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22 Dec 2008 960 views
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photoblog image Give Yourself a Boost

Give Yourself a Boost

From our hot-air balloon ride in Sedona, Arizona, in late November.

Years ago I worked in a psychiatric hospital and discovered that this is the worst time of the year for many people.

Let's take time this week to boost our energy and spirits!

Give Yourself a Boost

From our hot-air balloon ride in Sedona, Arizona, in late November.

Years ago I worked in a psychiatric hospital and discovered that this is the worst time of the year for many people.

Let's take time this week to boost our energy and spirits!

comments (57)

  • Ada
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 00:44
awesome shot Ginnie....nice.
Ginnie Hart: Good to see you again, Ada! Thank you.
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 01:10
Nice metaphorical image. Have heard the same about this time of year being particularly hard for those who struggle. Let our spirits should soar with the balloon!!!
Ginnie Hart: Some of us do struggle at this time of the year, Marcie. My heart goes out to those who so desperately need and want peace in their lives!
  • Larry Bliss
  • Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
  • 22 Dec 2008, 01:27
Great thought, Ginnie, and a terrific shot to go with it.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Larry. We all need Peace on Earth! Peace in our hearts!
Nice capture Ginnie and uplifting message. love the tones.

Regards Ade
Ginnie Hart: This needs to be an uplifting time for us all, Ade. I pray it will be! Thank you.
  • Rian
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 01:43
worst time? seriously? hmm.. wonder why.. i'm not though.. grin i'm looking forward to a long vacation.. grin excellent shot & concept.. the clarity is just stunning.. smile nice work..
Ginnie Hart: For some it is stress, Rian, especially financial. For others it's the loss of family. So many reasons why! I pray we all can find Joy in the simplest of things and better understand what this season is all about. We so much need PEACE!
This is a stunning image!

Your photograph eye impress me a lot.

Ginnie Hart: Your words mean a lot to me, Rémi. Thank you.
  • Liang
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 01:56
Looks like my wish was granted! This is such a wonderful capture of the hot air balloon. Very nice abstract shot displaying how it really feels to be in it! =D
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Liang. You got what you wished for. grin
  • Brian
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 02:01
Ohh man... that looks like fun, i'd love to give that a pull!
Ginnie Hart: I can still hear the burst of sound it made, Brian, when the flame sprang to life. What amazing technology!
I worked many years in various mental facilities as well. It is a bad time of year for many, including myself, but I'm feeling good this year. Some yearss you want to lift right off like that balloon.
Ginnie Hart: This is one year when I need to lift off like that balloon, Mary. I think this post was more for me than anyone else! Thanks for stopping by again.
Ahh - to float away in the warm sunshine, leaving stress behind! (As well as the snow that just won't quit! It's very inviting! Now, on to the photo: very unique capture of a much-photographed event! Photographers always see the colorful balloons,the gorgeous landscape below, or the flames heating the air. This is a very unusual capture of an overlooked detail. Well done!
Ginnie Hart: I was so lucky to be INSIDE the "basket" to take this photo, Patrushka, so maybe that's the difference? It was such a delightful experience. Thank you.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 22 Dec 2008, 05:42
You are so right, for some people 'when the leaves are falling' everything else seems to drop.
From this day on the nights will be shorter.
A fabulous shot, een geweldige foto, with a great tittle.
That hand does make the picture here, it is like reaching out to all that might need an extra hug this time of year.
Wonderful tones, wonderful crop.
Ginnie Hart: I need an extra hug, too, Astrid, so maybe this image is more for me than anyone else. But it did remind me of all the sorrow so many go through at this happy time of the year for most people. It's not a happy time for everyone, as you know. Ontzettrend bedankt voor jouw woorden.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 22 Dec 2008, 07:07
Astrid is right- the "hand makes the picture"- for me a hand who has found a safe, fast hold and a kind of personal security while going up to an adventure, to an new region where we foot-/earth- beings are normally not at home, also going up to a new year...!
Christmas is a time where we may be conscious of all our relationsships, and I can well imagine that this time might be very painful for many persons like the sick ones in the psychiatric hospitals or for lonely, old persons or persons who are suffering by a loss being full of heaviness and sorrows- sadly I know some lonely persons who hate Christmas as a "happy family" feast, but they want to be alone on these days. Your pic emphasizes a very good message -and I would like to send the last sentence-wish also to yourself ...!
Ginnie Hart: Yes, dear Philine. The more comments I read, the more I realize this post is for ME. Little did I know it when I queued it up. I send you and your dear mother the best of holiday greetings with this post! May we all find peace within these days.
  • klaus
  • Germany
  • 22 Dec 2008, 07:13
what a perfect crop. Ginnie .. makes a special feeling .. i want fly ;-)
Ginnie Hart: Someday YOU will do this, Klaus, and you will take YOUR spectacular images! smile
  • Dr A. W!
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 07:17

