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04 Dec 2008 6,446 views
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photoblog image Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

During our Thanksgiving holiday in Arizona this past week,
we rode the Grand Canyon Railway
from Williams to the Grand Canyon.
Because we sat in the last car, I was able to stand on the outside platform and take pictures.  :)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

During our Thanksgiving holiday in Arizona this past week,
we rode the Grand Canyon Railway
from Williams to the Grand Canyon.
Because we sat in the last car, I was able to stand on the outside platform and take pictures.  :)

comments (52)

  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 4 Dec 2008, 00:53
Wow and what a vantage point that was.
I know I'm a bit of a reflection, but I like how the front carriages are reflected at the back.
It must have been a wonderful trip. Look forward to more views.
Ginnie Hart: It's funny, Aussie, but I never even noticed the reflection till much later, so that was a fun surprise. Thank you kindly!
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 4 Dec 2008, 02:08
Hey thats great Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Awww. Thanks, Vintage.
Ooooh...wonderful Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: So glad you like it, Chris. smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 4 Dec 2008, 02:44
Very well organised, Ginnie.
And, you got a great result.
Ginnie Hart: It was fun, Ray, especially when I saw it on the screen with the reflection (which I didn't see when I took the picture).
  • Kay
  • United States
  • 4 Dec 2008, 04:05
Gorgeous shot, Ginnie! I am so glad you're posting pictures from your trip. smile
Ginnie Hart: I have so many, Kay, I hardly know where to start! smile Thanks.
  • Lekra
  • Netherlands
  • 4 Dec 2008, 05:18
Ginnie this is just beautiful, the tones, the details, wonderful, I love riding trains, just relax and see the scenery passing by.
I am glad you wrote you were on a platform, I just pictured you holding on with one hand hanging out of a window, are you such a daredevil??
Ginnie Hart: Actually, Lekra, I AM such a daredevil, yes (dat weet je!). smile Those platforms really come in handy and mean you do NOT have to worry about dirty windows or partly open windows. I was lucky!
  • The valleys of a contented soul
  • 4 Dec 2008, 05:25
Like a still from an exciting blockbuster film, beautifully presented and with your gorgeous processing.

A winner, for sure Ginnie smile
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Paul. Thank you!
  • sherri
  • United States
  • 4 Dec 2008, 05:44
I was gonna say you hung your head out the window...good grief, Ginniesmile

