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05 Sep 2007 1,044 views
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photoblog image Kiss, Rebel or 400D...Whatever!

Kiss, Rebel or 400D...Whatever!

Take your pick.  It's a new dSLR camera for me, which Donica brought back to me yesterday from Atlanta.  I thought the EXIF would call it the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, but, No, it's giving it the Japanese Kiss name.  HA!  Maybe that's because in truth I'm much more of a Kiss than a Rebel!

Yesterday I had a little ritual, putting everything together very carefully.  Then I went out to the Rijksmuseum and snapped away.  So here is my first SC post with my new camera, for those of you who knew I was getting it. 

But don't get excited, because there are several more pics queued up on the old S3 IS. 

[Today I'm in Amsterdam.]

this coming Saturday at Suby and Sinem's in London
2:00 p.m.
I'll be there; will you?  If so, please let
Suby/Sinem or Ade know!
(announcement paid for by S&S and Ade)

Kiss, Rebel or 400D...Whatever!

Take your pick.  It's a new dSLR camera for me, which Donica brought back to me yesterday from Atlanta.  I thought the EXIF would call it the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, but, No, it's giving it the Japanese Kiss name.  HA!  Maybe that's because in truth I'm much more of a Kiss than a Rebel!

Yesterday I had a little ritual, putting everything together very carefully.  Then I went out to the Rijksmuseum and snapped away.  So here is my first SC post with my new camera, for those of you who knew I was getting it. 

But don't get excited, because there are several more pics queued up on the old S3 IS. 

[Today I'm in Amsterdam.]

this coming Saturday at Suby and Sinem's in London
2:00 p.m.
I'll be there; will you?  If so, please let
Suby/Sinem or Ade know!
(announcement paid for by S&S and Ade)

comments (41)

  • Martin
  • Houston
  • 5 Sep 2007, 00:18
Great way to break in the new camera, Ginnie!

Unfortunately I will miss the meet-up due to a somewhat long commute to London. I am sure it will be a blast. Have fun enough to cover those of us who can't come.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Martin. And as you see, I used your "cheap HDR" effect. smile

Maybe we'll have to have our own SC meet-up in the States one day. But Man! The traveling distances would be huge!
A fantastic first post from the new camera, Ginnie. Just lovely. The color is vibrant and crisp.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Red Pen. Can you tell that I'm excited???
Well hello 400D...I'm very much pregnant...and I haven't gone to see the electronic doctor yet to know when am due and what am having??? But I will soon give birth to a precious one...

So I welcome the the result of your 400D....Nice Shot!

I wish I would be there....I know it's gonna be FUNNNNN!!!
Ginnie Hart: I think I followed that pregnancy, NaCha. grin

Anyway, thanks for your support. Wish you could be at the SC meet-up as well!
  • alex
  • Idaho, USA
  • 5 Sep 2007, 02:02
that is one impressive building! i really like it!

ok, i'm super jealous about the new camera. SUPER jealous. i want nothing more than a real dSLR, maybe even that exact camera! alas, it's not in the funds for a long time. smile
Ginnie Hart: Actually, Alex, I LOVE our PowerShot S2 IS (yours) and S3 IS (mine) cameras and think they're the last best thing before an SLR. The ONLY reason why I purchased a new camera was so that I can submit my travel photos for stock where I might be able to make some money as a retired lady. I think all stock-photo places require an SLR capture. Other than that, my trusty PowerShot will always be one of my best friends!

You are one happy dad! I love that Matthew fella!
  • dotun
  • US
  • 5 Sep 2007, 02:25
congratulations on the new Kiss, and yes I love the shot. What do you use for your sharpening? I will like to try it.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Dotun.

My tool is CS2, still, where I do the normal Shadows/Highlights and Contrast. But first I use the Multiply layer and then tweak Shadows and/or Levels to get the "cheap HDR" effect, like Martin (Point) told me. But it always helps to start out with a moody sky, which yesterday's most definitely was. Let me know if you need more info.
  • Kay
  • United States
  • 5 Sep 2007, 03:12
Congrats on the new camera, Ginnie! I knew you would love it!!!
Unfortunately, I'm stuck here in the U.S., so you will have to cover it for those of us who can't make it! Lots of pics, please!
Ginnie Hart: Well, I had wanted it to say Digital Rebel XTi, though, or at least 400D! Don't ask me why (I guess because that's the American and European versions respectively). So I guess that's what happens when you get the best cost online! So, I'll take it!

