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26 Oct 2009 1,008 views
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photoblog image Setting Up Shop

Setting Up Shop

This is a series from our Country Fair when I took my g'son on October 8.

One section of the Fair is an Indian Village honoring the heritage of our Native Americans.
All participants wear their native tribal costumes and re-enact the customs of their heritage.
This fine young man was setting up one of the teepee dwellings.

Setting Up Shop

This is a series from our Country Fair when I took my g'son on October 8.

One section of the Fair is an Indian Village honoring the heritage of our Native Americans.
All participants wear their native tribal costumes and re-enact the customs of their heritage.
This fine young man was setting up one of the teepee dwellings.

comments (50)

  • Elaine-
  • Canada
  • 26 Oct 2009, 00:04
cool shot, altho the guy doesn't look very native lol i guess if we all lived in teepees urban sprawl would be a lot worse than it is smile
Ginnie Hart: He might not be 100%, Elaine, but probably very close. I wish I had asked. I'm not sure what the "regulation" is for being part of the Village. Most of the Natives I have met there have been either Cherokee or Iroquois. If we all lived in teepees, we'd certainly learn to do more with less! smile
  • Chris
  • England
  • 26 Oct 2009, 00:17
Well I'm glad this sort of thing is not a lost art Ginnie: a fine pic
Ginnie Hart: I'm glad, too, Chris, because it really is part of our American heritage. A GOOD part, I might add!! Thanks.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 26 Oct 2009, 00:47
A superb image, Ginnie.

[This looks like a teepee for one, given the footprint of the floor.]
Ginnie Hart: I'm guessing he'd find room for his squaw, Ray! grin Thanks.
  • lasiate
  • Philippines
  • 26 Oct 2009, 00:57
On nous a menti, il reste encore des Mohicans. belle image hors du temps !
Ginnie Hart: The Last of the Mohicans! You brought a smile to my face, Lasiate. Thanks.
  • rian
  • United States
  • 26 Oct 2009, 00:58
the thing i noticed most about this is how well camouflaged he looks in front of that tree.. grin very nice capture.. smile
Ginnie Hart: He was Rian, and no matter what way I took the picture, that tree was in the way. I finally just took it. smile Thanks.
  • martie
  • United States
  • 26 Oct 2009, 04:09
Nicely captured. That is real concentration in her/his face. Beautiful processing!
Ginnie Hart: It's a HE, Martie, in full dress. Thanks.
i love how you treated the color, ginnie. especially the bag hanging from his shoulder.
Ginnie Hart: I am totally in love with anything Native American, Seraphine, and used to have lots of their art in my house (before packing up to move to the Netherlands). As you can see, I did pick up on the colors in his bag! Thanks for noticing.
  • Tracy
  • Joburg, South Africa.
  • 26 Oct 2009, 05:43
Love the crisp detail mijn vriend, and this guy really looks the part.My brother also does something similar. smile
Having a great time in SA smile
Ginnie Hart: YAAAAAY. So glad to see you are safe-n-sound in SA, Musketeer. Thanks so much for resurfacing and letting us know you are alive and well!
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 26 Oct 2009, 05:52
A wonderful picture and it is great to see things like this are not lost, will they be sleeping there too??
It could be a scene from a movie.
smile I noticed that our Third Musketeer arrived safely in SA and is having a great time there.
Ginnie Hart: I do NOT think they slept there, MLMA, but they certainly could have, I guess. You would love the whole Village...so authentic. Bedankt.

And yes, our 3rd Musketeer has resurfaced. So glad she's alive and well!
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 26 Oct 2009, 07:14
now thats what l call an old time craftsman
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Tony. Exactly.
the processing is perfect, vintage mood and a beautiful light
Excellent !!
have a great day
Ginnie Hart: The sun was beginning to set while we were there, Jean-Luc, so I was lucky to get this before it was too dark. Merci.
I would not know where to start Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: I know, Chad. Me neither.
  • Alan Rolfe
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Oct 2009, 07:49
Oops! I thought it was a woman at first! He seems very "in tents" in his work smile I wonder if he's wearing Nikes under the native costume?
Ginnie Hart: HA! Great play on words, Alan. I love it. smile He is a man, of course, and he was intense on what he was doing. I'm sure he was wearing Nikes underneath. grin
A fine photo. At first glance I thought he was female. Is he actually an indian?
Ginnie Hart: I'm quite sure all who worked in the Indian Village were close to 100% Native American, Wim. I wish I had asked what the stipulation is. Good question. Thanks.
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 26 Oct 2009, 08:18
I always wondered how this was done.

