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05 Jan 2011 516 views
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photoblog image The Mop-Up

The Mop-Up


Holland is a country that allows both public and private fireworks' displays on New Year's Eve.

Let's just say they're still cleaning up the mess!


The Mop-Up


Holland is a country that allows both public and private fireworks' displays on New Year's Eve.

Let's just say they're still cleaning up the mess!


comments (51)

  • CherryPie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 5 Jan 2011, 01:02
That looks like one big celebration!
Ginnie Hart: The second time for me, Cherie, and not what I was used to back in America. smile
  • Mroy
  • United States
  • 5 Jan 2011, 01:56
so it's overtime work for gov't workers - that's good, right?
Ginnie Hart: I guess that's how you can look at it, Maria. So YES. As Astrid would say, "every disadvantage has an advantage." smile Thanks.
It's all fun and games until someone has to clean up the mess. That is nicely composed.
Ginnie Hart: It's always fun while it lasts, Michael! Thanks.
  • rian
  • United States
  • 5 Jan 2011, 02:37
looks like city maintenance had a long day cleaning up the mess.. grin nice catch.. smile
Ginnie Hart: A long few days, Rian. They're still not done...or will just catch the minimal residue left over time. I remember that from last year. Thanks.
  • Krunal
  • India
  • 5 Jan 2011, 03:58
amazing, love the texture on the ice, beautiful composition
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Krunal. It was fun to see this the day after.
  • Paule
  • US
  • 5 Jan 2011, 06:09
Looks like a mess.

