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25 Mar 2011 552 views
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photoblog image Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose


Have a great weekend playing around.


Hoop op Welzijn barge in Gorinchem, Netherlands.  Same one as here.


Duck, Duck, Goose


Have a great weekend playing around.


Hoop op Welzijn barge in Gorinchem, Netherlands.  Same one as here.


comments (53)

Great composition. Interesting subject, and nice colouring, Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: These boats along our canals, Graeme, are becoming part of my life's blood these days. smile Thanks.
Great image as always Ginnie.

On a different note, please check my blog when you get a chance and see if the call to send aid to Japan interest you.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Quadosh, for your plea to such a worthy cause!
atmosphere peace in beautiful colour frame.
Ginnie Hart: It is definitely peaceful there, Bram. Thank you.
  • Kala
  • United States
  • 25 Mar 2011, 02:52
Lovely composition and those tones are fabulous! Have a great weekend my friend.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Kala, as always.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 25 Mar 2011, 05:01
I love to walk around here, these boats belong to Dutch Heritage.
Wonderful picture, love the light and great POV
Duck Duck Goose in Dutch 'zakdoekje leggen'.
Hoop op Welzijn = Hope to/at Well Being.
Ginnie Hart: Ahhhh. So you, too, know the game. grin Thanks for adding your link to this same barge but from a different POV. She's quite the beauty, isn't she! Bedankt, MLMA.
  • Peter
  • Canada
  • 25 Mar 2011, 05:47
I love every bit of this Ginnie....thanks for making my weekend....petersmile
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Peter. smile Thank you.
  • saverio
  • Europe
  • 25 Mar 2011, 05:50
again, I like it
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Saverio.
That looks a fine old barge Ginnie. Looks an interesting place for a walk
Ginnie Hart: So much to see along this canal, Bill. I never tire of walking there. smile Thanks.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 25 Mar 2011, 07:02
I like the atmosphere in the picture Ginnie. I'm not sure whether I would describe my forthcoming weekend as playing around or not
Ginnie Hart: Hmmm. Whatever you do, then, be careful, Chris! smile Thanks.
Lovely photo Ginnie, with a, for me, allto familiar subject, Dutch canals!!
Ginnie Hart: I love these Dutch canals, Marion. I never tire of them! Bedankt.
  • remla
  • France
  • 25 Mar 2011, 07:12
ca respire la tranquillité !
Ginnie Hart: It's a lovely place for a walk, Rem, indeed. Merci.
Une douceur superbe dans cette délicate lumière. Une superbe compo.
Ginnie Hart: Many thanks, Nazzareno. Merci.
Preciosa estampa. Me encanta el virado aplicado a la imagen. Una bella composicion. Felicitaciones. Un saludo.
Ginnie Hart: Muchas gracias, Pedro. smile
Your country is magnificent ginnie, I like very much, I crossed him(it) up and down, with the bike in my truck, which pleasure, kiss kiss
Ginnie Hart: It is definitely a bike country, Pierrot. I love it, too. Merci. smile
  • Chantal
  • Nederland
  • 25 Mar 2011, 09:09
how big is the Gorinchem harbour actually Ginnie? I cannot remember it from when I used to come over there
Ginnie Hart: This here is actually only a canal, Chantal. The harbor is not terribly huge but you can see it here in the first collage (top left image):
  • Elaine-
  • Canada
  • 25 Mar 2011, 09:20
ooooh boy that looks like a great liveaboard!!! look at that berth!!! beautiful shot Ginnie, and love the duck duck goose lol
Ginnie Hart: I love the berth, too, Elaine. smile Those ducks/geese didn't pay any attention to me whatsoever. They tickled me. Thanks.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 25 Mar 2011, 09:46
A lovely lazy scene - just messing around on the canal bank!
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Ingrid. Perfect for a Friday. smile Thanks.
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 25 Mar 2011, 09:52
Lovely tones Ginnie. Cute duckies
Ginnie Hart: For some reason, Etomi, they really tickled me that day. grin Thanks.
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 25 Mar 2011, 09:55
Its friday and I see boats.I like the reflection of the poles in the forground
Ginnie Hart: And to think you started it all, Vintage! smile Thanks, by the way. It's been fun.
  • didier
  • france
  • 25 Mar 2011, 10:56
j'aime vraiment beaucoup les couleurs de tes images !!smile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Didier. smile Merci.
Wonderful image Ginnie. You have such a flair for word play to go along with your photography. Have a great weekend too!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Doug, for appreciating my sense of humor. smile
Lovely capture Ginnie with wonderful warm tones and lovely composition. have a great weekend.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Laurette. The same to you and Elsabe.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 25 Mar 2011, 11:45
Yes, I remember well this barge and its lovely name -now its behind? Oh, we didn't play this game -sorry, I don't know it -but I know the children song:
Alle meine Entchen
schwimmen auf dem See,
schwimmen auf dem See,
Köpfchen in das Wasser,
Schwänzchen in die Höh'.
Alle meine Gänschen
watscheln durch den Grund,
watscheln durch den Grund,
suchen in dem Tümpel,
werden kugelrund.

