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02 Jun 2010 622 views
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photoblog image To Catch a Thief!

To Catch a Thief!

Getting my education here in The Netherlands on fishing nets!
They're like apartment-building hoops that allow the fish (eels in this case) to swim from one room to the next.
But once in, they can't get back out.

Howdy, Neighbor!

(Have you ever had smoked eel?  Lekker.)

To Catch a Thief!

Getting my education here in The Netherlands on fishing nets!
They're like apartment-building hoops that allow the fish (eels in this case) to swim from one room to the next.
But once in, they can't get back out.

Howdy, Neighbor!

(Have you ever had smoked eel?  Lekker.)

comments (43)

You would need tons of patience to construct or repair a net as complicated & intricate as this one, Ginnie. Haven't had the opportunity to sample smoked eel as of yet. I bet it tastes just like chicken, right?
Ginnie Hart: We have seen fishermen sitting in their boats repairing their nets, Beverly. They don't even get their wives to do it for them. grin Smoked eel is actually very good but it's very fatty, which makes it too rich for me. I can only eat a bit at a time. To be honest, I don't ever need to try it again. smile
Wonderful patterns in the netting. I must admit I have never had smoked eel, but I definitely do not like smoked fish! Yecker! smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Mark. Smoked eel is very rich and something you can't eat much of because of how fatty it is. To be honest, I don't need to try it again. I am quite fond of smoked fish, especially white fish and salmon.
  • rags
  • United States
  • 2 Jun 2010, 05:20
very nice!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Kanyi.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 2 Jun 2010, 05:49
tongue Hoi buurvrouw, yes I did eat smoked eel, gerookte paling, dat is heel erg lekker smile
This is a wonderful shot of the fishing net, love the composition.
In this YouTube shows after 1.10 hows the nets are repaired.
Ginnie Hart: LOL because buurvrouw was one of my new vocabulary words last week. grin You're making me a brave woman by trying your different delicacies. Can't believe you haven't offered me herring yet! Hartstikke bedankt for the YouTube because that's exactly what the nets look like. It's fun to see the stitch they use to repair them.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 2 Jun 2010, 06:07
Yes, I'm always fascinated by the patterns of fishing nets, - and couldn't resist to photograph them- I like the different textures of the net from close-up to blurred, from foreground to background... smoked eel? Oh, mijn buurvrouw, heel bedankt, maar sorry, dat is niet zo smakkelijk voor mij! Ik heb er niet zo veel zin in, maar ik wens jou smakkelijk eten!
Ginnie Hart: HA! Actually, Philine, one bite would have been enough, just to say I tried it. It's way too fatty/rich for me. Astrid says it's such a skinny fish it needs lots of fat for the cold waters. smile I'm surprised she hasn't offered me herring yet, to be honest. One day....
Fine and beautiful details with a very good light.
Bravo Ginnie A+ VAL smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Valérie. Merci.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 2 Jun 2010, 07:03
I have never had smoked eel Ginnie but they do eat something called elvers locally which are caught on the nearby River Severn: these are baby eels
Ginnie Hart: They're a bit too rich for my liking, Chris, but I was glad to say I tried it once. smile Thanks.
i couldn't get out of that net either!! have only had smoked salmon, which i love when it's done perfectly smile
Ginnie Hart: Every time we drive up to the family cottage in Michigan, Elaine, I buy smoked white fish on the way from a fishing-bait store. My 9-year-old grandson (yes, the one who was just attacked by the pit bulls) learned early on that this was G'ma's thing and he'd always remember and made sure I stopped. Sometimes he and I would be the only ones sitting at the table eating it. Such precious memories for me. smile
Never had eels. Jellied eels used to be sold around the pubs in London and the south east
Ginnie Hart: Worth a taste, Bill, but I couldn't eat too much of it...way too fatty/rich.
Lovely capture Ginnie. These nets are cleverly designed!
Ginnie Hart: Someone had fun figuring them out, Richard. smile Merci.
  • oscar
  • Germany
  • 2 Jun 2010, 07:37
is a shark that has broken the net?

I like tonality!
Ginnie Hart: A shark would definitely rip this net apart, Oscar! smile Thanks.
  • Richa
  • United States
  • 2 Jun 2010, 07:51
cool textures here Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Richa.
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 2 Jun 2010, 07:52
Smoked eel yes l have eatensmile

Without your explanation l would have been totally stumped with this image
Ginnie Hart: I just had to look through the long hoop set-up, Tony. grin If you didn't know what it was, indeed, you'd probably never quess. I had never seen fishing nets like this. Thanks.
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 2 Jun 2010, 08:55
Yes I have tried smoke eel.I like it the photo and the eel
Ginnie Hart: HA! Thanks, Vintage. I'll give you my share from now on. It's too rich for me.
  • Nadiuska
  • United States
  • 2 Jun 2010, 09:05
Not a fan of gerookte paling...
Nor do I eat Haring...the smell :O

I like this shot btw, nice DoF!
Ginnie Hart: I have a feeling I will say the same thing about the Haring, too, Nadiuska. I'll just save it for Astrid. smile Thanks.
A pretty graphics realized well, well with you, Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Roland. Merci.
So thats what you do with your old hair nets Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Yup, Mick. Can't let anything go to waste. That's me. smile
Nice details!
I am looking forward to see the results..! smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, RS. The proof is in the pudding, as we say. smile
Nets for thieves of all sizes. This image gives the eye so much to play with.