LOL at the phrase "re-enact the customs of their heritage" I hope they don't get too carried away ;o)
Ginnie Hart: It's clear every year, Mike, that they are very proud to show off their culture from the past. We have many Native Americans here in Georgia, so I don't know if these travel with the fair or if they find volunteers wherever they travel. If I come back next year, I already have many questions to ask. smile
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 26 Oct 2009, 08:43
Takes me back to being a girl guide - I was never any good at this sort of thing! Did you get to see the finished article?
Ginnie Hart: I didn't wait to see this one finished, Ingrid, but there were a couple others already up. They actually are quite roomy! I would enjoy this part of setting up the camp more than the cooking, to be honest. smile
  • vintage
  • Brisbane Australia
  • 26 Oct 2009, 09:11
Love the tone
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Vintage.
I would love to sit and watch all this being assembled,a lovely capture Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: And I'm sure he'd eat up the attention, Linda. smile Thanks.
A wonderful capture Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Richard. Merci.
What's the sell?
Ginnie Hart: The sell?? A look into our distant past before we "invaded" their lands, Chantal. Ironically, Native Americans never believe in owning the land on which they live. But they do believe in taking care of it...something the rest of us have not learned very well from them, I'm afraid.
Reminds me of when my kids used to make them with bean poles and blankets. His looks like it will be a lot rather more substantial. Those were the good old days, nice capture Ginny.
Ginnie Hart: Those really WERE the good ole days, Janet! It's always fun to be reminded of them. Thanks.
Looks intriguing - I would love to see it when its finished. I wonder if he used any modern tool/technology for setting this up or as it seems from the picture, is this done with all that nature provides!
Ginnie Hart: It's all as basic and natural as it looks, Thomas. I have several pictures I took last year that maybe I'll show later. I didn't take them this year but I have them. It's all very intricate. Thanks.
Wonderful picture Ginnie..and to see some of your history is great.
Ginnie Hart: Native American culture and art is very soulful to me, Ron. I think I was a Brave in one of my past lives. grin Thanks.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 26 Oct 2009, 12:19
Composition and conversions fits to a T.
PS. I met a musketeer yesterday smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, as always, Louis. And I was wondering if the Musketeer would meet you, and vice versa. YAAY! Now I'm jealous. smile
The proof of the design is the fact that modern versions are for sale at places like Cabela's. There are a lot of good ol' boys and girls setting up their 20th century tipis around the country!

I love the air of concentration, and the signature coloring reminds me of the friendly lumberjack ;-)
Ginnie Hart: I had to smile at your spelling of teepee, Linda...and wonder if it has to do with what part of the country you come from? Teepee, tepee, tipi. Take your pick. grin

