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11 Jun 2010 1,009 views
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photoblog image A Week of Twiddling 3/3

A Week of Twiddling 3/3

Almost every weekend Astrid and I take a car trip to somewhere here in The Netherlands.
A couple weekends ago we drove to Hoorn on the IJsselmeer, 35 km NE of Amsterdam.

LET OP!  (= Pay Attention)
This is the same basic image as my last two.

(texture thanks to ghostbones)

A Week of Twiddling 3/3

Almost every weekend Astrid and I take a car trip to somewhere here in The Netherlands.
A couple weekends ago we drove to Hoorn on the IJsselmeer, 35 km NE of Amsterdam.

LET OP!  (= Pay Attention)
This is the same basic image as my last two.

(texture thanks to ghostbones)

comments (52)

  • JJ
  • United States
  • 11 Jun 2010, 01:43
WOW your really impressing me with your twiddling here this is Superb, and such a different look to the others
Ginnie Hart: It is definitely different, JJ. smile Thank you kindly.
This is like time-traveling to a different photographic era. Excellent!
Ginnie Hart: It reminded me of some old paintings on leather in my grandparents' home when I was growing up, Larry. Thanks.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 11 Jun 2010, 04:05
Ginnie Hart: I sure hope that's as positive as it sounds, Ray. smile Thank you kindly.
Best of the series Ginne. Happy birthday for Sunday smile
Ginnie Hart: It's my favorite, too, Bill, so I'm glad you like it. smile Thanks. (And how did you know about my birthday??!)
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 11 Jun 2010, 05:37
I LOVE LOVE this twiddle, this could be in the room of my great-grandparents......they would talk about captain Kees and all the adventures he had..........
.......what's on Sunday gringrin....JLJA
Ginnie Hart: HA! I think you and my grandparents got together on this one, MLMA. And Sunday? Hmmm. A castle and some gardens. Sounds fairytale-ish to me. grin
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 11 Jun 2010, 06:59
een fascinerende, echt artistieke bewerking van de Hoorn -foto!- dit moet ik wel zeggen! Dit is voor mij de prachtigste foto binnen deze series, bijna zoals een oude ets of een schilderij van Ruisdael!
Een heel fijne, gelukkige weekeind in de provincie Limburg jullie beiden toegewenst! Water is overal in Nederland maar niet zoveel zoals hier bij de IJsselmeer!
Ginnie Hart: I wasn't sure how this one would be received, Philine, so I'm very glad you like it. It was fun to work on. I had no idea there would be so much water to see when we were in Hoorn. It reminded me of Lake Michigan from my youth. Astrid and I are really looking forward to our weekend trip. Lots to see for sure! Ontzettend bedankt.
Must have taken ages to create this one, how much Koffe did you throw at the screengrin
Ginnie Hart: Actually, Nigel, this didn't take much longer than the last one. I guess it has to do more with what you start out with and this ghostbones man (Jerry Jones) is really something else! Thank you.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 11 Jun 2010, 07:19
Great twiddle and a happy 65th.

This one looks for real - like an old dutch.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you and thank you, Louis. I'm not sure I could make it look any older. smile
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 11 Jun 2010, 07:21
ost impressive image of the lot Ginnie, very well done
Ginnie Hart: Glad you like it, Tony. I was hoping no one thought it was way over the top! Thanks.
Enjoy textures and layers ! Great work again Ginnie... like a charming old oil painting.
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear Flo. Merci.
This is a piece of art Ginnie.
Happy Birthday for Sunday!
Ginnie Hart: It sure was fun, Richard. Thnk you.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 11 Jun 2010, 08:26
Now this does look genuinely old Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Sometimes you just can't beat old, Chris. smile Thanks.
Fine twiddles you have done Ginnie, happy birthday for Sunday.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you and thank you, kind sir.
There is something very enjoyable about these Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Glad you're enjoying them, Chad. smile thanks.
Still a great composition, and original, good day with you Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Roland. smile
  • vintage
  • Brisbane Australia
  • 11 Jun 2010, 11:29
Looking at this image it's been a long week the image as aged very well
Ginnie Hart: HA! It sure did age from beginning to end, Vintage. smile Thanks.
  • Tinuke
  • Nigeria
  • 11 Jun 2010, 11:30
Lovely!!! Ginnie! looks like a painting.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Tinuke!
  • SAVO
  • United Kingdom
  • 11 Jun 2010, 11:33
I need to get to work using textures. Very very nice Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: I sure have had fun with them, SAVO. I'm sure you'll do a great job.
First: I know this texture, it is in my collection as well. I think the credits for it go to Pareeerica??

