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02 Nov 2009 836 views
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photoblog image Whetting the Appetite

Whetting the Appetite

This is a series from our Country Fair when I took my g'son on October 8.

Nicholas and I still to this day split a grilled turkey leg between us and can barely finish it.
It's one of our favorite things about the Fair!

(Taken from the Sky Lift.)

Whetting the Appetite

This is a series from our Country Fair when I took my g'son on October 8.

Nicholas and I still to this day split a grilled turkey leg between us and can barely finish it.
It's one of our favorite things about the Fair!

(Taken from the Sky Lift.)

comments (47)

  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 2 Nov 2009, 00:05
Sounds like one of life's little pleasures Ginnie ;o) Curious to now what a cheese steak is?
Ginnie Hart: You're so right, Mike...bad little pleasures. grin Cheese steaks come in all varieties but here's one that's typical:
OMG, it's a list of every bad food known to humanity! I wish I were there with a twenty... smile
Ginnie Hart: HAHAHA! The turkey legs aren't served here and seem a bit healthier, Larry, along with the corn on the cob we also usually eat. So fun.
  • alex
  • United States
  • 2 Nov 2009, 01:24
mmmm, such an American institution....3000 calories per sitting!
Ginnie Hart: HA! I'm sure you're right, Alex. The turkey legs are not served from this place...which is maybe why they seem healthier to me? smile
you know what my fave thing about the fair is? those teensy weensy donuts lol mmm mmm nice shot Ginnie!! i haven't been to a fair in a while
Ginnie Hart: Not sure what donuts you mean, Elaine....the ones that have powdered sugar on top?? grin I have one of those once every 5 years or so, just to say I did it. HA! Thanks.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 2 Nov 2009, 03:15
Brilliant, Ginnie.

Fairs are nothing without fairground food!
Ginnie Hart: You're so right, Ray, and once a year doesn't hurt anyone, right?! smile Thanks.
  • rags
  • United States
  • 2 Nov 2009, 03:27
Awesome view. I love going to the fair.
Ginnie Hart: It's so fun...once a year! I could probably handle it even twice a year, Kanyi. grin Thanks.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 2 Nov 2009, 05:42
I read the comments and it is so recognizable.....it is almost impossible to have fun without food.
In my town we have a fair too, I might go over and have a 'kaneel-stok' (cinnamon stick)
This is a great picture of this food-stand, I love the flames painted on.
Never try to translate food names, 'corn dogs' does that dog only runs in a corn field??
I think everybody will now come up with their favorite thing to eat when they are at a fair.
Have a happy Monday.....almost Friday again smile
Ginnie Hart: Just think about Heaven and the banquet feast! You're right, MLMA. Food can and should be fun...and not secretive, like it is for so many people. Everything in moderation! Even corn dogs can be fun...once a year. smile One day we will go to the fair together...and maybe even Nicholas will be with us. That will be the day!
my favorite is usually the cinnamon rolls, especially
if there's music and a place
to sit in the shade.
Ginnie Hart: Ahhhh. You got it down to a T, Seraphine!
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 2 Nov 2009, 06:47
Something for all tastes there, personally l have to have a dagwood dog
Ginnie Hart: I had to look that one up, Tony, and got my education. It's very similar to a corn dog, by the looks of it...but I see it also has other meanings!!! OMG!
  • Tracy
  • England
  • 2 Nov 2009, 06:54
What a great POV Musketeer, you and Nicholas sure had a belly full then. I know you two had a blast.smile
Ginnie Hart: We have such great memories every year, Musketeer, but this was the first year just the two of us were there. At one point Nicholas said it was his best fair ever! Thanks, Tracy.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 2 Nov 2009, 07:42
I like the perspective - a disillusionating look from above! No "German Bratwurst"? I would prefer the Cheese Steak- but not early in the morning- now I'll enjoy my simple breakfast and then Aqua-fitness!
Ginnie Hart: Actually, Philine, I do think one of the stands sells brats each year, so you would be in luck. smile Before I know it, maybe I'll have my chance to have brats any time of the year. smile
  • vintage
  • Brisbane Australia
  • 2 Nov 2009, 07:44
I wonder what a corn dog is like? We alwaya called corned beef, corned dog.
Ginnie Hart: A corn dog is a hot dog on a stick that had a cornbread coating around it, Chad. It is NOT corned beef. I have one about once every 5 years. smile
Great POV Ginnie. Everything seems to be so clean? I'll have some onion rings!
Ginnie Hart: This stand always looks bright and clean, Richard. And yes, I wouldn't mind some onion rings myself, even though I never buy them there. Thanks.
i can smell the food from here smile
nice pic Ginnie , love the details

