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05 Sep 2008 1,187 views
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photoblog image Barbie at the Farm

Barbie at the Farm

This is a series of impressions from our annual Farm Day in Michigan on August 9th.

Even farms have hot tubs and Barbies...
when it's Farm Day.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Barbie at the Farm

This is a series of impressions from our annual Farm Day in Michigan on August 9th.

Even farms have hot tubs and Barbies...
when it's Farm Day.

Have a relaxing weekend.

comments (46)

  • Tracy
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Sep 2008, 00:02
LOL Ginnie this is so funny, where is Ken??
May be drown in the bubbles, who knows.
corker mijn vriendsmile
Ginnie Hart: Ken WAS there...I saw him, but, hmmm, you'd think he'd be paying more attention, right?! Drowning in the bubbles? HA! grin You know how to make my day, Musketeer (or night, as the case may be).
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 5 Sep 2008, 00:10
I bet this image gets lots of hits from the guys, when they see the thumbnail.
Ginnie Hart: LOL, Aussie. I never once thought about the thumbnail and what the guys might think. It bears repeating then, what Astrid taught me: "A dirty mind is a joy forever!" grin
  • Ada
  • a very dark room
  • 5 Sep 2008, 00:17
For a second I was hoping that was you...She seems to be having fun..lol. Aussie is funny. You better watch the number of views you get Ginnie. The guys are going to be on here like white on rice.
Ginnie Hart: ME? You can be thankful it's NOT me, Ada. LOL. smile And those guys will really be disappointed, won't they. (You can fool some of the guys some of the time but not all of the guys all of the time.) grin
this is creative ginnie
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir!
  • Jessie
  • New Zealand
  • 5 Sep 2008, 02:07
Lol. Clever shot Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Jessie. smile
  • Kay
  • United States
  • 5 Sep 2008, 04:47
Hi Ginnie, LOL at Tracy's comment! I was thinking that Ken was sinking in those bubbles. So funny!

I love the tones in this picture!
Ginnie Hart: I guess he was! smile Thank you, dear Kay.
  • Fotografa
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 5 Sep 2008, 04:53
'Come on Barbie, let's go party' smilesmile Nice one Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: HA! I love it, Fotografa.
  • The valleys of a contented soul
  • 5 Sep 2008, 05:38
If Barbie is anatomically correct, then I now know where I've been going wrong with women all my life!

Poor thing needs some corrective surgery for the loudspeaker implanted on her tummy. Pins in her arms, think of the arthiritis in later life!

Ginnie Hart: And we wonder why our little girls have self-esteem issues!!!!! Thanks, Paul.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 5 Sep 2008, 05:50
.....yesterday the bra (Anniedog) today naked ladies.....erm....ik weet niet wat ik daar van moet denken, I don't know what to make off that... BTW I just saw Ken passing by doing backstroke in the tub and he came up to get some air and dived under again....he lost his swimming trunk and he is to shy to come on the deck.....men....they are such a pussies, het zijn een stelletje watjes...(cowards)gringrin
In the Nehterlands it is one inch cold, so no swimming to day...HAHAHA.....have a great day....I started off laughing and I hope I will keep that smile during the parade too, have a great weekend smile
Ginnie Hart: Whatever is Ginnie coming to, I know! And BTW, Ken was definitely at Farm Day, so your guess is as good as mine as to where he was. Under the bubbles, spying out the territory, makes sense to me! smile "One inch cold" should keep us all laughing for a long time, lieve vriend! grin You will have a great parade tomorrow and I will be zo trots op jou. Whenever you need to smile, think of "one inch cold!"
  • vintage
  • Brisbane Australia
  • 5 Sep 2008, 06:16
I think Aussies in my head lol
Ginnie Hart: Aussie is so funny, yes! smile
With the amount of rain that's falling here at the moment Ginnie there's no need to go to the pool!
Ginnie Hart: HA! Well, maybe you could send some of it to Atlanta, Bernie??? smile Thanks.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Sep 2008, 10:02
Lol at all the comments Ginnie. I wish mine would stay upright pointing at the stars when I lay down! But when it comes to Barbie reality doesn't come into it. Love the photo smile
Ginnie Hart: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ingrid, now we know why little girls all over the world have self-esteem issues!!!
  • Beth
  • United States
  • 5 Sep 2008, 10:50
Great shot Ginnie! It gave me a good chuckle to start the day!
Ginnie Hart: So glad to hear it, Beth!!! Thanks.
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Sep 2008, 10:52
The original "airhead". Love the gesture she is making with her hands. Looks like she is gazing at the wild blue yonder, being slightly nervous of the "bolt" that will inevitably come at some point. Very good photograph imho ;o)
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir. As I told Ingrid, now we know why little girls everywhere grow up with self-esteem issues!!!
Some comments today! Fun shot. I missed the thumbnail, but would imagine you will have a record day...
Ginnie Hart: HA! And I never once thought about what the thumbnail would look like, Jennie. smile Oh well.
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 5 Sep 2008, 11:40
I thought Ginnie did a nude picture! Lol. Its only a harmless shapely barbie smile
Ginnie Hart: You just never know what Ginnie might be up to, Etomi! grin Gotta always keep people guessing. smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 5 Sep 2008, 11:48
Excellent "candid" shot here, Ginnie...tastefully posed, so should get "PGR" rather than "R" rating.