And yes, the lumberjack came to my mind as well. Thanks. smile
Excellent shot Ginnie, this village much give the opportunity for lots of human interest shots I would imagine, Richard T.would just love it I suspect.
Ginnie Hart: Anything Native American is very soulful to me, Brian, so I was very happy when Nicholas wanted to go back this year. He said they had just learned about the American Indians in school this year (4th grade) so he wanted to go! Thanks.
Hmmmm, we do civil war reinactments, You have inspired me to visit one now. Very nice.
Ginnie Hart: The nice thing is they don't reenact the wars, Gail. grin They do have pow-wows and council sessions in the lodge. So fun. Thanks.
  • United States
  • 26 Oct 2009, 15:06
Super shot . Love it . You have native Indians there too ? How lovely smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Mariana. Yes, we have mostly Cherokee Indians in our neck of the woods! smile
  • Mroy
  • United States
  • 26 Oct 2009, 16:35
that's a new addition to the fair. i really love your processing.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Maria, and I love it! We have lots of acreage for the fair, so they are able to add new things almost every year. It's nice. Thanks a million.
  • Oscar
  • France
  • 26 Oct 2009, 18:09
I like this gamma of tons, sweet.
Ginnie Hart: "Gamma of tons!" I'll have to think about that one, Oscar. smile Muchas gracias.
I love the balance you keep with light and colour. Wonderful!
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Albert. Thanks you.
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 26 Oct 2009, 19:55
Really concentrated on the task at hand. Beautiful picture with great processing. We have an Indian village near were we have our summer cottage. It's a group of people living like Indians both in clothing and teepee's during their summer vacation.
Ginnie Hart: It's similar to our camping, Frida, I guess. It's just a different kind of tent...one that allows the warmth of a fire on the inside. Thanks.
Ginnie me tienes que explicar como consigues estos tonos, me encantan, es magnifica esta foto, nitidez perfecta y un gran encuadre. Un abrazo
Ginnie Hart: You are so sweet, MA. The color tones are through the Multiply layer in PhotoShop that are then converted to B&W/sepia...which happens to keep some of the color. It's a strange thing how it happens, when I explain it like that! Muchas gracias.
  • Ellie
  • England
  • 26 Oct 2009, 22:55
It must have been really interesting to see this Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Ellie, it was. I love to learn things by watching.
Its good to see that people still practice old ways. Who knows maybe one day we will need to! Wonderful capture.
Ginnie Hart: I so agree, Brian. Thanks for the thought.
I would have loved to stay a while and learn a few secrets...
Ginnie Hart: I know what you mean, Larry. I always learn by observing.
I got to go to a local native heritage village and even did some hide scraping. Scraping the remaining bits of flesh from the inside of a deer hide. It may sound gross but it was very cool to do. And surprisingly hard work.
Ginnie Hart: I bet it WAS cool to do, Michael. Those experiences always stay in our memory, I think.
  • Alex
  • Spain
  • 27 Oct 2009, 06:32
Por lo que se puede apreciar, esta a punto de construir una cabaña, verdad? con tu toque artistico.
Ginnie Hart: It's actually a teepee, Alex, which is more like a tent/mobile lodging. Muchas gracias, otra vez!
  • Aussie
  • Australia
  • 27 Oct 2009, 11:33
Nicely capture Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Aussie. I would love to know how you're doing these days??!!
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 27 Oct 2009, 11:50
So timeless..
Love the coppery-colored earthy processing.
Ginnie Hart: It IS timeless, Marcie. I hope the artform lives forever. Thanks.
This is a very nice portrait
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Navin.
  • hoi
  • United States
  • 27 Oct 2009, 14:20
Very cool. I want to go!
Ginnie Hart: I love stuff like this, Hoi, so I understand. smile
This is wonderful. It's rare for me to get to see anything like this-even in photos.
Ginnie Hart: It's a real treat for me, too, Heather, so I know what you mean. Thanks.
  • Klaus
  • Germany
  • 27 Oct 2009, 17:25
good image building Ginnie .. good focus point
Ginnie Hart: Thank you as always, Klaus!
  • Andy
  • USA
  • 27 Oct 2009, 19:41
Wow like stepping through time! Very cool photo.
Ginnie Hart: I know, Andy. A timeless treasure. Thanks.
  • Liang
  • United States
  • 27 Oct 2009, 20:37
very nice candid shot, brings back american history of who the actual americans were! =]
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Liang.
Very interesting page the one you told me about the meaning of phrases. Thanks again
Ginnie Hart: I love it when you can Google a phrase, Albert, and it pops right up! smile You're very welcome, of course.
great capture...the natural expression on his face...splendid...how did i get this color tone???
Ginnie Hart: First of all, Saurav, welcome to SC and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Secondly, the color tone is through the Multiply layer of PhotoShop CS3 which is then converted to B&W/sepia. Somehow it manages to keep just a bit of muted color, which I have grown to really like. Thank you kindly.
  • DrAW!
  • United States
  • 30 Oct 2009, 13:44
it's been a while Gin.

lovely series smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks for stopping by again, DrAW. You're a sweetheart.
  • Antoine
  • France
  • 29 Dec 2009, 13:50
A superb image. Have a lovely day. Antoine.
Ginnie Hart: A bit of our past reenacted, Antoine. Merci.

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