Ginnie Hart: It was indeed, Paule. Kinda fun to see, actually. smile
wow...that must make New Years all the more interesting!
Ginnie Hart: It definitely does, Heather. Not something I was used to in the States, since they don't allow private fireworks.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 5 Jan 2011, 06:58
Een fijn gecomponeerd stilleven! Een fijne observatie! You could see similar pictures in our town - it lasts mostly some days till all the mess has been cleared up- and this winter some mess might still have been hidden under the snow newly fallen down -an almost symbolic picture, too!
I personally am not a fan of Silvester fireworks - following rather the motto: "Brot statt Böller"/Bread instead of fireworks display - but to each their own!
Ginnie Hart: I'm guessing this is a common occurance almost everywhere in Europe, Philine. It's a very restricted amount of time when the fireworks are allowed but we were hearing them in the neighborhood for days before New Year's Eve. It was actually fun for me because it wasn't something I'm used to from America. smile
  • Chris
  • England
  • 5 Jan 2011, 07:08
I think it's quite similar here Ginnie but on New Year's Eve I inserted ear plugs & went to bed early
Ginnie Hart: You were the smart one, Chris, I'm sure. If you grew up with it, you're used to it. It's still new for me so I'm like a little kid. smile
Same here Ginnie, much as I like fireworks the cats don't, particularly Mac who gets very distressed
Ginnie Hart: I think it's a European thing, Bill, but not something we experience in America except on July 4th. Then, too, our animals freak out. Poor things.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 5 Jan 2011, 07:31
This is a very good picture to show what we do at midnight.... use the empty bottles to fire the big 'arrows' in the air.....
It sure is clean-up day and Mroy is right, it provides work for gov't workers.
'Elk nadeel heeft een voordeel' each disadvantage has its advantage.
I love the point of view.
Ginnie Hart: The day-after mess was almost as fun for me as the fireworks themselves, MLMA. We only see this on July 4th in America. I love your Dutch sayings...something perfect for every situation/occasion. smile Bedankt.
  • Aussie
  • a very flooded Rocky
  • 5 Jan 2011, 07:45
Love the use of the ice,no public fire works allowed here but I'm old enough to remember when we were allowed to buy them. Great fun.
Ginnie Hart: The same as in America, Aussie, except for July 4th. Too many accidents, I think. Thanks.
The Party's Over, as the song goes. Nice composition
Ginnie Hart: The party's over and we have to get back to work! (sigh) Thanks, Martin.
  • grapf
  • Germany
  • 5 Jan 2011, 08:34
relics of a good party, I hope.
And a fine capture with an awesome DOF!
Ginnie Hart: This particular scene was in Den Bosch, Grapf, where we spent January 1st. It's a bit bigger than the city where we live. Thanks.
Not a custom to be proud of I'm afraid.
Champain is wonderful to toast on the new year though!
Ginnie Hart: Actually, Wim, it brings out the kid in me and reminds me of our American July 4th. We wait all year for that big bonanza. This image is from mid-morning in Den Bosch where we were on January 1st. As we left that evening, the kids had already cleaned this particular mess up, so that was pretty good!
  • Chantal
  • Nederland
  • 5 Jan 2011, 09:06
the leftovers of New Years Eve
Ginnie Hart: Precies, Chantal!
  • Theys
  • Belgium
  • 5 Jan 2011, 09:12
That was the festival, good day Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Yes, it was, Roland. Merci.
ugh lol nice shot of the problem, Ginnie, kind of all emcompassing lol
Ginnie Hart: Well, as Astrid says, it gives someone else a job! smile Thanks, Elaine.
What a lovely shot, showing post festivities. happy late new years Gennie!
Ginnie Hart: Even a mess can have it's pwn beauty, it seems. smile Thanks, Brian, and Happy New Year to you, too.
  • Fokkio
  • The Netherlands
  • 5 Jan 2011, 10:21
I prefer one great fireworks in every town.
Great shot this one. Says it all.
Ginnie Hart: If everyone pooled their resources for one big shebang, that would be awesome, Fokkio, so I agree. That way the mess is all in one spot, too. grin Hartstikke bedankt.
  • Brian
  • Australia
  • 5 Jan 2011, 10:36
Looks like someone enjoyed themselves!
Ginnie Hart: Yes, it does, Brian. At least once a year never hurt anyone, I hope. grin
The mess after has made a great picture Ginnie smile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, dear Linda.
  • Aurore
  • France
  • 5 Jan 2011, 11:02
I wih you all the best for the New Year. Great and funny capture here smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Aurore. Merci.
Hahaha, this looks so familiar, although I have not seen it in 6 years as they don't do fireworks in Ireland!! Have you ever seen the curb at a Chinese restaurant after their new years eve?? Literally covered in red.
Ginnie Hart: We don't do them in America either, Marion, except on July 4th, and then usually only publicly (forbidden privately in some states). I do know that the Chinese shoot off fireworks for any celebration...at least in Taiwan when I was there years ago. It's actually kinda of fun...something to look forward to. smile
  • Chad Doveton
  • Where latitude and longitude meet.
  • 5 Jan 2011, 12:11
Not my fault, I went to bed at 11pm.
Ginnie Hart: ...and we know you're not a party pooper, Chad...just old! grin
Good shot Ginnie. We were lucky this year, nobody in our area of town decided the whole population might enjoy a noisy firework display at midnight, that's a first!
Ginnie Hart: Wow. I guess that means you got a good night's sleep, Brian? smile Thanks.
  • jess
  • USA
  • 5 Jan 2011, 14:34
Ha! They don't keep back any of the fun is what you're trying to say? Looks like a splendid place to spend a New Years as long as the cleanup crew is compensated well enough to keep, you know, cleaning.

Happy New Year, Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Let's hope everyone goes home happy at the end of the day, Jess! smile Thanks...and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too.
As long as they all enjoyed the fun..thats all that matters Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: I'm sure you're right, Ron! smile Thanks.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Jan 2011, 15:06
The dirty bit of snow and empty wine bottle just about sums up the way I feel after the New Year festivities! Happy New Year to you.
Ginnie Hart: HA! But then, it does come and go so quickly, Ingrid, so thank god! Happy New Year to you, too!
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 5 Jan 2011, 15:21
In the little town I know, they have voluntary firepeople. It is their honour to clean up the town the afternoon of the 1st.
Townspeople built big bonfires as well, so the fire brigade was on duty all round from afternoon 31st until afternoon 1st. With the clean-up they had other help as well, e.g. someone with a mechanical scraper.

Ik denk dat die blauwe een gillende keukenmeid is.
Ginnie Hart: Voluntary firepeople get KUDOS for what they do, Louis...especially during fireworks' festivities! What would we do without them.