and "bon appetit" wink
Ginnie Hart: Isn't if funny how an image can do that to us, Jean-Luc! smile Merci.
great cracking shot
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Chantal.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 2 Nov 2009, 09:08
What's a corn dog? Personally I think I would go for the charbroiled burgers! Great shot.
Ginnie Hart: A corn dog is a hot dog on a stick with a corn bread coating all around it, Ingrid. It can be quite tasty, especially if dipped in ketchup. smile
I'd prefer the charbroiled burgers, too. Thanks.
Even this stall looks tasty.
For you it was: eating your full, iso whetting the appetite.
Ginnie Hart: This is one of my favorite stalls, Wim,. because it looks so bright and clean. It was fun to see the sun shining through it at the Magic Hour. Thanks.
That is a grand set-up Ginnie..I would also be tempted to buy something too.
Ginnie Hart: Well, we all have to eat so we try to buy the best and healthiest deal for our money. grin
It all seems so foreign to the delicate refined English quisine...Ha !

Corned dog ?

charcoal /broiled burgers ?

Cheesesteak ?

Polish sausage Italian ... er umm which country?

and fancy calling it ''Spiveys''

Ha ha ...Sorry Ginnie just couldn't resist having a rant at the scrambling of Anglo/ American vocabulary.

Alex sort of sends the correct calorie vibes

Ginnie Hart: I know, Richard. ENGLISH! grin Thanks for the smile.
  • Oscar
  • France
  • 2 Nov 2009, 11:34
Nice. I'm hungry...mmmm
Ginnie Hart: Me, too, Oscar. grin Muchas gracias.
  • Alex
  • Spain
  • 2 Nov 2009, 11:36
Tienen que hacer unos bocadillos mas buenos, con el hambre que tengo, pero no llego a cojer uno.
Ginnie Hart: The power of an image or a word or a thought, Alex! smile Gracias.
Nice shot Ginnie of probably the most popular stand at the fair smile
Ginnie Hart: One of several, Linda, like this but it sure does always look appetizing! Thanks.
Good to traditional American food on sale! Not too many people there yet by the look of it.
Ginnie Hart: We got there just after it opened on Thursday at 4p, Alan, on the very first day, so you are very right. By the time we left 6 hours later, it was buzzing. smile
  • david
  • Coumbus, Ohio
  • 2 Nov 2009, 12:30




Ginnie Hart: I love it, David. grin
  • United States
  • 2 Nov 2009, 12:57
What a cool shot and perfect processing . I always get confused what to select when on places like this . This time I am for polish sausage smile)
Ginnie Hart: Good choice, Mariana, but I know what you mean! For some reason, the turkey leg has become our favorite...maybe because we get to share it and see if we can finish it together. smile Thanks.
Great perspective and wonderful colors. It's cool that you brought your camera to the fair!
Ginnie Hart: I wouldn't leave home without it, Roland! grin Thank you kindly.
  • hoi
  • United States
  • 2 Nov 2009, 14:39
I like the processing here. Cool colors.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Hoi!
  • Ellie
  • England
  • 2 Nov 2009, 14:47
You timed this picture really well, without getting a long queue of people.

I'm totally intrigued by the Cheese Steak, Cheese Fries and Corn Dogs - haven't a clue what they are. I wonder if there's the same confusion with things we eat here, and take the names for granted.

