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08 Jan 2010 926 views
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photoblog image A Bird in the Hand

A Bird in the Hand

While at the Dickens Festijn in Deventer, Holland, on December 19,
we had the good fortune to see Holland's amateur champion of the 2009 World Statues Festival

This is a detail of Renske Geertsema and Charlotte van Berkel in The Guardian.

A Bird in the Hand

While at the Dickens Festijn in Deventer, Holland, on December 19,
we had the good fortune to see Holland's amateur champion of the 2009 World Statues Festival

This is a detail of Renske Geertsema and Charlotte van Berkel in The Guardian.

comments (56)

  • Mia
  • United States
  • 8 Jan 2010, 00:09
I love her expression! Haven't had the time to visit your blog, I'm guessing you're already on the other side of the Atlantic? Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New year!
Ginnie Hart: Good to see you again, Mia. Thanks a million for stopping by. And YES, I arrived on December 5, Sinterklaas day...the day of Gifts! How perfect is that!
I kid you a lot, but this is really a fine photograph. The processing is perfect. When I saw the thumbnail I assumed you had done another of your fine statuary details. Wow, and I say again, wow.
Ginnie Hart: You're very kind, Larry. They did indeed look like statues, moving only once in awhile. But it was 14F outside and I couldn't believe they weren't frozen stiff.
I had to do a double take on this...I thought it was a statue then saw the fine hair peeking though. Beautiful photo Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: That fine hair peeking through is the dead giveaway, Caroline. Thank you.
  • Yvonne
  • United States
  • 8 Jan 2010, 02:54
Amazing detail, tone and sharpness in this image. .. Then to think it NOT a statue, what a great photo opportunity!
Ginnie Hart: It was amazing, Yvonne. And it was 14F outside! I'm surprised they weren't frozen stiff.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 8 Jan 2010, 03:02
That's a "Wow", Ginnie.

Except for the few strands of hair, you could easily have persuaded me this is a 16th century sculpture.

You have done a wonderful job in showing off this artist's skills.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Ray. The thing most amazing to me was that it was 14F outside and you could not tell they were uncomfortable one bit. WE were the ones freezing to death.
Very very cute.
Ginnie Hart: It was something to stare at, Michael. You could see why they won the amateur category.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 8 Jan 2010, 05:44
We get these in Bath Ginnie: very clever!
Ginnie Hart: Everwhere you go in the big cties of the world there is mime, Chris. We were lucky to see one that had actually won the amateur champion prize!
magnifique photo (as usual)
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, O-P. Merci.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 8 Jan 2010, 06:25
My first thought was that this statue looks so realistic and then I read your comment.

I loved having fun with the mimes in A'dam. As you walk past him/her you let out a yell and jump to one side as if frightened. It does draw a little smile sometimes, very little - but it is there.

Excellent picture, I can just imagine the opportunities provided by the Festijn.
Ginnie Hart: You are too funny, Louis. I can just see you being an imp everywhee you go. grin Thanks for your kind comment.
what a beautiful statue!! love your close up of the good bits smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Elaine. Those bits were very charming, even though it was 14F outside. Their bits must have been frozen stiff.
  • aussie
  • Australia
  • 8 Jan 2010, 07:04
Agree with Larry perfect capture and processing
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, dear Aussie.
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 8 Jan 2010, 07:14
Superb Ginnie, hard to believe its a mime
Ginnie Hart: I know, Tony. They had a few moves throughout their "show" but as a rule, they were frozen still. Since it was 14F, maybe they were literally frozen!
  • aussie
  • Australia
  • 8 Jan 2010, 07:16
Just been over to your blog and was happy to see the pics of Astrid, making the cabinet and lugging the tree home. Reading your day to day events is a joy after you have both waited so long.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, dear Aussie, for checking that out. My 2 TruckPacks are arriving today from Rotterdam, so we're in for another big undertaking...but are up for the challenge! You'll read more about that, too, I'm sure, so stay tuned. smile
These living statues are fascinating. It is only the eyes that give it away here
Ginnie Hart: The eyes and the little wisps of her real hair, Bill. Other than that, she WAS a statue!
I first thought this was a sculpture and by reading your words I realized it wasn't!
Great capture Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: The eye can play tricks on us, Richard, for sure, especially when it comes to mime. Merci.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 8 Jan 2010, 08:12
A wonderful close-up! Oh, I love those silent statues miming known, local, historical or fictional (like here) figures (they can be seen in our town, too)and I mostly take some time to observe them for a while! I admire their concentration and body control!
But once I was witness of a special scene in Berlin: As a half-drunk visitor wanted to pick up the money in the bowl the golden dressed up mime jumped off at the same moment from his pedestal and prohibited him from stealing away his hard earned money!
Ginnie Hart: What a fascinating story, Philine. Makes sense to me that a motionless mime would come instantly to life if someone was threatening his/her livelihood!
This reminds me of a shot I took in Dordrecht there, where a guy was playing statue in town on Queens Day.
You can see it here http://personalvision.shutterchance.com/photoblog/The_girl_and_the_living_statue_/
Ginnie Hart: Oh, yes, Delia. Thanks for the link. I love stuff like this! I wish them all lots of money...and finding the right spot to stand! smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 8 Jan 2010, 08:20
Thanks for the information: "The Beschermer"/The Protector is the title of this living statue- De houding van dit meisje (Carla Veldhuis) is zo innig en lief and you captured it very, very well!
Ginnie Hart: As always, Philine, thanks for the added info!
Lovely pic Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir!
very good crop Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Chantal!
  • jude iron maiden
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Jan 2010, 09:41
what a serene quality this has
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, dear JIM. Serene and very sweet.
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 8 Jan 2010, 10:01
I am going to come clean ;o)

