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15 Sep 2010 882 views
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photoblog image All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck


A free ferry carries passengers and cycles across the IJ river in Amsterdam.

Back-n-forth all day long, every day.  It still amazes me that it's free.


All Hands on Deck


A free ferry carries passengers and cycles across the IJ river in Amsterdam.

Back-n-forth all day long, every day.  It still amazes me that it's free.


comments (54)

  • rian
  • United States
  • 15 Sep 2010, 00:35
one can never have too many life vests.. wink nice catch..
Ginnie Hart: Enough to save an army, Rian! smile Thanks.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 15 Sep 2010, 00:40
And lots of nice pillows if you want to rest for a bit.
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Ray. But I'm guessing the 5-minute ride might make that unnecessary? smile
  • Leanne
  • Australia
  • 15 Sep 2010, 00:46
Enough vests for everyone (hopefully). I'm amazed it's free as well, can't get much for free these days.
Ginnie Hart: Enough vests for an army, Leanne! I wonder who/what subsidizes the cost of maintaining it?
  • Sidney
  • Philippines
  • 15 Sep 2010, 01:50
Cool composition!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Sidney.
Holland seems to be a very people friendly country, Ginnie.

That's a cool designer colour they have for the life vests.
Ginnie Hart: In this case, Beverly, yes...very people friendly! I cannot complain at all. smile Thanks.
  • martie
  • United States
  • 15 Sep 2010, 03:55
Wonderful! Like this shot, Ginnie. Green then the brown (life vests?) and the grey sky. Seems so "real".

And somedays I think I would get on and ride back and forth all day. Smelling the water, feeling the waves, listening to the sounds.
Ginnie Hart: Now that's an idea, Martie...to get on and stay awhile for several back-n-forths. Each way is 5 minutes. You could do worse in an hour's time...or two. smile Thanks.
Nice composition, Ginnie, and great colour. Free? Well that suprises me, too. (:o)
Ginnie Hart: Free is such a big surprise these days, Roz, isn't it! I wonder who subsidizes it? Astrid says Amsterdam does and it's the only thing that's free...for years. No cars...just pedestrians and cyclists. Since there's no bridge there, the city feels responsible to get everyone across as quickly as possible since the city there is so busy with traffic. Thanks.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 15 Sep 2010, 05:50
smile It saved us at least one hour walk to go by that free ferry instead of walking, I wonder if there would have been enough.
You know I am a big fan of you with what you do to the colours, but in this picture I kind of miss the FULL orange colour of those jackets, they stood out to that really blue sky.
I love the composition though.
Ginnie Hart: That 5-minute ride saves a world of time, MLMA. Yes. I just mentioned to Roz what you told me about why Amsterdam feels responsible to do it for free. Makes sense. And yes, I can understand why you'd want this in the full, unmuted color! It really stood out like a sore thumb. I'm beginning to think my eyes must be getting old...too bright colors these days almost blind me. You'd at least know where to find the vests if you needed them, that's for sure! grin Hartstikke bedankt, mijn vrouw.
I like the fact that there's a loudspeaker by the life-vests... "Hey! They're up here!"
Ginnie Hart: HA! Exactly, Odd. I knew there was a reason but hadn't put it together yet. smile Thanks.
Beutiful pic...Thank you for your passages Ginnie, that well pleases me every time kiss, good day...
Ginnie Hart: Mutual Admiration Society, Pierrot. smile Merci.
nice crop Ginnie, perfect chosen
Ginnie Hart: Hartstikke bedankt, Chantal.
  • Fokkio
  • The Netherlands
  • 15 Sep 2010, 07:11
There are not a lot of things for free nowadays, so that's pretty special. Nice picture.
Ginnie Hart: I totally agree, Fokkio. I guess they don't want to be responsible for a mass congestion in Amsterdam! I guess there are enough tourists who pay for the upkeep in other ways! Bedankt.
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 15 Sep 2010, 07:22
Perhaps it's so that it is a part of the road network and therefore the free of charge. It is like that here. Line ferries and ferries that are a part of the road network are free of charge.
Ginnie Hart: Maybe so, Frida. Astrid says Amsterdam feels responsible because there's not a bridge there. Since the pedestrians and cyclists need to get across, it saves mass congestion in other parts of the city...and perhaps is cheaper than building a bridge!
beautiful colors!
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear Jojo.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 15 Sep 2010, 07:35
Nicely observed Ginnie: a free ferry - how amazing!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Chris. Free anything is worth it just for the experience these days smile
  • Antoine
  • Germany
  • 15 Sep 2010, 07:38
Good morning Ginnie. Superb photo with of the very very nice colors. Excellent work Ginnie. Have a lovely day Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Antoine. A nice day to you, too. smile
  • Elaine-
  • Germany
  • 15 Sep 2010, 07:52
yeah ferry rides here are expensive, just to spend the day on the island is $100 ferry ride... nice shot, interesting persepctive
Ginnie Hart: Well, this ride is only 5 minutes, Elaine. You could easily swim acrocc the IJ if you had to. I guess the ferry is cheaper than building a bridge there, and probably the tourists pay for it in other ways throughout the year! Thanks.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 15 Sep 2010, 08:22
At first I thought- o delicious, pieces of milk chocolate!- but then...- oh, I'm not disappointed for it is an unusual, interesting pic with some geometrical lines!
Ginnie Hart: Pieces of milk chocolate. Now you're talking, Philine. grin Now if THEY were free, the ferries would sink for overload! HA!
  • Aussie
  • Australia
  • 15 Sep 2010, 08:29
I went on one of these, love images that bring back pleasant memories
Ginnie Hart: Awww. So glad to bring back the memories, Aussie. I can almost reach out and touch that time! It was such a treat to meet you there in Amsterdam....
Funny but at first glance I saw this as a crowd of people huddled together.
Ginnie Hart: Hmmmm. I'm getting out my Psych 101 book, Chad, as we speak. grin
Gosh, it wouldn't be free over here! The British even charge 20p to use a toilet on the Rail stations...........
Ginnie Hart: UGH. Don't get me started about toilets, Pamela! HA! I think Amsterdam is just embarrassed they haven't built a bridge in that spot yet. Then again, why worry, since their tourists more than make up for it by having so much fun.
  • vintage
  • Brisbane Australia
  • 15 Sep 2010, 10:42
Interesting way of storage
Ginnie Hart: Pity those who don't do well at climbing stairs, Vintage!
Cool play of colors & lines under this angle - seems a great moment under the sun to cross on such big beauties !
Ginnie Hart: Since the one-way trip takes only 5 minutes...the time it takes to get your bearings...no one seems to take the time to go upstairs. smile Thanks, Karine.
LOL! That looks like one storm can actually blow those overboard easily.