And smoked eels... very lekker.
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Odd. smile Thanks.
Fishing nets have always struck me of being a good subject to photograph and you have proved the point. I have never had smoked eel but other smoked fish including smoked herrings, which we call kippers, that you can find at most fishmongers over here. There was a great abundance of herrings until the 70's when they had to stop catching them because of over fishing and wiping them out. There are more about now though
Ginnie Hart: My guess is that I will do just fine if I never attempt herring or smoked eel again, Janet! smile I do like some smoked fish, however. Lekker, inderdaad.
  • sil
  • Italy
  • 2 Jun 2010, 11:25
Beautiful capture and toning Ginnie! I've never had smoked eel but here in Italy it's a very well known dish, especially in certain regions. Ciao!
Ginnie Hart: It's very rich and fatty, Silvia, so you're okay if you never try it. I do like some smoked fish very much, however, and even get a craving for it. Thanks. smile
Super toning and dof Ginnie, eel is a big no..no.. for megrin!
Ginnie Hart: HA! I've had my "try anything once" and will be just fine if I never have it again, Linda. smile Thanks.
  • tede
  • France
  • 2 Jun 2010, 13:00
A nice trap very well highlighted by your beautiful shot, the sepia tone was superb. Nice day Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Tede. Merci.
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 2 Jun 2010, 13:32
Love how you've described the nets as apartment-building-hoops. Nice image!!!
Ginnie Hart: These hoops go on and on forever, Marcie. Seriously. smile Thanks.
  • JJ
  • United States
  • 2 Jun 2010, 13:36
Super shot of the detail of the nets and the different spacing of the knots in each hoop, I remember being intrigued by how these worked when I first learnt about nets like this when I was younger
Ginnie Hart: They really do intrigue, JJ...no doubt about it. I always love to see how things work. smile Thanks.
  • Petra
  • Netherlands
  • 2 Jun 2010, 14:28
Your education involves fishing nets ???
beautiful picture!
Ginnie Hart: HA! Especially when I've never seen the type in my life before! grin Thanks, Petra.
Now I like the picture Ginnie and I don't mind seeing eels but eat one, no thanks.
Ginnie Hart: To tell you the truth, Brian, it was a big psychological hurdle for me to try it. Now that I know how rich and fatty it is, I can now say NO and always remember that I did at least try it. smile Thanks.
You are making me want to go fishing!!!
Ginnie Hart: HA! You do have a point, Heather. I wouldn't mind going myself! smile
Nice one Ginnie - I quite like smoked eel myself smile
Ginnie Hart: I liked it, Tom, but I sure couldn't take too much of it. Very rich. Thanks.
People eat jellied eels here ..well they did when I was a lad in London..Not for me though,ugh!
A good detailed picture Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Doesn't sound appealing to me either, Ron. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. smile Thanks.
Excellent photograph, amazing color and details! Beautiful work!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir.
  • CherryPie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 2 Jun 2010, 19:11
A lovely photo and fascinating information too.
Ginnie Hart: So much to learn in this new country, Cherie! smile Thanks.
  • sherri
  • Germany
  • 2 Jun 2010, 19:29
This is a beautiful image, Ginnie. (I'd forgotten about that show. I only recall the name, not what it was about)
Ginnie Hart: It was a Hitchcock movie, Sherri, with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly from 1955. I don't think I ever saw it but I've always remembered the name. smile Thanks.
Whenever I have tried to take pictures of nets and creels they never seem to work, certainly not as this one does. Perhaps I should try some toning next time. Nice one Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: I think I must have been lucky, Les! Thanks. smile
  • LoLO
  • France
  • 2 Jun 2010, 19:39
Attention petits poissons comme grands, tous dans la nasse tu risque de te prendre...

Nage, nage, vers la liberté

Mais prend garde aux prédateurs...

Cette version est transposable à bien des univers, ta photo aussi

Attention small fish such as large, all in the trap you could take you ...

Swim, swim to freedom

But watch out for predators ...

This version is transferable to many worlds, your photo also

Ginnie Hart: I love it, LoLO. Merci. smile
Superb composition and great détails. Have a lovely evening Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Antoine. Merci.
Nice to see you put your own excellent interpretation on the fishing nets. Oft photographed - rarely so well.
Ginnie Hart: Your words mean a lot, George. Thank you kindly.
They taste great. Nice shot Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: A little bit goes a long way, too, Albert. smile Thanks.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 2 Jun 2010, 22:38
I have had a few barrels of home smoked eel in my life. Brilliant - just don't mix the eel and beer. You will start running.

Great shot.

Nu moet je noch leren palings vangen met een poer en een paraplu. Da's lekker gek smile
Ginnie Hart: I promise, Louis...I will never mix eel and beer. Cross my heart and hope to die. smile Een paraplu? They don't use paraplu's here in The Netherlands, Louis, you know that! grin
  • lasiate
  • Thailand
  • 2 Jun 2010, 23:41
un beau traitement qui ajoute au graphisme de l'iamge
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear Lasiate. Merci.
  • martie
  • United States
  • 3 Jun 2010, 03:44
"Hotel California" for eels! Great photo, Ginnie. Trust the schooling is progressing and that you are THE star pupil! Take care.
Ginnie Hart: Oh, I love it, Martie...Hotel California. HA! And yes, school is moving right along. I'm almost done with Chap. 2, ready for another test. Now, if only I can retain it all!
  • rian
  • United States
  • 3 Jun 2010, 15:32
well that's one nice way to catch those slippery ones.. nice close up too.. smile
Ginnie Hart: It makes you wonder who thought it up, Rian. smile Thanks.
Love the luminous sepia & the details here
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Karine, for stopping by and commenting.

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