en in het Nederlands klinkt dit zo:
Alle eendjes zwemmen in het water
Falderal de riere
Falderal de rare
Alle eendjes zwemmen in het water
Fal de ral de ral de ra

and in English it sounds like that:
All my little ducklings |: swimming in the sea :|
heads beneath the water, tails up in the air.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Philine, now its behind. grin How fun to see the ditties in different languages. Perfect for Boat Friday. smile Hartstikke bedankt.
Yes! Ginie superb, I feel at home, on my towpaths! Good weekend with the sun!
Ginnie Hart: It's fiun, Mathilde, isn't it! Thank you. :0
Spoilt for choice for dinner, I like the treatment.
Ginnie Hart: HA! No goose for dinner tonight, John. smile Thanks.
  • Fokkio
  • Germany
  • 25 Mar 2011, 13:04
Beautiful color in this harbourview.
Have a nice playful weekend!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Fokkio. Hartstikke bedankt.
You are well positioned there for boat Friday then Ginnie. Lovely shot and have a great weekend
Ginnie Hart: I will never lack for Boat Friday options, Janet. smile Thanks.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 25 Mar 2011, 13:45
Ha Ha Hee...

Love it!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Ray. grin
You certainly have very wide barges in Holland Ginnie. That is a new game to me, or perhaps I have just forgotten it.
Ginnie Hart: Wide barges, Brian...perfect for whatever ails you. HA! Duck, duck, goose. We knew it as a version of musical chairs, maybe?
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 25 Mar 2011, 17:49
SC is an international blog - therefore I would like to add:

Tous mes canetons nagent sur le lac,
Nagent sur le lac,
Petites têtes dans l'eau,
Petites queues en l'air.