Poor Barbie...clearly suffered from hiring a blind body-piercer to fit the navel stud.

I am guessing the wet spa lip indicates Dream Date Ken was visiting recently, but has plopped back into the spa to cool off...must be very frustrating for him...having a power mound instead of an appendage!
Ginnie Hart: You take the cake, Ray! grin Part of the fun of this "candid" for me was to shoot it exactly as I found it. I wonder which of the little girls purposely lay her down to dry off exactly in that position!
  • PhotoSam
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Sep 2008, 11:51
very odd and just a little creepy... love the effect it has on the viewer though...
Ginnie Hart: I know, Sam. As I've told others, now we know why our little girls grow up with self-esteem issues! And BTW, this was exactly as one little girl positioned her to dry off at the farm!
Wow ! A great graphic work !
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir!
  • Frida
  • Sweden
  • 5 Sep 2008, 13:13
Ha ha I looked at the thumb and thought - What on earth has Ginnie been up to now?? There's a naked lady by the pool. Good one Ginnie, a humorous approach to photography makes it more
interesting and fun. ;-)
Ginnie Hart: We must never take life too seriously, right, Frida??!! Thanks for your very kind comment...
  • E Etomi
  • Nigeria
  • 5 Sep 2008, 13:20
Barbie looks like she was abducted by aliens and subject to several tests.
Ginnie Hart: HA! I'm sure you're right, Etomi!!! smile
Packed in boxes in my garage are Barbies, Cindys and loads of clothes, cars, horses, TV studio, house, etc. etc. Daughters!

Is this a talking Barbie? Things have moved on it seemstongue
Ginnie Hart: I never looked closely, Bill, or listened above the hubbub. Do they now make TALKING Barbies?? Oh my. Whatever is the world coming to!
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 5 Sep 2008, 14:07
Oh yes, a really nice inciting to relax on this weekend and the sun is also shining! The barbie -doll could perhaps assume a quite more relaxing position, nou ja, honestly said, I don't like those barbie dolls - oh, my own old Käthe-Kruse-doll with its/her big bulging eyes has been quite more beautiful, and how I have loved it!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, dear Philine. As I have said to others, no wonder our little girls have grown up with self-esteem issues! I'm sure I'd rather have your doll any day!
  • Ruth
  • United States
  • 5 Sep 2008, 15:04
Oh dear, Barbie at the farm, MY farm! What can I say? (She looks a little like Cindy McCain, don't you think?) Is that a tattoo on her belly?? smile

Great shot, how fun!

