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13 Aug 2008 945 views
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photoblog image Prince Charming

Prince Charming

"I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it.  I love frogs."
--Cameron Diaz

[Today I'm in Amsterdam.]

Prince Charming

"I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it.  I love frogs."
--Cameron Diaz

[Today I'm in Amsterdam.]

comments (45)

  • Red Pen
  • United States
  • 13 Aug 2008, 01:02
Poor froggy looks like he's tried to do himself in. :0

I love the tones in this image.
Ginnie Hart: He really does need rescuing, Red Pen! smile Thanks.
  • Marcie
  • United States
  • 13 Aug 2008, 01:15
Poignant..and sad. It's as if he's being held hostage. Love your processing!
Ginnie Hart: Some frogs really DO need to be kissed, Marcie. I guess I never thought about it like that before. smile Thanks.
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 13 Aug 2008, 02:55
I'd kiss a Cameron Diaz...

This frog looks like a captive toad, Ginnie...your picture shows it off well [getting into nature close-ups, are you?].
Ginnie Hart: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I should have known I'd get that from you, Ray. And NO, don't expect much from me with nature close-ups. I will continue to let YOU shine with that!!! smile
  • Ada
  • United States
  • 13 Aug 2008, 03:07
This is good for the heart and soul Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Now you've made me smile, Ada. grin Thanks.
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 13 Aug 2008, 04:21
LOL, this one looks pretty kissable, but it seems to be getting very little love.
Ginnie Hart: Exactly as I see it, Martin. I think it's still grieving over Mom's death in February. Her niece needs to hang it up in the tree. Thanks.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 13 Aug 2008, 04:51
'De Prins op het witte paard en ze leefden nog lang en gelukkig'
I love frogs but if I would kiss this one......
The way you PP this one, yes I think I can kiss this frog.... grin
Hope he does not have any intentions with that rope around his neck....I would release him and say to him, go and smile and have a great day.
Gewedige foto met een leuke tekst.
Ray is a very clever man.....erm...are you getting into nauture close-ups wink ?
Ginnie Hart: HA! I think I'll be quite happy to leave the nature close-ups to Ray who does them brilliantly, BUT ever so often, it's nice to find something manageable. smile This used to hang at Mom's before she died in February (was that really almost 6 months ago!?!) but is now at Theresa's. I'm not sure why it was on the ground. It sure does need rescuing! Bent je de Prins? Ontzettend bedankt, lieve vriend.
  • sherri
  • United States
  • 13 Aug 2008, 05:41
I looked and looked and finally realized it wasn't real. At first I thought it was a couple of frogs. I'm sleep deprivedsmile Love the quote and the photo.
Ginnie Hart: Those frogs are so elusive, Sherri. Now go get some sleep! smile Thanks.
He must be really busy if hes tied up, what does he do all day? Wait for a random Cameron to wander by?
Ginnie Hart: Exactly, Nigel. Some would say she's worth waiting for?? smile
  • Brian
  • Australia
  • 13 Aug 2008, 06:45
I am concerned about the rope. Does he want to end it all because Ms DIAZ won't kiss him or perhaps she has tied him to a tree, hmmmm.

Lovely image, interestingly seen and nicely captured.
Ginnie Hart: Hmmm. I was gonna say something like a little S&M never hurt anyone but I don't think I'll go there, Brian. grin Thanks.
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 13 Aug 2008, 06:48
I've kissed a few frogs that turned into princes and a few princes that turned into frogs ;-)
Ginnie Hart: Is this when we say "You win some and you lose some!?!" grin I know what you mean, Kathryn. (sigh)
  • E Etomi
  • Romania
  • 13 Aug 2008, 06:54
Lol, she's crazy! I wouldn't kiss a frog, they scare me. smile
Ginnie Hart: HA! But Etomi, look at how harmless he appears! grin
  • Hiding in Utopia
  • 13 Aug 2008, 07:01
Oh no.. rope across Freddie Frogs throat like that....