still envious ginne tongue
Ginnie Hart: One day I wish such a ride for you, dear DrAW! smile
for years it has been claimed that there are more suicides at Christmas than at other times, but apparently they now say that it isn't so.
Ginnie Hart: I haven't hear that statistic, Bill, one way or the other. All I know is that it's a time of year that accentuates happiness AND unhappiness for many people. It's the time of year we most associate with family gatherings, so when there is loss, the pain is just harder to bear. Maybe this post was more for me than anyone else!
  • ceanothe
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 07:56
Prendre le large, une excellente idée, beau cliché !
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Ceanothe. Merci.
Yippeee - off we go Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: It was amazing to see the simple technology, Chris, especially when we were landing and had to still rise slightly above the bushes/trees. A little burst of fire (hot air!) would lift us the few necessary feet/inches. I loved it.
Very true. It's the end of the year a time some use to think of what they've done and consider the options for the future so a dangerous moment if you are unstable for some reason. Let's boost spirits.
Ginnie Hart: So true, Albert. Not everyone is is in the best time of their life right now! It's a time to reach out to others, for sure.
  • blackdog
  • The White Room
  • 22 Dec 2008, 09:00
Great image Ginnie - says it all. Must admit the first thing I thought of though was "cooked breakfast" ;o) That probably says it all too ;o)
Ginnie Hart: HA! You must have been hungry, Mike. smile
  • Tracy
  • Staffs England
  • 22 Dec 2008, 09:41
Astrid is always right LOL tongue
Well she is..
Well she is about this shot the hand does make the shot.
Lets all give a hand to others not just at this time of year but all year round.
Lovely Musketeersmile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, lieve Musketeer. We all have our times of need, some more than others, and we need to not always be thinking of just ourselves and what we're getting. What are we giving?! You do a good job of that.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 22 Dec 2008, 09:42
Great detail shot Ginnie - I really like the inclusion of the hand. I'm not surprised that many people can't cope - we set the bar so high in trying to create the perfect Christmas. It's supposed to be a holiday for goodness sake!
Ginnie Hart: You are so right, Ingrid. Whatever happened to the peace and quiet of this holiday season! Thanks for your words.
Great angle Ginnie ... I like this very much ... Is this going to be a series based on a load of hot air ;-) richard
Ginnie Hart: HA! Don't you wish. grin
  • Brian
  • Australia
  • 22 Dec 2008, 09:46
Very nice. I worked in policing over Christmas & New Year for 13 years. The busiest time of the year.
Ginnie Hart: So you know, Brian, what a hectic time this is for many, especially emotionally.
great picture! well done
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Olivier.
Wonderful and warming up shot Ginnie. I personally have never enjoyed Christmas time! A sad period for me. Only God knows why!
Ginnie Hart: There are so many reasons, Richard, I'm sure, and maybe they change from year to year. This Christmas is a bittersweet one for me, and therefore has its sadness. But I also know I am responsible for my own joy/happiness, so I also feel it! I hope you will, too.
What a great composition Ginnie, as I said before you wouldn't get me up in one of these. Sadly, this Christmas, both the husbands either side of us have died in the last two months, it will be very sad for the wives who are left, hopefully their families will be with them for some of the time.
Ginnie Hart: So you understand, Brian. We can all be there for each other to share the grief and sorrow!
  • vera
  • iran
  • 22 Dec 2008, 11:56
The handle of the paradise??good framing!
Ginnie Hart: That's a good way to put it, Vera! Thank you. The hand of God, maybe. smile
Lovely shot and great tones Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, dear Bernie.
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 22 Dec 2008, 13:58
Love the tones and colors Ginnie and it's a very good message too. So many people are alone the whole Christmas.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Ginnie Hart: If not alone in reality, alone in their hearts, Frida, so I understand. Thanks for your holiday greetings!
I guess Christmas intensify the feeling a lot of people have inside - for better or for worse.

Thanks for giving me a reminder. I think we have the opportunity to give each other a boost...like this, writing and showing pictures
Ginnie Hart: You're right, Aksel. It's a very hard time for many! It's our chance to maybe reach out to them, if they're around us? I hope so.
  • Robin
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 15:08
great idea for a shot, i need my spirits lifted badly.
Ginnie Hart: Me, too, Robin. I think I posted this for ME! smile I wish for you a lift today and the rest of this holiday season.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 22 Dec 2008, 17:10
Excellent picture and message. Boosts are needed all around I guess.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Louis. There's always someone who's in worse shape than we are! Always!
  • Clarence
  • United States
  • 22 Dec 2008, 17:25
Stunning capture! The composition to the processing. I can't say enough.
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Clarence. Thanks for stopping by again!
stunning shot with nice tones ...
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Mohammadreza.
  • NarB
  • Belgium
  • 22 Dec 2008, 19:02
Spectacular. Splendid framing. I like.
Ginnie Hart: So glad you like it, NarB. Thanks.
  • Ellie
  • England
  • 22 Dec 2008, 23:18
Lovely picture, and lovely sentiment too - but the days are getting longer now wink
Ginnie Hart: Longer but colder, Ellie...at least here in Atlanta. smile Thanks.
  • Beth
  • United States
  • 23 Dec 2008, 01:33
Great shot - and a warm fire to boost our spirits!
Ginnie Hart: Those little fires have their place, Beth, for sure! smile Thanks.
  • Thomas
  • India
  • 23 Dec 2008, 01:52
WOW...that's a beautiful perspective and I m sure it would have been an exciting ride.

