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27 Nov 2007 789 views
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photoblog image The Other Side of the Tracks

The Other Side of the Tracks

Awhile back, one of you (Bill, I think?  Nope, it was Richard Trim!) asked if I had any photos of Amsterdam's "seamy" side.
In fact, this week will be a series of photos from the other side of Centraal Station's tracks along the wharf where old houseboats sit.
(And yes, Louis, this was before I was KISSed.   :)

[Today I'm in Amsterdam.]

The Other Side of the Tracks

Awhile back, one of you (Bill, I think?  Nope, it was Richard Trim!) asked if I had any photos of Amsterdam's "seamy" side.
In fact, this week will be a series of photos from the other side of Centraal Station's tracks along the wharf where old houseboats sit.
(And yes, Louis, this was before I was KISSed.   :)

[Today I'm in Amsterdam.]

comments (39)

  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 27 Nov 2007, 00:22
The sepia? tone suits this image of the seedy side perfectly.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Auusie...a variation of sepia. smile Thank you kindly.
  • rags
  • United States
  • 27 Nov 2007, 00:24
lovely, lovely image. i really love it that you shared with us an image that is different from the usual image of a brand new lovely boat. You have shown us a dilapidated boat that was once seen as a glorious vessel.
Ginnie Hart: I had the series ready to go before Bill asked for something seamy. So I guess I knew I needed to show this side eventually. Thanks, Kanyi.
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 27 Nov 2007, 00:26
Only in Amsterdam can you find a ghetto floating on the water. I am looking forward to this series.
Ginnie Hart: It actually shocked me, Martin, because I hadn't seen anything like this inside the Centrum area. But I should have known it was out there somewhere, as in every city, large or small. Thanks.
This is definitely a change from the idyllic images of Amsterdam that you usually have on offer. It is interesting to see the other side.
Ginnie Hart: I guess we always need a reminder that there ARE two sides to every story,. Thanks, Red Pen.
  • johnnyg
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Nov 2007, 01:18
KISSed ? you got me now, fess up! Oh and yeah there are no seamy sides to Amsterdam , it's all good and all bad ! smile

Ginnie Hart: My new Digital Rebel XTi is called 400D in Europe, Johnny, and KISS in Japan. When I ordered the Digital Rebel online in the States, guess what! It came back as the Japanese version. So Louis always refers to the KISS. Gotta love him for that. So, yes, this series was before I bought my KISS. (Some people have to BUY their kisses, you know!) smile

Nothing I've seen before, a dilapetated boat on sea(canal), good catch and processing
Ginnie Hart: It's definitely not something you see in the city center, Sesan! Thanks.
Processing is lovely but the composition itself really does it for me. Excellent composition with that triangle of water and the detail is so crisp.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Michael, for stopping by and commenting! That means a lot.
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 27 Nov 2007, 02:48
Beautifully, lovingly captured "renovator's dream", Ginnie.
Looks to me like the seagulls like her the way she is.
Ginnie Hart: What a fixer-upper, Ray! Wouldn't that be fun! It looks like the hippies have had their way with her, for sure, if not the seagulls. smile Thanks.
Good idea for the sepia, perfect tonality.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Flo.
  • Helen
  • Albuquerque, NM, United States
  • 27 Nov 2007, 05:32
This photo tells a whole big story! At least for me!
Ginnie Hart: Yes, it does. And wouldn't we all love to know the stories it could tell! Thanks, Helen.
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Nov 2007, 08:06
Your residence in Amsterdam is far from what I expected of you Ginnie!!LOL grin
Great ventilation and a sturdy roof what more could a girl ask forsmile
Love the shot,and the tones work fantastic to create a great atmosphere.smile
Ginnie Hart: LOL! Wouldn't we love to fix her up, Tracy. I've always dreamed about houseboats and think they would be so fun (albeit hard to keep up, I'm sure). Can you imagine a party on one of these! smile Thanks, my friend.
Wow ! Well seen Ginnie ! A sad glance to the past...
Ginnie Hart: There was definitely a freaky sadness to this whole area, Zeb, as you'll see. It made me wonder what the glory days were like. Thanks.
  • david
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Nov 2007, 08:26
i'm glad to see somehting of the seamier side of amsterdam; i look forward to seeing the results.
Ginnie Hart: I guess we all need to see both sides of the coin to appreciate what we have, David. Thanks.
Blimey! Did they have a cooker explosion in this one? Lovely tones, Ginnie, crisp detail, and the water in the foreground is gorgeous. (:o)
Ginnie Hart: It does look like something that drastic happened here, Roz. I'd love to know the stories! Thanks.
You've borne witness with this.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, I have, Mary. smile Thanks.
Lovely image Ginnie,

How have you been?
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, S/S. I've been doing great...and am always busy, regardless of being retired. You surely know how that is. smile I've missed you but have assumed it's because you are having loads of work to do. And isn't that exactly what you wanted (or have you changed your mind?)! Thanks for stopping by!

BTW, I thought Lloyd was starting up a SC blog. Or maybe I don't know his site's name!!
  • Ann
  • 27 Nov 2007, 10:48
I like the use of B&W. It stops very well the time on this destryed barge ... Nice job !!! Ann
Ginnie Hart: Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, Ann. How fun to find out your "connection" to Richard. smile
Very nice composition. I never thought a floating shantytown would exist in Amsterdam. You show us the hidden part of canals
Ginnie Hart: Me neither, Richard, but it makes sense it would happen. It actually surprised me. Thanks.
  • Chantal
  • Terheijden - The Netherlands
  • 27 Nov 2007, 11:24
great choice for sepia here
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Chantal.
  • Gale
  • Cape of storms
  • 27 Nov 2007, 11:35
Such amazing clarity. This definatelly puts a new slant on house boat.Is this still inhabited? yes... love to know more
Ginnie Hart: I'm guessing it's NOT still inhabited, Gale, except for perhaps some homeless person(s) who might come upon it. I'd love to know more as well! Thanks.
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 27 Nov 2007, 11:41
When I see pictures like this I always am curious about what happened.

