunderhead to the other. I must admit to seeing you more as a Thunderhead smile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Alan, and HAHAHA! Maybe over the years I have evolved! grin
Very nice treatment of typography in the plant. Light is excellent Ginnie. smile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Juan Carlos. What you can see through the maceo lens continues to amaze me!
  • Chris
  • England
  • 27 Feb 2012, 08:27
These are delightful plants Ginnie: I like your rather mysterious picture.

When I was young I was called Tiffer, later shortened to Tiff. Indeed I was never Chris until I went to work aged sixteen. I hate being called Christopher: that smacks of parents being angry with you...
Ginnie Hart: I love it, Tiff! I love finding out where our nicknames come from! smile Thanks.
Done! (:o)
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Roz!
  • Luiza
  • United States
  • 27 Feb 2012, 09:08
smile I also have a lady today, not naked but more ladysmile
Ginnie Hart: HA! That's nice, Luiza. smile
Getting right in there, Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Yup! grin Thanks, Tom.
  • Olivier
  • Belgium
  • 27 Feb 2012, 09:34
Superb macro!
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear Olivier.
  • Martin
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Feb 2012, 09:39
Beauty & artistry, wonderful Ginnie! smile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Martin.
Sublime photo Ginnie, or should I say Virginia?
Ginnie Hart: HA! Bedankt...and yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. That's what I always think of when I hear my real name. smile
  • Pedroeric
  • United Kingdom
  • 27 Feb 2012, 09:45
Never got this close in Ginnie superb macro you could think its a mouth of something eating dinner.
Ginnie Hart: It's a whole new world with the macro lens, Peter. It still shocks me, every time. Thank you. I like your description of it. smile
I keep wondering why there is faint lettering and realized it is a texture layer. Interesting.
Ginnie Hart: HA! Yes, Mary, I chose that texture because of the words...thinking of them as names, to go along with my V&V post. smile
  • Fred Adams
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Feb 2012, 10:05
Luscious colours in this Ginnie, nice Macro
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir!
Lovely Ginnie. Love the shallow DOF in the heart of that flower. Nice work.
Ginnie Hart: You're very kind, Adam. Thank you.
Heel mooi en abstract. Mooie kleuren ook.
Ginnie Hart: Hartstikke bedankt, Wim. Ik hou van de Nederlands. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 27 Feb 2012, 11:00
Oh, the Amaryllis is a beautiful plant- and what a lovely name (the word 'amo'/'amor' could be contained in it)- a beautiful, colourful picture after some refined treatment. Belladonna Lily were also a fine name whereas 'Naked Lady' might be a bit degoutant and not very suiting.
Ginnie Hart: Hartstikke bedankt, Philine. Lisl thinks it gets its Naked Lady name because of its bare stems and no foliage. She may be right?!
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 27 Feb 2012, 11:01
I enjoyed very much your story on V&V! Later I should post a picture of a grass with about twenty names!
Ginnie Hart: THANK YOU, Philine. I loved your comment there!
Warm and beautiful heart
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear Marie.
Beautiful abstract and imaginative presentation Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir!
  • John Prior
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Feb 2012, 12:26
Rather splendid and fragrant, just as she should be. Lovely image Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: I like the way you said that, John! Thank you.
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 27 Feb 2012, 12:41
So delicate Ginnie. Love the texture overlay and colors too.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you and thank you, Frida! smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 27 Feb 2012, 12:51
There is a love-ly story about Amaryllis (she is also mentioned by Vergil in his 'Eclogae'/poem sabout shepherds):
"Amaryllis was a shepherdess who loved Alteo, a shepherd with Hercules' strength and Apollo's beauty. However, Alteo only loved flowers. He'd often said that he would only love a girl who bought him a new flower. So, Amaryllis dressed in maiden's white and appeared at Alteo's door for 30 nights, each time piercing her heart with a golden arrow. When Alteo finally opened his door, he found a crimson flower, sprung from the blood of Amaryllis's heart.