I looked at the photo for a while thinking either you had done a good job of bringing the sculpture to life or the sculptor was extremely gifted...

... then I read your intro. LOL

What I didn't get wrong is that you have an uncanniny eye for the telling composition - fine photo Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: You sure know how to make my day, Mike. Thank you. smile
Superb capture and great détails. Have a lovely day Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Antoine. The sun is shining but it's very cold here in Holland! smile
A delightful composition Ginnie. Have you snow where you are?
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Chad. There is snow on the grass and still some left on the walks from our last snow. But fresh snow is arriving this weekend, Astrid says. We hear you are at a stanstill!
  • Oscar
  • spain
  • 8 Jan 2010, 11:34
Grand Champion, looks like a real statue. Nice tones, I like the close up
Ginnie Hart: That's what I like about mime, Oscar...they do look like ststues! Gracias.
Awesome shot, Ginnie. Detail and make up are superb
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Paul.
Wow! What a great shot...I love the tone, angle and detail!!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Pavan!
  • Petra
  • Netherlands
  • 8 Jan 2010, 12:20
good shot, beautiful tones
Ginnie Hart: Bedankt, Petra. smile
wow ginnie an incredible photo with an exelent definition very very nice
Ginnie Hart: It was fun, Fabrizio. Grazie.
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 8 Jan 2010, 12:43
Amazing!! So very life-like. Love how you've framed this!!!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Marcie.