Toad in the Hole would be a good one! That's sausages baked in a Yorkshire Pudding batter - not a toad in sight!
Luckily for me I saw this picture after dinner smile good framing and colors
Ginnie Hart: HA! Timing is everything, Fabrizio. smile Thanks.
It all sounds very appetising Ginnie, I presume you were moving when you took this.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Brian, I was on the Sky Lift, moving slowly past everything. It's a good way to figure out what choice you'll make when it comes time to eat. smile Thanks.
Nice hot shot Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Awww. Thank you kindly, RS! smile
I'll have one of everything pleasetongue
Ginnie Hart: HA! Good, honest response, Bill!!!!!
That grilled turkey leg sounds very nice... now I'm hungry...
I like the POV in this shot.
Ginnie Hart: It's our favorite thing, Pernilla, seriously! smile I could eat one right now!
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 2 Nov 2009, 23:01
A good one. Your comment "... to this day ..." makes Nicholas sound like a wise old man tongue
Ginnie Hart: I'm guessing he's an Old Soul, Louis, so I was more right than I realized. smile Thanks.
  • Andy
  • USA
  • 2 Nov 2009, 23:47
You can always count on one thing at fairs... lots of food!! Looks like this one is no exception! I like the angle you shot this at.
Ginnie Hart: And this was only one of many food stands, Andy, so YES, you're right! smile Thanks.
  • Ellie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Nov 2009, 00:04
Thanks for those links Ginnie. I honestly can't imagine eating chips with cheese on top, although we do dip them in mayonnaise.

Here's a recipe for Toad in the Hole, with a video to help. I always put mixed herbs and garlic into the batter for extra flavour smile
Ginnie Hart: It's a toss-up for me, Ellie, which I like better...fries with cheese or with mayonnaise! I like them both, though rarely eat either. However, I have just viewed your entire video link for the toads in a hole and can really see the appeal! Man! I would eat those in a New York minute! grin
  • rian
  • United States
  • 3 Nov 2009, 00:54
now that's one great vantage point for this one.. nice shot.. smile
Ginnie Hart: Gotta love that Sky Lift, Rian. smile Thanks.
  • Caroline
  • United States
  • 3 Nov 2009, 04:32
Love it! Now I am hungry!
Ginnie Hart: HA! Funny how images can do that! The power of suggestion? Thanks, Caroline.
  • Liang
  • United States
  • 3 Nov 2009, 06:03
wow i could go for some of that right now!
Ginnie Hart: HA! Me, too, Liang. smile
I am feeling a little hungry right now.
Ginnie Hart: HA!. Me, too, Michael, and I just ate supper. grin
Great angle for this shot Ginnie. Wouldn't be a country fair without all the ethnic foods. Interesting how mobile and self contained these stands are. They seem to be the same type all over the US. Definitely an excellent capture of the country fair atmosphere.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, John. It really is part of the fair, isn't it!
  • Klaus
  • Germany
  • 3 Nov 2009, 16:43
Great POV , also the clearness in the image
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Klaus.
  • Red Pen
  • United States
  • 3 Nov 2009, 16:49
It feels vividly modern and vintage all at once.
Ginnie Hart: Timeless fair, for sure, Red Pen. Thanks.
  • sylvia
  • United States
  • 3 Nov 2009, 19:48
Classic. I've never gotten up the nerve to try one of those turkey legs. I'm sticking to funnel cakes. Love the treatment - very effective mood.
Ginnie Hart: HA! Funnel cakes are fun, Sylvia, but the turkey leg sticks to your bones. grin Thanks a million for stopping by and commenting.
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 4 Nov 2009, 18:14
That's a very important place at a Fair smile
Ginnie Hart: Yes, it is, Frida! smile
LOVE cheese steaks, but only honest-to-goodness Philly cheese steaks. Can't find them in Houston!

My preference at fairs is the funnel cake, unless I'm at the Kerrville Arts and Crafts fair and they're serving southern peach cobbler ;-)

The flames around that thing are the flames of dieter's hell, ready to consume every good intention in the world!
Ginnie Hart: One day I'll have to eat an honest-to-goodness Philly cheese steak, Linda. I bet I'd like it! Funnel cakes are fun and remind me of the Swedish Christmas ones I used to make when the kids were little. Man! I haven't remembered that in eons! Our fair serves homemade peach ice cream every year, which I would have chosen if I hadn't let Nicholas pick first. We always share a bowl and this year I missed the peach!

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