See how Bable Fish translated your last sentence: "I think that blue a screaming kitchen maidservant is." grin
And they can't even buy proper Champers!
Ginnie Hart: HA! Cheap is as cheap comes, Tom! grin
looks like a fun night. nice shot!
Ginnie Hart: They sure know how to whoop it up over here, Charles. smile Thanks.
  • Mark
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Jan 2011, 16:02
Actually that mix of empty bottles, dirty snow and spent fireworks really says it all - New Years Day. Well spotted and composed
Ginnie Hart: It does make a statement, Mark, doesn't it! Thank you kindly for stopping by.
A beautiful mess after the action.
Private fireworks are not allowed here!
Ginnie Hart: They're not allowed in America either, Richard, which makes sense to me. Too many accidents. sad Merci.
  • Oscar
  • Germany
  • 5 Jan 2011, 22:15
restos de una gran noche, un cambio de decada... magnifica
Ginnie Hart: The change of one night to another AND one decade to another is worth lots of fireworks. Thanks, Oscar.
Nice composition and colours>

I hope there has not been too much fingers lost like i've seen on tv.
Ginnie Hart: Those accidents are why private fireworks are forbidden in so many places, PixeLuz. Too dangerous. Sigh. Thanks.
What a vibrant photo of something I might not have been able to identify, had you not mentioned fireworks!

We're allowed certain fireworks in our county, but that looks rather more sophisticated than the kids' bottle rockets!
Ginnie Hart: In most of America we're not allowed to privately shoot off some of the fireworks we saw here, Linda, and for good reason. I'd rather they all left it to the pros! But it sure was fun to see the displays...and the mess afterwards. smile Thanks for stopping by here.
we too are allowed new year fireworks, not as big as 5th november though, great way to show this ginnie, well done
Ginnie Hart: Different regulations everywhere you go, Derek, I'm sure. It's always fun to see, as long as no one gets hurt! Thanks.
I don't understand why people don't clean up their own mess...

We pay tax and the government use the money to clean up the rubbish.

Money could have been used wisely elsewhere...

First, we need to re-educate these people. wink
Ginnie Hart: In this case, LC, the mess was all cleared up by the time we were ready to go home. We had visited some friends in nearby Den Bosch and saw this when we arrived. All gone later, so I'm guessing the kids' parents got after them. smile I know what you mean about how the taxes could be put to better use! Sigh.
  • tede
  • France
  • 6 Jan 2011, 09:54
Champagne and fireworks, it will sparkle and brighten life. Superb composition. Ginnie great day.
Ginnie Hart: Sometimes champagne alone brings its own fireworks. grin HA! Merci.
Added bonus - those dead stick make good supports for the pot plants! And they're free if you can be bothered to collect them. smile
Ginnie Hart: HA! Great idea, Sheila. I'll have to mention that to Astrid, since she does love her plants. smile
It's illegal here, but that doesn't stop anyone!
Ginnie Hart: HA! I don't think it stops anyone anywhere!
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 6 Jan 2011, 12:03
We also had fireworks at New Years. This year I looked through the window because I was looking after my little princesses smile
Ginnie Hart: We looked out the windows, too, Frida, because it was too cold! smile
This capture tells the story perfectly, Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: I think you're right, Beverly. Thanks.
Well seen and captured. A good shot. The firework display in London was excellent this year, but there seemed to be far less private ones, perhaps the economic outlook put a damper on things.
Ginnie Hart: I think we all breath easier, John, when it's left to the pros! Thanks.
  • Rob
  • United States
  • 6 Jan 2011, 16:08
Ah, the morning after the festivities sheds light on the celebration.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Rob, indeed. And fun was had by all. smile
De belles couleurs vives pour un bel événement. Jolie photo!
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Olivier. Even in the aftermath there was a certain beauty/celebration.
  • Kala
  • United States
  • 6 Jan 2011, 20:20
Well you've "said" it all right here with this shot Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Even a mess has its own celebration, Kala, right?! smile Thanks.
  • Didier
  • Belgium
  • 10 Jan 2011, 17:36
It's a brilliant macro and composition! And it's a wonderful transition for the new year, saying that feast is over but still in memories, Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: I love the way you have said it, Didier. Exactly! Merci.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 12 Jan 2011, 09:02
Party dregs...as Art...nice!
Ginnie Hart: Someone has to do it, right, Ray?!
Well seen, Ginnie.
Love the colors and 'flared' positioning for the fireworks, the bottle of 'spirits' ...
The very definition of having a great New Year!
Ginnie Hart: You're very kind, Kevin. Thank you!

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