This is a cry for help, and right now I'm donning my green cape and putting by oversized yellow Y-fronts over my track suit bottoms... shortly I will launch myself from the rooftop of the local Liquor store and reveal my 'SF' emblazoned chest as I, Super Floog come to Freddie's rescue....

It's a long flight though, so maybe you could help me out and remove that rope today....ha ha smile

As always, a terrific photograph, and your processing is superb. Love it
Ginnie Hart: I can just see you flying through the air, Super Floog. That image will last forever! smile Thank you, kind sir. I'll do my best till you arrive (though Freddie is in Atlanta and I am now in Amsterdam).
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 13 Aug 2008, 07:26
"Oh, poor frog", I might say looking at your pic, "are you ill?" Your photo reminds me of a very old childbook I have really loved, the very nice story of a frog suffering from stomache- ages because he had eaten cherries and then drunk water..., a frogdoctor had to come... and the frog lay in his bed and looked so unhappy: "Erst fraß er Johannisbeeren,/ dann tat er den Kirschbaum leeren...Drei Tage war der Frosch so krank! jetzt lebt er wieder Gottseidank!" A very educative story for children!
I don't like to kiss a frog, I prefer to kiss...!
Ginnie Hart: What a perfect story for this image, Philine!!! Leave it to you to come up with exactly the right thing for the hour/day! grin

I agree about kissing frogs. I quite prefer to kiss...!
  • Tracy
  • Stoke
  • 13 Aug 2008, 07:47
I know you won't be shocked, but when on holiday once with my friends, I did kiss the frog on the wall and yes may be had a little to much of that liquid stuff.gringrin No prince charming appeared thoughsmile
Lovely shot Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: HA! I don't think there is anything about you that would surprise me, Musketeer! grin
Forget princes! What this frog needs are the kind ministrations of a princess. I guess you probably stepped up to the mark, Ginnie? (:o)
Ginnie Hart: HA! I've never been called a princess, Roz, so it never entered my mind to step up to the plate. smile But I would have! Thanks.
He would kiss Cameron but he's tied up at the moment.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Bill, you are right. HA! I love it. grin
I though he'd hanged himself!
Ginnie Hart: Heaven forbid, Chris. We need these frogs!!! smile
  • Jessie
  • New Zealand
  • 13 Aug 2008, 08:18
Lol at the super floog. Wonderful image and quote Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: That Super Floog is something else, Jessie. smile Thank you kindly.
  • trotsky
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 13 Aug 2008, 08:34
suicide attempt? hostage? poor frog looks in dire need of a princess...or a cameron diaz smile
Ginnie Hart: Where's a princess when you need one, right, Trotsky? I guess it works both ways. smile
Mysterious photograph for you, Ginnie. Hope the jet lag is easing.
Ginnie Hart: Today I'm on top of the world again, Chad. It's a miracle what a short nap and a good night's sleep will do. smile Thanks.
eeeeewwwwwww! ... it looks alive almost! ... our hostaged frog! great pp!
Ginnie Hart: Do you need one, Ade????? Maybe I could find you one! grin
  • Padraig
  • United Kingdom
  • 13 Aug 2008, 09:41
Riviting!! I hope he's ok
Ginnie Hart: I think there have been enough good wishes extended today to enable him to live a long life, Padraig. smile Thanks.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 13 Aug 2008, 10:11
What a great find, Ginnie. Poor little thing - he looks like he's been strung up for sacrifice! I hope you rescued him by giving him that kiss.
Ginnie Hart: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well, maybe someone else rescued him, Ingrid? I did see him peeking out at me, though, when I took his picture. smile
  • Chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 13 Aug 2008, 10:38
Welcome in A'dam... you are quite th traveller...
Ginnie Hart: Every month, Chantal. Every month we're here. I am so lucky!!!
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 13 Aug 2008, 10:43
I here that if your waterways have frogs in abundance the enviroment is in good shape so look after your frogs and ms Diaz
Ginnie Hart: Excellent information to know, dear Vintage! Thank you!
But this Prnce Charming is a prisonner, here !
Ginnie Hart: Sad but true, dear Calusarus. sad Ms. Diaz should have kissed him!