Second: I would have reduced the opcity of the inner oval to brighten up the view on the ships a bit, by adding a layer mask to the texture layer and painting out the opacity with a soft edged brush. The texture is a covering the subjects a bit too much in my opinion. But that is only a matter of taste of course.

Third: I would have changed the colour balance on the texture layer a bit so it would turn a bit more blue-ish to fit the overall look more

Finally: What a BRILLIANT effort you did here Ginnie. I would love to teach you a bit more on the ins and outs of editing, because you have 'the eye' for it and would be able to create magic, I am sure!!
Ginnie Hart: So when will you invite me/us over, Marion, so you can give me some personal lessons??!! grin Actually, I would give anything to sit at your knee, as I have told you before. You are way ahead of me but I'm a quick learner. Will you be back in Holland one of these days?? I hope you will let us know. Thanks for taking the time to give me these tips. I do know I have so much to learn when it comes to textures...and just about everything else!
A whole new world out there. Looks like this is Marion's territory. Thanks for the ghostbones link and I'll have a closer look soon. Great result Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: I would give an arm and a leg to sit at Marion's knee, Janet, and she knows it. Maybe one day it will happen! Hope you enjoy the link as much as I have. Thanks.
A bit TOO grimy for me, this one, Ginnie smile
Ginnie Hart: HA! No one took care of it, Tom. smile
  • Elaine-
  • Canada
  • 11 Jun 2010, 13:38
this is soooooooooooo cool smile
Ginnie Hart: ...and so old, Elaine. smile Thanks.
A fine image after all your hard work Ginnie, the best of the three. Have a great day on Sunday which I believe is another of those red letter birthdays we all enjoy but like to forget about.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Brian. I'm quite excited about turning 65...all those senior discounts. grin
You've done well with this..even though you are learning..and I'm learning along with you..Great stuff Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks for your vote of confidence, Ron. Gotta start somewhere, right?! smile
Great series Ginnie. Good weekend!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir.
  • tede
  • France
  • 11 Jun 2010, 14:19
Your accomplishments are great, splendid table. Nice day Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Tede.
I love, love, love this one, Ginnie. Whatever processing you did certainly works well. Looks as if someone rummaging through an old steamer trunk might have just discovered a treasured photo.

Hope you have a blast on your 65th!
Ginnie Hart: I'm glad you like it, Beverly. smile And thanks for the birthday wishes.
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 11 Jun 2010, 16:12
I like them all but my favorite is the first one smile Have a nice weekend Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: You're just a purist at heart, Frida, admit it. smile Thanks.
  • Liang
  • United States
  • 11 Jun 2010, 16:59
great image here of the boats... great textures as well!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Liang.
  • Antoine
  • France
  • 11 Jun 2010, 18:24
Superb photo and excellent work. Have a lovely evening Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Antoine. Merci.
Some interesting processing but I think I prefer the previous post, the dark parts in the lower left third draw my eye too much. There is though, to me at least, a ceramic feel to it which I do like, it could almost be an old shallow dish with some adjustment of tones and lighting.

Nice one to play with though Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Les, it was fun to play with even if it did end up a total mess. No one took care of it, for sure, and that's the shame of it. smile As always, thanks for your good critique.
Another lovely treatment, very nice done. For the moment it's my favourite. A+ VAL smile
Ginnie Hart: I wish I knew knew more about processing, Valéries, because I think this one could be even better. Merci.
I'm not sure about the vintage look of yesterdays it just looks grubby to me. But I guess you've gotta have a go and the huge range of comments means your right to try.

I this one Ginny, gives the vintage feel with more authenticity and looks the part.