Ferries are very expensive in Ireland. The one from Killimer to Co. Kerry, which only takes 15 minutes of sailing, is bloody 18 euro one way!!!
Ginnie Hart: Astrid's point makes sense...that AMS feels responsible because they've never built a bridge in that spot and if they don't get people across the river there quickly, the rest of the city will be congested more than it already is. I'm guessing the tourist trade more than pays for its upkeep.

We've been on several ferries here and there in The Netherlands, Marion, always very short trips to get across to the other side, and usually for a little over an euro. Not bad when you consider the time it saves you from going out of your way to get back to the same point.
  • JJ
  • United States
  • 15 Sep 2010, 12:58
What a col shot love the tones, it seems its getting harder and harder to find anything that is free today so yes it is amazing I agree
Ginnie Hart: It does serve a purpose, JJ, keeping the congestion down in Amsterdam, a city of tourists. I'm guessing it pays for itself quickly. Thanks.
Good shot, lets hope they are never needed Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Brian. I agree! Thanks.
most unusual a ferry being for free. must be a big ship looking at all those life jackets
Ginnie Hart: In case you missed the link, Derek, here it is again, showing the size of it:
i guess they're prepared, just in case!
This just would not be free here, even the life jackets look in tip top condition, good composition too smile
Ginnie Hart: Maybe they've never had to use the life jackets, Linda! I hope not. But clearly they come prepared. Thanks.
  • Rob
  • United States
  • 15 Sep 2010, 15:40
Those are big life vests. Free? This must be one of the few things that remain free these days.
Ginnie Hart: Big life jackets, more than adequate serevice, and all for free. What has the world come to!
Nice shot Ginning.
There's a free ferry in outer London as well, between Woolwich and Tilbury in Essex. Well, it was still free last time I saw it.
As kids, my Mum used to take us to Woolwich on the bus, then on the ferry to Tilbury, walk around the park, then back to Woolwich. If we weren't yet worn out, we'd then do it all over again. My favourite place on the ferry was the engine room which we were allowed to view from a walkway. I still remember the throb and noise of those engines.
Ginnie Hart: I love what memories we have of ferries, Sheila. I don't have them from the States but from Canada and Europe. Fun, fun. Thanks.
  • mariana
  • 15 Sep 2010, 17:22
I am not so much into this compo , but tones, and picture quality is great !
Ginnie Hart: Glad you could find something to like, Mariana. Thank you kindly.
  • Scotia
  • United Kingdom
  • 15 Sep 2010, 17:36
Well composed Ginnie.Must be very busy with all those lifebelts incase they are needed
Ginnie Hart: I'm hoping it's "all show and no go," Scotia. smile Thanks.
Are you sure there will be one for all? I like the tones and the light. A+ VAL smile
Ginnie Hart: I sure hope so. If not, it's not far to swim, for those who know how. smile Merci, Valérie.
  • Sunder
  • India
  • 15 Sep 2010, 19:37
I love your angle and composition...
Superb lighting and sharp focus..
What a splendid image..
Great job, as usual , Ginnie.
Have a great day.
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, as always, Sunder. Thank you.
  • Peter
  • Canada
  • 15 Sep 2010, 21:16
I like your capture of the safety equipment onboard Ginnie...and it is nice to find that there is still something free in the world other than our view of it...and we do use it very well......petersmile
Ginnie Hart: I agree, Peter. And whenever it's free, I try to take advantage of it. smile Thanks.
  • CherryPie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 15 Sep 2010, 21:22
Nicely composed. I can't believe it is free either.
Ginnie Hart: I've used it a few times in the past four years or so, Cherie, so it's nice to have. smile Thanks.
  • TM
  • Iran
  • 15 Sep 2010, 21:43
such an interestin' compo and idea
Ginnie Hart: I think that's a thanks, TM? smile
I think I agree with Astrid, that this would have been better without the sepia desaturation.