BTW, my laptop died and I'm in the process of getting a new one. Sigh. So I'm dependent on Astrid's laptop and am hoping I'm not missing anything (am using the server for my mail). I sent a message to The Group the other day (Friday?) and do hope you all received it?
This has to be one of my most favourites so far of yours Ginnie, its superb, I visited Barcelona a while ago and they had these mime statues there and they were amazing, but this has to be the best! smile
Ginnie Hart: That's avery high cmpliment, Linda. It always amazes me what images people like more than others. I never would have picked this one, so thank you. I love Barcelona for their mime statues on Las Ramblas. I'll never forget them.
It's amazing what some people will do to have fun, isn't it! 14F and still out there!
And it's a terrific pic,
Ginnie Hart: If they can make a lot of money doing it, Tom, I'm guessing it's worth it?! But sometimes I wonder...if they're more like the starvng street muscians! Thank you.
I love these live statues. They have a lot of willpower. I've seen kids trying so hard to make them laugh and not an external smile to be seen.
Ginnie Hart: They must go inside their own world to not be affected by the outside, Mary. It really is amazng. Thanks.
They really are clever to dress and stand like that. Of course your toning has made it look even better Ginnie..Thanks for showing.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Ron. Their color was almost exactly this color (I can't remember what I did in the processing). Her wisps of real hair give it away.
that's beautiful. the grime of the industrial revolution, the hope of the bird, the love of a child, it's all there. gorgeous shot!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Seraphine. I like the way you said that! smile
prachtig! Die blik en de textuur.... super gewoon! grin
Ginnie Hart: Ontzettend bedankt, Laura.
A great shot Ginnie. We saw a very good Charlie Chaplin mime artist in Brussels back in 2003, they are very talented. (I like the selection of windmill shots on your other blog by the way, they are completely different than British windmills.)
Ginnie Hart: I love mime, Brian, and think some are very artistically done. They can amaze me! And thank you kindly for looking at my other blog. My laptop died last week and I am in the process of getting a new one. Maybe I will try to post there again....no PhotoShop for my pictues this time!
  • Ti
  • United States
  • 8 Jan 2010, 16:36
Now the birdy couldn't have been real, is it? How could it stay still all the time... smile
Ginnie Hart: I can't imagine that the birdie was real, Ti, no. But it was so cold, it could have been frozen...well, not in her loving hands, for sure. Still, it was precious.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 8 Jan 2010, 17:27
This was amazing, it was freaking cold.....and they only moved a few times to be in another pose.
They are so good and I think it was brave that they stayed out that long.
This is a wonderful capture, great composition and the 'colours' are so good.
Een prachtige foto.
It brings back the memory of a beautiful day.!!!!
Ginnie Hart: It's a wonder to me they weren't frozen to death, Astrid....but then they did move every so often, yes. Thank God. I'm so glad we shared this togeher. A wonderful memory. Ontzettend bedankt.
  • martie
  • United States
  • 8 Jan 2010, 18:24
That is exquisite! And how lucky for you - or perfect timing? Wonderful.
Ginnie Hart: It really was wonderful when we came upon them, Martie. They were the only mime there on the street inside the festival. I wonder if there was mime in Dickens' time??? Thank you.
There's so many different elements to this picture that contribute to its success. The composition and expression are great, but what I really like the (lack of) colour.
Ginnie Hart: You're very kind, George. I still remember the feeling I had when I first saw this. It almost took my breath away! Thanks.
  • rian
  • United States
  • 9 Jan 2010, 00:50
i really like the mild smile she's giving us.. very nicely captured.. smile
Ginnie Hart: I liked her smile, too, Rian. Thank you.
  • sherri
  • Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
  • 9 Jan 2010, 03:13
I can see why it was a winning statue. Wonderful imagination.
Ginnie Hart: I agree, Sherri. Thank you.
  • Marie
  • France
  • 9 Jan 2010, 16:11
quel magnifique rendu, cette fois encore !
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Marie. Merci.
  • don
  • United States
  • 9 Jan 2010, 16:29
A fine close up with notable detail and fine but very subtle coloring. The result is a striking shot! Powerful image.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Don, for stopping by and commenting.
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 9 Jan 2010, 17:40
How strange but the bird looks so soft in her hands. Is it also real? Beautiful capture Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: I'm sure the bird was not real, Frida, but I do know what you mean. Thank you.
Absolutely an amazing shot Ginnie. This must have been quite a fascinating festival. Excellent tones and details, looks so real or should I say statue like.
Ginnie Hart: You would have had a heyday there, John. It was well worth the 14F temps...and was FREE. Thanks.
A beautiful picture with a good composition!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Bosse, for stopping by and commenting. That means a lot.
Exquisite image that hits us at an angle of shot and very good composition. B & N is great
A greeting.
Ginnie Hart: Muchas gracias, Ricardo. I appreciate your comment.
deceptively real. Kompliment!
Ginnie Hart: Danke, Rolf. Thanks for commenting again.
The mimes are artists, and so are you! Everything you post is stunning!
Ginnie Hart: You are very kind, Patrushka. Your words humble me. Thank you.
A delightful capture. In Covent Garden, London, these mime artists can be seen daily. Very clever stuff smile
La de hoy es una pasada, pero esta es impresionante, has captado cada detalle de su rostro. Te felicito Ginnie haces un gran trabajo y yo te admiro por ello!

Besos compañero!!
They were frozen for sure! love the colour!
Ginnie Hart: Índerdaad, Maarten. Bedankt.
  • david
  • United States
  • 19 Jan 2010, 12:49
wow, i had to look at this for a good while to work out she was alive...it was the eyelashes that convinced me! great shot.
Ginnie Hart: Her eyelashes and strans of hair, David, yes! You can fool some of the people some of the time. smile
cool shot. she must be longing for a shower...
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Jonas, for stopping by and commenting. I'm sure you're right about that shower...especially since it was bitterly cold that day!

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