Thank you kindly for stopping by and commenting again. Merci.
A suicidal frog - oh, my. His pond must have been very algae filled.
Ginnie Hart: HA! You're right, Mary. He's lying out to dry, I think. smile
  • Ruth
  • United States
  • 13 Aug 2008, 11:47
At least his eye is still open! There's a chance!
Ginnie Hart: There's always a chance for frogs, or so I've heard! Thanks, Ruth.
Was the frog strangled first?
A nice & enigmatic photo, Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: The frogs tell no secrets, Wim. I couldn't get a peep outta him...just the ol' eagle eye!
  • PhotoSam
  • United Kingdom
  • 13 Aug 2008, 11:59
excellent!... almost looks bemused with his situation (great quote from ms diaz too)...
Ginnie Hart: You never know what those celebrities will come up with next, Sam. grin
Poor frogl Looks like someone pushed him over so we feel sympathy. I like your detail and color.
Ginnie Hart: The ends people will go to just to play on our sympathies! I know! Thanks, Michael.
I don't know where on earth you found this Ginnie but I gather it is an old friend of the family.
Ginnie Hart: How right you are, Brian! This was in my MIL's garden before she died in February. Her niece inherited it and apparently didn't hang it up securely. Maybe Mr. Frog is still in mourning!
Interesting find, Ginnie! Nice toning.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Sweetie. smile
  • mary
  • 13 Aug 2008, 16:18
so whimsical! love that quote, too. smile
Ginnie Hart: It was fun, Mary. smile Thanks.
At first I thought this fella had downed one bottle too many but on second thoughts I think he's just day dreaming of the good ol' days grin.

Nice capture.
Ginnie Hart: Awwww. I like that, Kunle! Thanks.
  • VZ
  • United States
  • 13 Aug 2008, 19:48
Sometimes it works backwards, Ginnie, a frog kiss might turn one into a toad.
Ginnie Hart: Stranger things could definitely happen, Viktor, for sure! smile Thanks.
  • Aussie
  • UK
  • 13 Aug 2008, 22:43
Lovely processing on Mr Frog Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Aussie. An e-mail will follow shortly within the next few hours, I hope!
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 13 Aug 2008, 23:25
He looks done for, especially with the rope around the neck. Except for your fascination with the dying, this is a great picture.
Ginnie Hart: Death and dying is very much a part of every day life, Louis, as you know. We don't always "see" it, of course. Thanks.
  • zohre
  • UAE
  • 14 Aug 2008, 14:32
This is a fantastic shot,colors so beautiful. smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Zohre.
As crazy and funny Ms Diaz is, it would be nice if she herself could see this and place a comment. I hear her laughter already...smile
Ginnie...once again...nice work!
Ginnie Hart: HA! I never once thought of her seeing this, Fausto. But that would be a hoot, indeed. grin Thanks for the smile.
  • cako
  • Germany
  • 14 Aug 2008, 23:48
Great find and very good processing.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Carsten. smile
good focusing and POI in the eye. Hehehehehe...// Regards from Yogyakarta Indonesia //
Ginnie Hart: You gave me a smile, Bram. smile Thanks.
  • Vink
  • France
  • 15 Aug 2008, 13:49
Beautiful texture ! I like this original composition
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Vink.
Hi Gina

Long time no comment I know =(

I had a boo at your archives and have to say I am very impressed with your choice of colour tones of late. Absolutely stunning shots! This one has to be one of my favourite.

Hope your well!

Ginnie Hart: You sure made my day when I saw your comment late last night, Genevieve. Thank you for dropping by and commenting again. You brought a wonderful smile to my face after a hard day!
It's such a pleasure to see your pictures. smile
Ginnie Hart: It's such a pleasure for ME when you stop by and comment, Julie.

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