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18 Feb 2009 720 views
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photoblog image Packing It All In

Packing It All In

All that hot-air-balloon fabric ends up back in it's bag, after the ride.
It reminds me of Life!  And getting ready for the next

Packing It All In

All that hot-air-balloon fabric ends up back in it's bag, after the ride.
It reminds me of Life!  And getting ready for the next

comments (39)

  • Brian
  • United States
  • 18 Feb 2009, 00:27
Wow, I didn't realize it can be packed up so small =P Cool color processing.
Ginnie Hart: It almost took longer than setting up the balloon in the beginning, Brian. But they had it down to a science. Thanks.
  • rian
  • United States
  • 18 Feb 2009, 01:20
..and it takes a li'l bit of effort to pack it all in too.. smile nice shot.. smile
Ginnie Hart: It amazed me, Rian, because they had it down to a science, even though it took a long time. Thanks.
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 18 Feb 2009, 01:42
people think im nuts climbing, but l have never been up in one of these things. Beautifully presented Ginnie.

Ginnie Hart: HA! But there was no effort for ME in this ride, Tony, except to take the pictures! smile These guys sure did a lot of work in both setting up and taking down. They deserved every penny they got.
  • Lyndah
  • Bahamas
  • 18 Feb 2009, 01:51
Love the tones;-)
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Lyndah, for stopping by and commenting!
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 18 Feb 2009, 03:00
"My Life as a Hot Air Balloon"...perhaps directed by Terry Gilliam...

Really love the grasses in this excellent shot, Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: I can see it right now, Ray. It would be a bit different than "The March of the Penguins," however. grin
  • sherri
  • United States of America
  • 18 Feb 2009, 05:19
That would be much more difficult that trying to fold a map. This is why I never use a mapsmile Those grasses are beautiful.
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Sherri, but they seemed to have it down to a science. They deserved every penny they got that day!
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 18 Feb 2009, 05:20
Life is a journey....like a balloon ride, we hop in the basket and let the wind blow us to the next destination.....where that will be Sophia knows.
Great symbolic picture mijn lieve vriend, great tones again, love the DOF.
Ginnie Hart: Life is indeed a Journey, Astrid, and we, of all people, know it. The ride isn't always as smooth as a hot-air balloon but we are never given more than we can bear. We will get through this process and learn from it at every point along the way. This is our "destiny." Ontzettend bedankt voor jouw lieve woorden.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 18 Feb 2009, 08:40
A fine pic full of deep symbolism indeed- yes, you are right, life is a journey, but "he longest journey a man/woman must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart” and vice versa! I wish you (pl.) a good journey, for sure it is also an experience of life that in our baggage we always take along ourselves with us !
Ginnie Hart: You are always able to say the perfect things, lieve Philine! You are such a wise, "shaman" medicine woman for my soul! Ontzettend bedankt.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 18 Feb 2009, 09:29
Before I read your caption I thought they might be stuffing a body into the bag! I'm obviously watching too much TV! Love the tones.
Ginnie Hart: OMG, Ingrid. You do have an imagination! Wouldn't THAT make a great movie!! You just gave me quite a laugh. smile
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 18 Feb 2009, 09:31
Love the muted colours in the processing.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Aussie.
I am in admiration in front of such a packing skill! Fine shot Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: They did have it down to an exact science, Richard! smile Thanks.
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 18 Feb 2009, 09:54
Good tones Ginnie good luck with your packing.but don't let your life be like a ballon ride because you always have to come down
Ginnie Hart: I think we all have to come down to earth from time to time, Vintage, but the purpose of a hot-air balloon is to go back up again, so I think I could handle that! smile
Wonderful picture Ginnie...as I said before you have this processing to a T.
Ginnie Hart: I think I must be going through a stage, Ron! grin Thanks.
  • Ian
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 18 Feb 2009, 12:00
As a passenger I always enjoyed that part: standing by and cheerily watching them pack away that giant bundle, effortlessly sipping celebratory champagne in the fading light smile

Indeedy: to the next journey Ginnie! smile
Ginnie Hart: Oh yes, don't forget the celebratory champagne! I guess they all do the same thing, then?? HA! I love it. And yes, I got pictures of that part, too, at the very end. smile
Packing is always the hardest part.
Ginnie Hart: I must be very weird, Mary, but I have always enjoyed packing (like putting a puzzle together!) and have done it many times in my life. If I've counted right, this is my 11th time since I was first married in 1969. I'm sure that's not anywhere close to a record but once every 3+ years is a lot, IMHO!
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 18 Feb 2009, 13:14
Perfect metaphor!!! Love the selective coloring.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, a good metaphor, Marcie, I agree! It's not exactly selective coloring...more desaturation and sepia. But if you want selective coloring, wait till Friday! grin
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 18 Feb 2009, 13:24
Another trademark shot in muted colours Ginnie. I will start suspecting you of telling them what to wear ;o)