Sorry we all can't just magically appear at S&S's on Saturday. I would have so much liked to meet you, Kay. smile
Welcome to the world of digital SLR photography. What a great shot to start! Have fun at the barbeque!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks for your welcome, Karen. So far, I'm ecstatic! smile

Think of us on Saturday and you'll be with us in spirit.
  • Shailja
  • United States
  • 5 Sep 2007, 04:02
very very crisp shot GInnie - I can almost see the people inside the tents smile Lovley summery shot. This must have made you happy about your new camera!
Ginnie Hart: Oh yes, Shailja. I'm one very happy, excited lady. smile Thanks for your support.
A nice powerful shot
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, sir!
Brilliant Ginnie. We have the new cam YAY! smile.
Ginnie Hart: Yup. And I'm going at it full steam ahead. smile Thanks, Etomi.
An impressive photo, Ginnie! Congratultions with the new camera.
Love the clouds too; we get a lot of fine ones these days here, don't we?
Ginnie Hart: Amsterdam's clouds may be one of my favorite things in the world, Wim. Always a patch of blue here-n-there to make them most interesting! Thanks.
  • Philine
  • Germany, Münster
  • 5 Sep 2007, 08:07
Congratulations on the new camera! (Sorry, I'm not well informed about the technical subtleties of the different cameras (photo- amateurish!), but I'm very interested in photography and like to know more about this kind of art.) Never I saw a photo of the whole enormous and impressive building- complex of the Rijksmuseum (a kosmos!), surely one of the greatest and most important museums of the world; I thought this would't be possible, but now Ginnie has been successful: the photo shows exactly the different colours and parts of the building.
Ginnie Hart: Because of this great expanse of lawn in the front of the building, with nothing obstructing the view, this photo is possible, Philine. It's a wonderful view. Thank you kindly once again for your comment!

The main thing about SLR cameras is that the resolution is higher and better, so that when you enlarge a photo, it will still be crystal clear, without "artifacts" (noise).
  • shakara
  • Nigeria
  • 5 Sep 2007, 08:37
Your new toy is showing it's worth great shot !!!
Ginnie Hart: Thank million, Shakara. Nothing quite like a new toy, right? smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 5 Sep 2007, 08:49
Impressive, Ginnie.
Very impressive!
Ginnie Hart: You're such a sweetheart, Ray. Thanks.
Wow! Look at that definition! You are going to have so much fun with this camera. (:o)
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Roz, you are so right. Just those 2 hours yesterday made me feel like a little kid at Christmas! smile Thanks.
  • Les Auld
  • Southport in the rain and wind
  • 5 Sep 2007, 09:49
Glad you like the camera, hope you have some decent lenses to go with it. Goot image with plenty of detail.
Ginnie Hart: I got two "best" lenses to start out with, Les (you can check my About page). At least I did a lot of research and picked the two I wanted to test first. We'll see.

Thanks for your support.
Excellently done G, wow - can't wait to see u!
Ginnie Hart: Me, too, Ade. Soon! smile
  • Ruth
  • Michigan, USA
  • 5 Sep 2007, 09:55
Yippee, wowee and Yay!!! I didn't expect a pic TODAY with the new cam! But as soon as I loaded it, I knew something was different. Just splendid!

Enjoy every minute of it. One of these days mine will finally be repaired and I can start following in your steps.

Enjoy the meet-up, how fun. Can't wait to hear about it. Is Donica going too?
Ginnie Hart: I had another already queued for today, Ruth, but I just HAD to put this one up, just to show you. I feel like a little kid at Christmas! smile Thanks for your support and encouragement all along the way. I know you are eager to get yours back from the shop! Soon, I hope.

No, sadly, Donica will not join me to the party. She'll be returning from Hannover (to where she leaves this very evening!). Always coming and going!
What a great photo Ginnie! You're now officially my mentor- lol- maybe one day when I master my new Powershot I'll follow you and make the jump to a DSLR. Good luck and keep shooting!
Ginnie Hart: Awww. You're such a sweetheart, Kim. We will mentor each other, all along the way! Thanks for your support and encouragement!
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 5 Sep 2007, 10:06
Must be Japanese stock that got in the hands of the vendor. These things happen. So now you can Kiss the S3 good-bye.

This shot demonstrates that you didn't waste any time to make the Kiss yours (Kiss is so much shorter to write than the long Rebel thing).

Excellent Rijksmuseum. I am still thinking about the amount of grass smile in the foreground. If I had my hands on it, I would have checked crops with less lawn. Maybe you did anyway.

I am now getting itchy feet, wanna go up north and see what parties I can crash in on Saturday - this ad is paid for by me smile
Ginnie Hart: That's what I figured about the stock on hand...on the cheapest US photo site! smile But I certainly don't care. Kiss IS easier to say.

I DID think about cropping the grass more, Louis, yes. In fact, I took several shots with more and less. I decided on this one because I do like the sense of expansiveness that I think the lawn provides. It's actually a huge distance from the street to the museum, and I wasn't even standing at the street!