Ginnie : Thanks for your kind comments and greeting of the season from both of us..T-Thomas & S-Shilpy (my wife)
Ginnie Hart: You are so welcome, Thomas. Your site a a joy to behold. Merry Christmas to you and yours, if you celebrate it!
tu poursuis ton chemin du génie, Ginnie! tes photos sont merveilleuses
Ginnie Hart: And flattery will get you everywhere, O-P. smile Merci.
we did have a balloon ride this august, awesome it was
Ginnie Hart: So you know what it's like, Chantal! Glorious! smile
  • PhotoSam
  • United Kingdom
  • 23 Dec 2008, 14:12
wonderful capture... and your special brand of toning has never been more appropriate..
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Sam. Thank you kindly.
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 23 Dec 2008, 15:03
Happy holidays and a great 2009, Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: The same to you and yours, Martin. You are gonna LOVE Barcelona!
My better desires of peace and happiness are for you and Donica in these days of Christmas. Also I make this congratulation to all the yours especially to Ruth extensive. A hug very hard and that the next years is wonderful!
Ginnie Hart: How sweet, José Angel. I'll be seeing Ruth next week in Michigan. I'll tell her you sent your wishes to her as well! Feliz Navidad!
  • cako
  • Germany
  • 23 Dec 2008, 21:27
Beautiful detail shot. It must be a great feeling to be in a hot air balloon.
Ginnie Hart: It's like nothing else, Carsten. I hope you have a chance to do it some day! Thanks.
  • Ilger.nl
  • Netherlands
  • 23 Dec 2008, 21:38
ow wow Ginnie...you know how to depict your words in a photo.
Ginnie Hart: Ontzettend bedankt, Ilger!
Have a look at my post tomorrow please Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: I did, Albert! Thanks for the heads up. smile
  • claire
  • Canada
  • 24 Dec 2008, 07:55
beautiful composition Ginnie and super pp as always. smile

Merry Christmas! grin
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Claire. Merry Christmas to you, too!
Beautiful shot, captured at just the right moment
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Navin. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Well, the next few days I am not gonna check photologs, so here it is:

I wish you a merry christmas en a happy New Year!!

Thanks for all the lovely photos you shared with me this year,
Ginnie Hart: What a sweet comment, Chantal. Ontzettend bedankt.
  • david
  • United States
  • 24 Dec 2008, 10:25
what catches my eye is the flame...looks like billowing silk. lovely shot

happy christmas, ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: I like that, David...billowing silk. I'll have to remember that. Thanks.
  • martie
  • United States
  • 24 Dec 2008, 17:08
Nicely composed! And yes, for many this is a very hard time of the year. Thanks for remembering them.
Ginnie Hart: May we all have peace in our hearts, regardless of our circumstances. Thanks, Martie.
  • sherri
  • Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
  • 24 Dec 2008, 18:39
Extraordinary image, Ginnie. Merry Christmas.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Sherri. Merry Christmas also to you and yours!
  • namaki
  • Switzerland
  • 25 Dec 2008, 00:00
what a boost ! thank you ! with that one we'll fly over the mountains ... ;-)
Ginnie Hart: Ohhhh. That sounds so wonderful, Namaki. Thanks for that thought.
Nice idea smile
Ginnie Hart: I thought so, too, Zeb. grin Thanks.
  • Judy - So California
  • United States
  • 29 Dec 2008, 07:43
Ginnie, Don't know how I missed this shot - it's incredible! We see all sorts of ballooning photos but I've never seen this. Fantastic!

Our Christmas was nice but would be better to all be together - maybe someday. Thinking of you.
Thinking of spiritual energy can lead to positive in ourselves. Key words: melt, but do not be a strong flow of water. Regards from Yogyakarta City, Indonesia.
Ginnie Hart: You are so good, Bram. I like the way you think!
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 3 Jan 2009, 15:48
Yes...a bit of hot air in our lives might do us all a bit of good.

Nice one, Ginnie.

I really like the Harley feel of the handle.
Ginnie Hart: Only you, Ray, would come up with this. I love it. smile

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