I do find it interesting that Amsterdam has a "floating shantytown" and further, that someone graffitied one of the boats!

I am looking forward to more picture in this series, Ginnie
Ginnie Hart: It's very intriguing to me as well, Kathryn. I'd love to know the stories. Thanks.
love the rough textures of the boat, goes very well with the toning, and what a place to be, Amsterdam's steamy side....
Ginnie Hart: Yup, sometimes we just have to hang it all out there, Patrick! Thanks. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 27 Nov 2007, 11:57
I find this photo of the seamy side of our society (not only in A'dam) very sad (not "lovely") but important and necessary,too. The picture could tell us many possible stories of courses of life, this houseboat was a kind of house, but now it is a pic of being homeless, nevertheless this house may give some people a lodging for one night or more, perhaps flying from the "police" (look at the graffito)?
Ginnie Hart: I guess every culture has their idiom to represent "the other side of the tracks," Philine. I'd like to think someone has a chance to still make use of this for shelter. I wonder if someone else will ever renovate it?
  • Richard Trim
  • ... driving from Norwich UK
  • 27 Nov 2007, 12:31
Think it was me actually Ginnie... Its a great bit of tat ...yummy. richard.
Ginnie Hart: Ahhh. It was YOU! I'll change it in my text. THANK YOU, Richard!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million! So glad to know. I told him I'll go through his archives later!
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 27 Nov 2007, 14:15
The other side does make an interesting series. I now remember places I have seen when training around in holland.

Great shot and I believe series (coming up).
Ginnie Hart: Yup. A short series, Louis. Just enough to make the point, I guess, that there are always two sides to every coin! In every city of the world!! Thanks.
Low rent waterborne accomodation Ginnie?
Ginnie Hart: HA! Yes, indeed, Chris! smile Thanks.
  • Astrid
  • The Netherlands
  • 27 Nov 2007, 16:31
Wow Ginnie, you finally bought your dreamboat? Congrats, little windy I think, I can help you fix it up, wouldn't that be something, but you are making me feel a little bit ashamed too, you know why, this is 'our' dirty laundry I always say, but well that's life, I get over it and tourist love it, but you did a magnificent job capturing this in this great colour, I love it anyway!!!!! prachtige foto van een mooie woonboot wink
Ginnie Hart: Your shame is everyone's shame, Astrid, because this is the other side of the coin in every city of the world. How wonderful that the good far outweighs the bad!!!

Thank you as always for your comments! smile
  • onada
  • United States
  • 27 Nov 2007, 17:08
the tones in this picture are great!
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, dear Onada.
  • Chris
  • Lost in space!
  • 27 Nov 2007, 17:46
There are quite a few houseboats about here Ginnie, not sure they are quite in such bad condition though! grin Good catch smile
Ginnie Hart: The good ones far out-number the bad ones, Chris, for sure! And there are always two sides to every coin everywhere! smile Thanks.
  • blackdog
  • Bath on dial up!
  • 27 Nov 2007, 18:37
Like this series Ginnie, and not just because it is the same theme! Afraid I have a week full of Bath ones too - how bizarre is that!

Good photo too, lovely and crisp, nice composition and a fascinating subject.
Ginnie Hart: Totally bizarre. Great minds and all, Mike! smile I look forward to seeing the rest of yours. Thanks.
  • PhotoSam
  • London, U.K.
  • 27 Nov 2007, 18:38
sepia-toned memory...
Ginnie Hart: You got it, Sam. smile Thanks.
Great monotone shot Ginnie. This is even more of a heap than the one I saw on the Severn. ( As if I'd ask to see the seamy side of Amsterdam... a well brought up chap like me grin)
Ginnie Hart: HA! I should have known it wasn't you, Bill. So glad Richard took you off the hook. smile Thanks.
  • Scarlet
  • Netherlands
  • 27 Nov 2007, 20:57
I wonder if it's for rent (I'm still looking for affordable housing LOL). This is more the Amsterdam I see every day.
Ginnie Hart: Hmmm. I didn't know that, Scarlet. I probably need to get to that side of town one of these days! Thanks.
Nice Result Granny! :d
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, NaCha!
Wow! Ginnie. The precise clearness of this camera is incredible. Truth that the Canon does not give this clearness? I like much your treatment. You know it! smile
Ginnie Hart: And this is my OLD camera, José Angel! smile I do like both of the Canons I have. Thanks.
  • Ellie
  • here on my chair
  • 27 Nov 2007, 22:24
Gosh, it's ages since I've seen a boat so dishevelled, but it looks as if it might be being done up. Hope so, because they make lovely places to live.

Odd, isn't it, we rarely show the bad side of places we visit,
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Ellie, it is odd, I suppose. Maybe it's our way of being polite? Now that I've been in Amsterdam almost a year, I don't feel like a visitor any more, believe it or not! That's a nice feeling. Thanks.
Again I like the range of greys and the line of the boat
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Aksel.
  • Thomas
  • India
  • 3 Dec 2007, 16:54
Classic Beauty! Love the tones Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million,Thomas! smile

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