Todos mis patitos nadan en el lago,
Nadan en el lago,
Cabecitas en el agua
Colitas en el aire.
Ginnie Hart: HA! I love it, Philine. grin Merci. Gracias.
Stunning capture and composition - Well done Ginnie.
"Hope on well-being" or "Hope on another boat" ? Or "Hope this boat does not sink"
Ginnie Hart: All of the above, Elsabe. HA! smile Thanks.
  • sil
  • Italy
  • 25 Mar 2011, 18:42
Beautiful! Love those boats! Have a great weekend both of you too! smile
Ginnie Hart: Grazie, Sil. You, too, have a great weekend...both of you. smile
  • Les Auld
  • West Somerset Railway
  • 25 Mar 2011, 19:57
All I can say is "Nicely Done" Ginnie, a fine scene.
Ginnie Hart: You're very kind, Les. Thank you.
  • Mroy
  • United States
  • 25 Mar 2011, 20:23
Enjoy the weekend. This would be the 3rd consecutive rainy weekend we'll have.
Ginnie Hart: Uh-oh. Astrid always hates it when it's nice during the week while she works and then rainy on the wewekend! Hopefully you'll have a break for a few hours?
Aren't they not geese?
Too fat for a duck.
The right one looks like a Chinese goose. wink
I used to have one as a pet!!!
Ginnie Hart: Actually, you're right, LC...all 3 are geese. But I couldn't resist the title. smile Thanks.
  • Jakki
  • United States
  • 26 Mar 2011, 00:22
Love the composition...especially the stark white of the geese...
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Jakki, for stopping by and commenting!
another great image. nice tones
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Ayush.
  • Oscar
  • Germany
  • 26 Mar 2011, 10:59
I like this scene. very litte village
Ginnie Hart: Gracias, Oscar. I like the idea of a little village. smile
A fine old tjalk! "Hoop op Welzijn" is what we all like. Nice shot Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Hartstikke bedankt, Wim. Een fijn weekend.
Lovely muted colours, Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, dear Pamela.
  • rian
  • Vestavia Hills, AL
  • 26 Mar 2011, 16:53
sure looks like a handsome boat.. must be nice traveling around in this.. smile
Ginnie Hart: I would think it's a lazy way for some R&R, even for the pilot/captain, Rian. smile Thanks.
  • Peter
  • Canada
  • 26 Mar 2011, 20:29
Been here twice before looking a new post Ginnie....never noticed the duck, duck, goose.....
i loved the harbour scene too much...the umbrella ....the bridge and of course the boats....Oh yes the reflections....what is that bronze tint ....you should have cleaned your lensgrin:....petergrin
Ginnie Hart: You know me, Peter...a M-W-F gal. grin But thanks for checking anyway. And yes, I should have cleaned my lens. HA!
Hi Ginnie, I've missed not being able to visit of late, and now, find you need instruction on how to spot...a goose? Was it Canadian? smile
Ginnie Hart: HA! I don't think any of the geese here are Canadian, Alex. Astrid says they do have them in some places here in The Netherlands. All the ones I see are totally white. Now you've got me curious, so I'll keep my eyes open. smile Thanks.
Beautiful processing. I like the nice warm colours.
Ginnie Hart: As always, Michael, thank you.
  • Paule
  • US
  • 27 Mar 2011, 07:24
Feels like spring.

Ginnie Hart: Yes, Paule. IT IS! smile
  • Krunal
  • India
  • 27 Mar 2011, 08:09
what a wonderful place, nice shot.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Krunal. It's a great place.
Lovely composition Ginnie. The colors are really beautiful. And despite all the complexity, it's still so serene.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, VP.
Me gusta los tonos que le has dada a la foto, un buena edición.

Ginnie Hart: Muchas gracias, Bernardo. smile
  • Gloeb
  • United States
  • 27 Mar 2011, 21:12
The tones in this shot are quite lovely and add to the mood! BTW, I just met your hubby here on this site..I'm still a newbie but look forward to viewing more of your work...I plan on going through some of your previous works as well!
Ginnie Hart: Actually, 'hubby' is my wife Astrid. grin She's Dutch and I'm American. For now we're living in The Netherlands...until we can move back to the States as wife and wife! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. And welcome again to SC.
  • Marie
  • France
  • 27 Mar 2011, 21:46
magnifique lumière.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Marie. Merci!
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 27 Mar 2011, 22:16
What a gorgeous..rich scene. Love the light in this.
Ginnie Hart: It's a special place, Marcie. Thank you.
  • Glo
  • United States
  • 28 Mar 2011, 15:02
"Ginnie: Actually, 'hubby' is my wife Astrid. She's Dutch and I'm American. For now we're living in The Netherlands...until we can move back to the States as wife and wife! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. And welcome again to SC."

Ginnie! congrats to you both and I think its such a beautiful thing when love knows no bounds!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Glo. We are very happy and feel very lucky to have found each other. smile
  • DEBB
  • United Kingdom
  • 7 Apr 2011, 15:43
Beautiful. I love it.
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Debb. Thank you.

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