Interesting picture though, and nice to see these lifebelts easily accessible. Do you notice how they'd float free if the vessel were to sink.
Ginnie Hart: Astrid will be glad to hear you agree with her, Ellie. smile It's amazing when you think we even have the option to make it one way or the other...or even in B&W. And yes, I can see it now...bright orange life jackets floating all over the IJ river behind Amsterdam's train station!
Free is always good.
I really like the colour combination. You have a good eye spot that.
Ginnie Hart: Free makes me feel like a kid again, Michael...and that's good, indeed. grin Thanks.
all those orange-wrapped blocks of marijuana and hashish disguised as life preservers are destined for ameterdam's famous coffee houses?
no wonder the boatride is free. you better take your own inflatable, though.
Ginnie Hart: HA! Never thought of that, Seraphine...though I'm guessing it wouldn't have to be disguised there? smile It so happens I'm a good swimmer, so I probably wouldn't bother with my own inflatable. Thankfully, it's not too far across.
Young hello very morning, to my friend, and I do not know where you live Ginnie, kiss, good day..
Ginnie Hart: I'm not too-too far away from you, Pierrot, living not far from Utrecht, Netherlands. smile Just a long car's drive away. Good morning to you, too.
It would probably cost more to collect the fares than they would make in profit, Ginnie smile
Ginnie Hart: I'm sure you're right, Tom. Surely they did the cost analysis up-front. smile
Como haces para que de una simple foto ten quede todo un fotón, eh???

Me encanta el precesado ya lo sabes!!!

Ginnie Hart: I guess there are pictures to be taken everywhere we go, MA, right?! smile Gracias!
I thought only dreams were free these days!
Very nice composition Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Richard. It's nice when Life surprises us! Merci.
I hope they'll never need these life vests!
Ginnie Hart: I agree, Wim. Some of us know how to swim, which would help at that spot, for sure?
  • Laurent
  • France
  • 16 Sep 2010, 14:59
Nice light and colors !
Ginnie Hart: Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Laurent. Merci.
  • rags
  • United States
  • 16 Sep 2010, 15:56
The best things in life are free...i think. "Better be safe than sorry" was what came to mind when i saw the above pic. Great job!
Ginnie Hart: Absolutely, Kanyi! Thanks for your comment. I tried twice to leave you a comment on your site but it gave me an error message each time. Your current post actually brought tears to my eyes.....
An angle shooting fabulous! and what about the tones? You have the art of making a large image with everyday things! It's a beautiful look!
Ginnie Hart: You're very kind, Mathilde. Thank you. Merci.
  • Harv
  • United Kingdom
  • 16 Sep 2010, 20:46
That's a lot of life vests.
Ginnie Hart: Indeed, Harv, and hopefully never used!
  • Liang
  • United States
  • 16 Sep 2010, 21:09
that's fantastic, free commute!
Ginnie Hart: Grab it whenever you can, Liang, right?!
  • Andy
  • USA
  • 16 Sep 2010, 21:36
Its good to see that they have plenty of life vests!!
Ginnie Hart: Especially is they ever need them, Andy, which hopefully they won't!
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 17 Sep 2010, 12:44
When you take away the 'elements'..and what they actually are - you see a wonderful abstract - with lines and colors. Great eye!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Marcie. It definitely grabbed my attention. smile
  • Mark Johnson
  • United States (rural Colorado)
  • 17 Sep 2010, 14:40
I wonder if it is owned/funded by the city on one side or the other? Riding on ferries is a blast. It's good to see they have plenty of lifevests, just hope they aren't the first thing to fall overboard! smile
Ginnie Hart: You've been a real sweetheart, Mark, to backtrack to all these posts. Thank you so kindly!
In this one, I like very much the contrast !
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear Zeb.

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