You got an incredible image.
Ginnie Hart: Donica purposely chose the Parlor car because of the platform (like the ones the presidential candidates make their speeches from!) so that I could run out any time I wanted to take pictures. It was a memory I'll never forget!
Superb shot with the reflections in the foregroung windows!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Richard. Merci. It was a fun ride, to be sure.
You got a beauty here, I like the reflection too.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Nigel., Funny thing is that I never saw the reflection till afterwards, on the screen!
  • claire
  • Canada
  • 4 Dec 2008, 07:06
wow. beautiful capture Ginnie. must have been fun trying to get this shot. ;-)
Ginnie Hart: The whole trip was very special, Claire, and this was definitely one of the biggest reasons. Thanks.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 4 Dec 2008, 07:23
The train is on the way to discover slowly (I assume) the wild nature, it is invading into the wild nature -stapje voor stapje- and it has adapted to the colours of the rocks- thanks to your impressive (by processing) photo!- a good, sensitive way to approach to another world!
Ginnie Hart: The forest area of the trip was only the last few miles of the 65-mile ride, Philine (2.25 hours each way). The rest of the time was flat land with few trees...more like the desert. Indeed, there's lots of symbolism here for me!
  • Liang
  • United States
  • 4 Dec 2008, 07:26
Very nice shot here! I like the closeup you got going. The train looks old-fashioned but very artistically shown!
Ginnie Hart: It's a train especially made for the ride to the Grand Canyon, Liang, so it's been around for a long time. It was well worth it!
oh, those charming colors! you did a very good on this one!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, RS!
  • Tracy
  • Staffs Moorlands England
  • 4 Dec 2008, 07:31
Oh how wonderful I see you left the station and got on the right train and going in the right directionwink
So pleased you were at the back and able to stand on the platform how lucky was that.
You have captured this wonderfully Musketeer.
It looks amazing.
In answer to Lekra you are a daredevilgrin
Have a good day mijn vriend.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Tracy, I got back on the train, so there is lots of symbolism here. Donica purposely picked this car for me to take pictures. I'll never forget it! And yes, I AM a daredevil, and Lekra knows it! smile
  • rags
  • United States
  • 4 Dec 2008, 08:16
Superb image. When was the train built?
Ginnie Hart: I don't know how old the train is, Kanyi, but the first trip to the Grand Canyon was in 1901. So that's in keeping with our Wild West history. smile Wait till I show you the train robbery. They really make it worth your time.
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 4 Dec 2008, 08:23
Gorgeous shot Ginnie. I love it. Gran Canyon is one of the places I would like to visit.Did you visit the Skywalk??
Ginnie Hart: We did NOT get to the Skywalk, Frida, but I have seen the documentary on how it was made. Once we found out you cannot take your cameras with you, we decided to not ever try fitting it in! PHOTOGRAPHERS!!
That looks fun, Ginnie. I would certainly like to do that.
Ginnie Hart: It was delightful, Chad. Can't you imagine a trainload of SCers doing that?! smile
I'd love to go on this train!
Ginnie Hart: I just told Chad that it would be fun to have a train like this loaded with SCers. We'd have a riot. smile
great angle Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Chantal. It sure was fun.
  • Thomas
  • Australia
  • 4 Dec 2008, 09:24
WOW...magnificent perspective Ginnie. For a moment I thought you leaned out of the window to shoot this. Pl. be careful
Ginnie Hart: HA! I'm always careful, Thomas. Worry not. But I AM a bit of a daredevil, so I appreciate the warning. smile
I suppose you had a great time there. The photo is fantastic, the detail, the colours, the composition. Good shot Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: We had a great time, Albert. Totally worth it all!
Hm... enjoy touring the Grand Canyon from the train, would find a beautiful atmosphere. Images of good Ginnie. Regard form Yogyakarta City Indonesia.
Ginnie Hart: Once the train stopped at the south rim, Bram, we got out and continued our tour of the canyon via coach/bus. We had a chance to get out and take pictures along the way. It was wonderful.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 Dec 2008, 10:38
Very evocative shot Ginnie. I love the look of American trains - I'm reading a book at the moment about an Englishwoman who travels around the edge of America on a train - brilliant book. It's called Stranger on a Train by Jenny Diski.
Ginnie Hart: You've got my curiosity, Ingrid, with that book. I'll have to look it up. I LOVE trains, especially in Europe. I'd go everywhere by train if I could. smile
  • Ellie
  • England
  • 4 Dec 2008, 11:20
I wonder how long you had to wait before the train turned exactly the right corner. What a treat too, our trains are hermetically sealed, I can't imagine anybody being allowed to stand on an outside platform
Ginnie Hart: It was funny, Ellie, because every time the train turned, I'd go from one side of the platform to the other. It was hysterical, I'm sure, to the people who were watching on the inside. smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 4 Dec 2008, 11:38
Astrid is right - the reflection makes 2 rows of cars joining in your car. Great stuff and as always I like your conversion.
Ginnie Hart: What was funny, Louis, is that I never saw the reflection until later on the monitor. That's part of the fun of taking pictures, right?! smile Thanks.
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 Dec 2008, 12:11
Impressive shiny train - made me think about Jenny Diski's book, but I see Ingrid has already given you the recommendation ;o)
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Mike, you and Ingrid are on the same page (again)! smile
  • L.Reis
  • Portugal
  • 4 Dec 2008, 12:38
Confess:You've chosen the last car on purpose, just to impress all your "fans" grin...and you did it!!
Ginnie Hart: Guilty as charged, Lina! Donica knew that car had the platform and chose it so I could take pictures! It was a memory never to be forgotten.
  • Rian
  • United States
  • 4 Dec 2008, 12:49
that's a great place to be in and absorb the view.. smile nice shot..
Ginnie Hart: That's what I thought, Rian! Thanks.
  • martie
  • United States
  • 4 Dec 2008, 13:07
Oh what fun! And this is an excellent composition. I love the old train cars!
Ginnie Hart: I really felt a part of the Wild, Wild West, Martie. smile
  • Scarlet
  • Netherlands
  • 4 Dec 2008, 13:20
what a great angle Ginnie. Cool shot!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Scarlet. It was such a fun memory.
  • Klaus
  • Germany
  • 4 Dec 2008, 14:39
Oh Ginnie ... again and again you suprised me. What a spectacular shot ... the sharpness is perfect. A realy fantastic mood on this one.
Ginnie Hart: You're so kind, Klaus. It was such a fun trip, never to be forgotten.
  • mary
  • United States
  • 4 Dec 2008, 14:51
Wow, terrific shot! I love the reflections in the windows.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Mary. As I've been telling others, I never saw the reflection until later on the monitor, so it was a nice surprise for me, too. smile
  • ceanothe
  • United States
  • 4 Dec 2008, 15:52
Un passage difficile et un merveilleux cliché, bravo !
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Ceanothe!
  • Cliff
  • Germany
  • 4 Dec 2008, 18:33
The colours are beautiful. The reflection on the windows are great. All in all a excellent photo. Did you bend out of the window? I like the angle. It's quite similar to the one photo I took http://clifficious.de/index.php?showimage=45
Ginnie Hart: I was standing on the back platform, Cliff, that has a railing so you can't fall off. Well, you could but you'd be stupid, of course. It was so fun.
  • Ilger.nl
  • Netherlands
  • 4 Dec 2008, 19:47
Cool shot Ginnie. I would expect you to stand on the outside platform all trip because this looks like a trip for a lot of photo material.