The word "amaryllis" comes from the Greek word "amaryssein," which means "to sparkle," referring to the bloom. Today, the amaryllis symbolizes pride, determination and radiant beauty--the kind that emanates from an inner source and flowers outward."
Ginnie Hart: WOW! But then, I would have expected this from you, Philine! THANK YOU. smile
A fine shot Ginnie, I didn't know they were also called by the other name, which conjures up all sorts of thoughts not good for a man of my ageing years! I will follow up on V.& V. shortly.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Brian. And HA! Thanks for the smile. smile
Exquisite macro of this beauty, Ginnie. Your V&V submission today is one of my favorites. Guess I'm a sucker for baby stories since becoming a grandma.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Beverly! If you don't mind, I'm gonna add your comment to my V&V post!
After twenty years of growing amaryllis, I've never heard this name attached. I went looking and discovered why. The "naked lady" is a different genus than the amaryllis sold for holiday decoration. I have seen a few in vacant lots, and didn't realize they were amaryllis. When they emerge, there's only the stalk and the bloom - no leaves to "hide" them. Hence: naked ladies!
Ginnie Hart: One of my other commenters came up with the same "story," Linda, but more from just deducing it. I love this new info, which makes total sense. smile Thank you.
I looked it up Ginnie and found some Amaryllis growing California called the Naked Lady... your photo is fabulous but you have me trying to read the background treatment again lol... the next time could you make it a secret message to....petersmile
Ginnie Hart: HAHAHA! I knew you'd wonder what my texture was trying to tell you, Peter. It's the mystery that keeps life interesting, of course. grin Thank you.
Oh, those lascivious flowers!
Ginnie Hart: HA! That's good, Larry. grin Thank you.
Lovely details and light Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Richard. Merci.
This is really up close and personal!.
Ginnie Hart: Gotta love macro shots, Sheila. I'm still astonished every time! Thanks.
Simply stunning! Congrats. Cheers, Dave.
Ginnie Hart: It's good to see you again, Dave. THANK YOU for stopping by and commenting.
Oh Ginnie, I sooo want a macro! It's on my wish list! BTW, my mom told me that naked ladies have an aroma that reminds her of Bazooka bubble gum. Is that true?
Ginnie Hart: So....I went over to check and decided ours must be the non-fragrant kind because I could hardly smell a thing. But I sure love the idea of Bazooka bubble gum, Robin. How fun is that! Tell you mom she gave me a good-morning smile! smile

It took me a year to start using my macro lens after I purchased it. I think it scared me. grin But now when I do use it, every once in awhile, it always shocks me. If you have a Canon and don't have a macro by October, I'll let you try mine! It's a good one: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens.
  • CherryPie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Feb 2012, 23:20
I would say beautiful lady smile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Cherry. She really is beautiful. The Amarylis plant always surprises me!
  • Paule
  • United States
  • 28 Feb 2012, 04:48
Great macro.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Paule.
  • Kala
  • 28 Feb 2012, 05:01
Gorgeous details and selective focus Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Kala.
loved the very different perspective!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Joshi.
That is a lovely shot.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir.
  • LensScaper
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 28 Feb 2012, 09:04
I've never seen an Amaryllis quite like that! Wonderful abstract approach.
Ginnie Hart: Me neither, LS. I LOVE the world of macro! Thank you kindly.
  • tede
  • Germany
  • 28 Feb 2012, 10:37
The flower shows its advantages, splendid processing and great macro. Ginnie nice day.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, dear Tede. Merci.
  • Antoine
  • Germany
  • 28 Feb 2012, 20:39
Superb composition and nice shot. Have a lovely evening Ginnie. Amicably Antoine.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Antoine. Merci.
  • Oscar
  • Germany
  • 29 Feb 2012, 23:23
Wow Ginie are a fantastic image! Bravo
Ginnie Hart: Muchas gracias, Oscar!
lovely piece of work. fantastic!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Ayush.
Very nice photo, the editing in it looks good!
Ginnie Hart: You're very kind, Robbie. Bedankt.

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