Good photograph and an apt metaphor.
Ginnie Hart: HA! Who, ME? Never, Mike. grin Thanks for your support.
  • Klaus
  • Germany
  • 18 Feb 2009, 13:46
Great composition ... and your images always perfect sharpen .. hmm .. i will be so jealous ;-)
Ginnie Hart: I guess we all do our own thing, Klaus, and are envious of each other. smile Thanks you, kind sir.
This looks much easier than getting my tent back in its bag Ginnie, we reckon they are packed by machines, they never go back the same again. Nice tones as is usual with your pictures.
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Brian. Good point. grin Thanks.
I think of life as a delicious chocolate cake. Some of the ingredients are very bitter. Some are sweet. Some are downright unpleasant. But leave out any of the bitter and the unpleasant and the cake is not a cake.
But I digress. This is a lovely shot with wonderful light.
Ginnie Hart: You are so perfectly right, Michael. We would not really understand love if we did not know it's opposite! Thanks for that thought.
  • Suzanne
  • Canada
  • 18 Feb 2009, 17:50
I had the exact impression that Ingrid had. I had to read the comments to see if anyone saw the same thing.....I must be reading too many mystery books. Having said that, I appreciate the metaphor of moving on to another journey..the little ones leading to the one back home again.
Ginnie Hart: LOL at you and Ingrid both! You must operate on a different level, Suzanne. grin

Life is clearly a mystery, full of ups and downs and bittersweetness. Going through a divorce is not something I wanted to do again. One is enough. But if it takes me "onwards and upwards," in the words of C.S. Lewis, than I will give my YES and get on with the Journey. Thanks for stopping by again, Suzanne. I just wish I had your link.
That there are separated the personages of the bottom well, Ginnie. They are now in relief!
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart as always, José Angel.
  • martie
  • US
  • 18 Feb 2009, 18:59
Nicely done! I really like the colors here - and I had no clue that these balloons would be packed up like that. Makes sense, I just never thought about it!
Ginnie Hart: They've got it all down to a science, Martie, carrying the entire contraption with all its parts on a flat trailer they pull behind their van. It's all quite efficient!
Too true Ginnie: it all never stops
Ginnie Hart: And we must never stand still, Chris, lest we get lost in the woodwork/grass somewhere! Thanks for your support, kind sir.
One day I will go up in a balloon! Nice shot Ginnie. Would that we could wrap life up so easilysmile
Ginnie Hart: I wish a balloon ride for you, dear Bill! You will love it. And yes, you're right...if only life could be "wrapped up" as easily! (sigh)
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 18 Feb 2009, 21:37
You make it all so utilitarian. Good.
Ginnie Hart: There seems to be a lesson or symbolism in everything I see these days, Louis! smile
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 18 Feb 2009, 22:02
Looks like a hard work to manage a hot-air-balloon. And so important to do it right?!
Ginnie Hart: After all the times they've done it, Frida, it's second nature to them, I'm sure! But it WAS fun to watch!
  • cako
  • Germany
  • 18 Feb 2009, 23:27
I'm impressed ! This is the whole hot air balloon in this bag ?
Ginnie Hart: Yup! All of it, Carsten! smile
  • Ellie
  • England
  • 18 Feb 2009, 23:49
Looking at this makes me wonder just how big the bags would have had to be if the balloons were made of canvas!
Ginnie Hart: I know, Ellie!
  • rags
  • United States
  • 19 Feb 2009, 08:03
They look like really hard working men.
Ginnie Hart: They were quite amazing, Kanyi, and it was clear they had done this many times!
nice image.
The one we rode in Africa had to go on a truck
I love ballooning
beautiful crisp image!!
Ginnie Hart: These guys had a van for all the passengers (6 of us plus these two guys) and then pulled a flat-bed trailer that held all the balloon equipment. It was all very practical and efficient, Rob. smile Thanks!
Very philosophical
Ginnie Hart: I like that, Navin. smile
  • martial
  • Malaysia
  • 19 Feb 2009, 12:42
wonderfull journey in the aky, lot of efforts afterwards ... balloon takes a lot of place actually ;=0
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Martial. It takes as long to set up and take down as the actual ride itself, if not longer! Thanks/Merci.
  • david
  • United States
  • 19 Feb 2009, 14:17
oh...this looks sunny and warm...it's snowy horizontally here right now :-(
Ginnie Hart: It was winter-coat weather when we first started out that morning, David, but did start to warm up by the end of the ride. smile
My preference only caught the old photo. I am glad you are posting!
Ginnie Hart: I am, too, Wim! Now that the packing is done and I'm just working on projects (like selling on eBay), I feel like I can breath a bit. smile
Great capture Ginnie. This is one aspect hot-air-balloons that one never sees, very interesting. Excellent tones and clarity, especially in the surround landscape.
Ginnie Hart: It was fun to watch the entire process from beginning to end, John, for sure. I really got my education that day! Thanks.
  • Padraig
  • United Kingdom
  • 19 Feb 2009, 21:54
Ha they look like theyre up to no good!! Great shot I like the slightly desaturated effect.
Ginnie Hart: They were up to a LOT of good, Padraig, getting the balloon ready for the next day's flight, I'm sure. smile Thanks.
  • L.Reis
  • Portugal
  • 24 Feb 2009, 19:14
You'll be alright...life isn't able to scare you...and travels are meant to be done...cause in it's end we can, if we want, build a destiny to fit our hopes and expectations. Have a safe journey...life is waiting...
Ginnie Hart: Your words are so beautifully written, Lina, and speak to my heart. Gracias!
  • Mal
  • United Kingdom
  • 27 Apr 2009, 16:50
lol, I thought you had stumble across a crime scene here and these guys were disposing of bodies! Which would mean they were preparing someone elses journey! lol
Ginnie Hart: HAHAHAHA! Now THAT'S a new one, Mal. Now I KNOW you're crazy. grin

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