Looks a bit claustrophobic as well btw. Was is like this the complete trip?
Ginnie Hart: Much of the trip was flat land, Ilger, so there were times when I stayed inside. But the closer we got to the Grand Canyon, we rode into the national forest and I kept going out. It was pretty chilly, especially when I leaned around the railing. But it was wonderful! smile
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 5 Dec 2008, 01:50
Must have been a spectacular ride. Love your point-of-view. I think you had the best seat in the house!!!
Ginnie Hart: We did have the best seat in the house, Marcie, as far as I'm concerned. It was a memory to last forever. Thanks.
  • Donica
  • United States
  • 5 Dec 2008, 02:47
It was a great ride! And I am counting on seeing all the fabulous photos you took! It is always great to "relive" a vacation from your photos! Thanks for making that possible!!
Ginnie Hart: It's going to take me time to get through all the pictures, Donica...especially since I still need to finish Zurich!! sad But they WILL get done and you and I both will get the "second blessing." smile Thanks!
  • Brian
  • United States
  • 5 Dec 2008, 03:53
That is a beautiful shot, I've always wanted to ride a train....someday!
Ginnie Hart: You have never riden a train, Brian???? OMG! JUST DO IT, NOW!
Great shot Ginnie, a slightly larger scale railway than the preserved railways in the U.K. Trust you to get the best place for photos :-D
Ginnie Hart: You would have been in heaven, Brian! smile
wow. The train is in harmony with the rocks and foliage. Beautifully toned.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you so much, Darren, for stopping by and commenting. That means a lot.
Very nice composition and very good details, interesting tonal range
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Miro.
Wonderful !

Composition, subject, colors, framing !

A likey !!
Ginnie Hart: Awwww. You always make my day, Zeb. Thank you.
  • rem_la
  • France
  • 6 Dec 2008, 11:44
whaouu, superbe, j'aime !!
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear Rem La.
  • lasiate
  • Philippines
  • 6 Dec 2008, 13:40
Mais c'est un train fantôme!
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Lasiate. Merci.
  • david
  • columbus, ohio
  • 6 Dec 2008, 21:22
a brilliant shot: i tried and failed miserably to take something like this in india once. wouldn't mind riding this one either
Ginnie Hart: You'd like this train, David, and you'd get your own good picture on it. It took 2.25 hours to go 65 miles! smile
  • Padraig
  • United Kingdom
  • 6 Dec 2008, 21:34
wonderful shot...did no one ever tell you not to stick your head out of a moving train window?
Ginnie Hart: HA! You'll be happy to know, Padraig, that I was on the back platform leaning over the rail. It was heaven! smile
  • zohre
  • uae
  • 7 Dec 2008, 22:32
Wonderful shot,Ginnie.I like the color tone. smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Zohre.
  • namaki
  • France
  • 8 Dec 2008, 00:25
this is such a sharp picture ! the mood is perfect! am expecting to see some Indians in their horses waiting after the curve ! ;-)
Ginnie Hart: Well, you're close, Namaki. No Indians but we DID have some cowboys hold up the train at gunpoint on our way back. All part of the ticket price. smile
l'angle choisi est extraordinaire. j'adore
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear O-P!
Always a wonderful sight: the curving train gives you a feeling of space. Sometimes the train tries to look over his shoulder.
Ginnie Hart: This time the person at the back of the train is looking forward, Wim, with no turning/looking back!
I seeing this image, am traveling in the train.
Ginnie Hart: Oh yes, José Angel. You were there. smile

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