You can please some of the people...!
Ginnie Hart: It's all so subjective the minute we start messing around with our images, George, isn't it. I love getting the different reactions of people. If I knew more about processing, I think I could make them all a bit better! Thanks.
  • Petra
  • Netherlands
  • 11 Jun 2010, 23:57
It does look like leather (maybe the filter is made of a leather shot)very nice
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Petra. It was the leather look I really liked because it reminded me of something at my grandparents' house years ago.
i love the 'antique' treatment you gave the photo: the oval shape, the blood stains, just like something hanging on the wall at my great grandmother's house.
Ginnie Hart: That was the appeal to me, too, Serapgine. We must have had the same grandmother. smile Thank you.
  • rian
  • United States
  • 12 Jun 2010, 03:15
now this looks even better! well done.. smile
Ginnie Hart: Glad it looks better to you, Rian. If I knew more about processing maybe I could make it even better! smile Thanks.
An image with so much Hart...I mean Heartsmile Beautifully nostalgic Ginnie!!!
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Pavan. Thank you.
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 12 Jun 2010, 12:32
Amazing how you've totally and completely transformed this. It COULD be an old-time painting..found in a very old house. Excellent!!
Ginnie Hart: To think we can take old photos these days and restore them to their original beauty. Them some of us take new photos and reverse the process! Thanks Marcie.
  • CherryPie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 12 Jun 2010, 17:18
I really love the texture on this one.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Cherie. smile
Happy birthday tomorrow, Ginnie!
Very interesting processing on this one; it sure looks old! I'm torn between the first and this one for which I like best.
Ginnie Hart: It was a great day, Mark, full of all the things I enjoy. Thanks, as always, for your comment.
  • Oscar
  • Germany
  • 12 Jun 2010, 20:34
nice texture.! i like.
Ginnie Hart: Gracias, Oscar.
  • lasiate
  • Thailand
  • 12 Jun 2010, 23:28
bravo ! c'est très réussi cette gravure style 19 ème
Ginnie Hart: Glad you like it, Lasiate. Merci.
Wauw! knap werk!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Laura, and welcome back.
  • Argos
  • United States
  • 13 Jun 2010, 05:52
Wow -- really excellent twiddling there! Fantastic antiquing job...
Ginnie Hart: Thanks for your comment, Argos. I still have a lot to learn but it was fun.
  • Nadiuska
  • United States
  • 13 Jun 2010, 10:12
Happy birthday Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Nadiuska. smile
  • Virginia
  • United States
  • 13 Jun 2010, 14:47
I wish I knew what in the heck "ghostbones" is! Great photo. Looks like it's painted on a wall ?
Ginnie Hart: "Ghostbones" is the internet name of a man who creates these textures, Virginia, that's all. I sure did like finding this one. Thanks.
  • LoLO
  • France
  • 13 Jun 2010, 22:16
J'aime beaucoup le traitement de cette image. On dirait un vieille carte postale sortie d'un album ou d'une malle...

Très réussi

I love this image treatment. It looks like a old postcard release an album or a trunk ...

Very successful

Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear LoLO. I fell in love with it when I saw it. Merci.
I love what you have done here Ginnie, its good to see how others use textures and the different effects they achieve. This one is my favourite smile
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Linda. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I love all the experimenting we're doing here on SC. So inspiring and motivating. smile
another beauty!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Heather.
  • Marie
  • France
  • 16 Jun 2010, 10:44
superbe travail de post traitement.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Marie. Merci.
  • Peter
  • Canada
  • 5 Jul 2010, 04:33
I said that the original was perfect but now that i have had the chance to see your two edited textured ones....i must say great job.....i am one of those who like to let the original do the speaking ...just call me old...after seeing what you have done here i may begin to learn more about it....old dogs...new tricks....petersmile
Ginnie Hart: Well, I know where you're coming from, Peter, and have regard for what you're saying about the original. I had always wanted to be a painter throughout my life but never took the time to learn. I've decided that my inkling towards these textures now is to fulfill that dream in a different way than I expected...through digital manipulation. It's actually very soulful for me right now, so thanks. smile
  • elmer
  • United States
  • 16 Sep 2010, 21:47
C'est un traitement très pictural. J'apprécie cette composition.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Elmer, for stopping by and commenting here. Merci.

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