Lots of great comments too. And good luck to Astrid and her parade! Yes, it was 1-inch cold.
Ginnie Hart: Cindy McCain. HA! I guess you're right, Ruth. Hmmm. With all that money. (OK, stop it, Ginnie!) Is that an audio spot on her tummy...not a tattoo? Barbies have evolved on some levels but not on others. Weren't they supposed to start making them look like real women????
Poor Britney caught topless again...oh, I mean, Barbie! lol! What a fun shot, Ginnie, really made me laugh. Even Barbie has her, er, needs! *wink*"

Meanwhile, hope you and yours have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by while I was babysitting my nephew. Two weeks with a 19 year old was a longggggg time. smile
Ginnie Hart: It's been fun to see all the reactions to this image today, Alex. smile Thank you for yours!
  • Sherri
  • United States
  • 5 Sep 2008, 18:23
Interesting capture, Ginnie. It looks like Barbie has a speaker on her belly. Do they talk now? (It's either that or a tattoosmile. Another nice image of the fun time I imagine you had.
Ginnie Hart: Who knows what all they can do now, Sherri! Unbelievable. I can't believe we haven't progressed to something more REAL! Thanks!
lol, Fine art!! ;-)
Grt shot.
Ginnie Hart: HA! I guess so, Sarthak?! smile
  • Martie
  • United States
  • 5 Sep 2008, 19:37
You certainly have an eye for the unusual! Strange place to find a doll!
Ginnie Hart: And it was exactly where I found it, Martie! The girls must have known she needed to dry out?
  • Claire
  • Canada
  • 5 Sep 2008, 20:10
really funny photo. grin

there's something about barbie that creeps me out. especially when they are undressed. lol. it must have something to do with toy story where a wicked boy dismembered the dolls... i don't know... oh well... :p
Ginnie Hart: It can creep me out, too, Claire, when you put it that way! But thankfully, the little girls playing with her were pretty tame. smile
Excellent shot, my wife has a tatoo just like that in exactly the same place, weird huh???
Ginnie Hart: Very weird, Nigel!!! smile
  • Larry Bliss
  • Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
  • 6 Sep 2008, 01:42
Ginnie, you have a twisted sense of humor.

I like that.
Ginnie Hart: HA! Someone has to shake things up, Larry. grin
Lovely shot Ginnie, this one made me smile. Always said you were very creative. This one is really unique, nice job.
Ginnie Hart: I don't know how creative this was, John, but it sure was fun. smile Thanks.
  • Brian
  • trying to finish a uni assignment - argggh
  • 6 Sep 2008, 04:34
I sooooo want to push her in. Is that naughty of me? Very nice, although I am concerned about the way you think smile
Ginnie Hart: Sometimes "naughty" is so fun, Brian. grin
Cute idea and image, Ginnie. I like the crispness which makes the image special.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Michael.
  • zohre
  • Dubai
  • 6 Sep 2008, 09:36
I love the tones in this picture! Great idea.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Zohre.
LOL at all the comments. This is brilliant. Ken has probably sloped off to have a cold shower!!!
Ginnie Hart: HA! The things Ken will have to answer to before long. I love it.
  • Klaus
  • Germany
  • 6 Sep 2008, 11:23
Ginnie, so clear an dcrisp .. great job as always
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir.
j'aime ce genre de montage!
Ginnie Hart: Merci, dear O-P. smile
  • mary
  • 6 Sep 2008, 13:03
so quirky -- I love it!
Ginnie Hart: HA! It's been fun to see the reactions, Mary. smile
  • Bob
  • United States
  • 6 Sep 2008, 17:15
Oh my Ginnie!!
Ginnie Hart: I know, Bob! grin
Very amusing image Ginnie, don't you just want to flick her over on to the water.
Ginnie Hart: Oh yes, Brian. I suddenly feel very naughty. grin
  • Hamilton
  • United States
  • 6 Sep 2008, 20:00
Ginnie, when Barbie grows up she might sue you for exposing her like that... unless, of course, she consented. Nice composition though!!
Ginnie Hart: I never thought of asking her permission, Hamilton, so I'm definitely guilty as charged! sad
Hahaha.. barbie. The same thing often also in did by my child. Regards from Yogyakarta Indonesia.
Ginnie Hart: Kids are the same the world over, Bram! Thanks. smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 7 Sep 2008, 15:01
Tch, Ginnie we are here like white on rice - great expression from Ada.

I must confess this multi-navelled chick looks familiar. Signed Ken.
Ginnie Hart: HA! She sure gets around, Louis. smile
  • Still
  • France
  • 7 Sep 2008, 21:10
Evocative image! You've done a fine post processing.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Still.
Oh wow - this image is so vivid, I love it!
Ginnie Hart: She's a wild one, you know! grin Thanks, Jen.

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