As always, thanks for your comment.
Fantastic building Ginnie and welcome to the new camera.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you so much, Bernie.
Lovely shot. This would look cool with a panoramic crop.
Ginnie Hart: Oh yes, Gail, absolutely. But I loved the sky almost more than the museum, which posed quite the dilemma for me. smile Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
So which camera do you prefer, I know you've had the Kiss for a very short time but first impression matters with purchases like this. And your becoming the little photoshop mistress aren't you !

I only had trouble with the lawn in the thumbnail because it looked like the mast on the towers had been chopped but the full image I think needs the lawn for overall perspective and I intend to take copious amounts of shots of you on Sat even though I'll just be there for a few short hours. !!!
Ginnie Hart: I LOVE the feel of this Kiss, Johnny, but it's also about 3X larger than what I'm used to. They will be good for different purposes, of course. For instance,I'll still use the PowerShot S3 IS for when I find my gable stones (over 600 now).

On Saturday, Johnny, you'd better be nice to me with your camera! That's all I'll say about that! grin (I don't see myself as very photogenic!)
Just had a thought, maybe you can link up the guys who can't make it because of distance by web cam or iSight ?
Ginnie Hart: You're way over my head now, Johnny. Who would know how to do that?!
Would I love to have a camera like that? You bet. Great photo. What building is it?
Ginnie Hart: Awww. Thanks, Mary.

That building is the Rijksmuseum here in Amsterdam. There are many museums here in this city but I'm quite sure that is the most famous. (The link is in my text, if you want to read more about it.)
Stunning photo & perfect composition ! (:0)
Ginnie Hart: Thank you so kindly, Ferdi!
  • Magnus
  • Norway
  • 5 Sep 2007, 12:32
Congrats with the new camera Ginnie smile
Looking forward to see more from the rebel kiss smile

This is an impressive building
Ginnie Hart: Now I like that, Magnus--the Rebel Kiss! grin Thanks for your encouragement.
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 5 Sep 2007, 12:33
Well Ginnie I hope you have a lot of fun with your new camera, if your like me I go like a little child, so excited my friends think i'm mad.
Love the shot and the architecture of this building.
Have a great BBQ wish I could be there would be great to put faces to names!!! Here's a Kiss for the Rebel smile x
Ginnie Hart: Absolutely, Tracy. I am like a little kid at Christmas! smile Thanks for knowing. A Kiss for the Rebel! I like that! smile

We'll miss everyone who can't come on Saturday!!
  • nev
  • Australia
  • 5 Sep 2007, 13:13
wonderful work ginnie. i am jealous of the glass you have got yourself as well. i like the all the detail. This doesn't apply to stock but the link might be an interesting read. http://blogs.reuters.com/2007/01/18/the-use-of-photoshop/
Ginnie Hart: I feel very fortunate, Neal, to have the camera AND the glass both! smile I really hope to do justice to this new toy! Thanks.

I have seen that article before and think it makes a lot of journalistic sense. Glad to know we can trust the press, especially if they all have those strict guidelines.

I'm guessing for stock photos every little tweak would compromise the original photo to an extent. I need to find out more about that, for sure! I do want to submit photos to a travel stock site, which is why I got the SLR. Maybe it will pay for itself oine day?
Wow! Ginnie! Congratulations. You will already tell your appreciations me on the new camera, okey? At the moment, this first photo is for making puzzle of 5000 pieces! Fantastic! smile
Ginnie Hart: HA! And I love jigsaw puzzles but never once thought of that! Good idea, Jose. Thanks.
Hi Ginnie, WOWOWOW!!! This camera/YOU makes good shots , See? smile you can do everything ood by ll camera's ...The rijksmuseum thats the plac I would like to go once in a while, did yu go inside?

Thanks for the email, I am still not well, so I'll email you this evening, (tomorrow's not possible)You know what I mean. We keep in Tatchsmile

HAAAAAAAAttsssjeeeee !!! smile Got it ? JoAnn smile
Ginnie Hart: So sorry you're still not feeling well, JoAnn. Get better before we confirm a date!

And no, I did NOT go into the museum this time...just 9 years ago. I need to go again some day soon!
Looks great, the green gras, the sky - I look forward to see more of your pics with the new camera
Ginnie Hart: Before long, you'll see lots of them, Aksel. You'll be sorry you asked. smile But thanks for your support.
You'll be very successful with your stock photography, I just know it! You would take amazing photos with a cell phone camera so I can just imagine how much more with even better tools! I hope you enjoy your rebel as much as I enjoy mine!! But i suspect you'll still carry around your S3 IS along with you. smile Sometimes its more convenient to whip out the smaller camera, depends on if you're taking time to compose, or want to capture a fleeting moment! Now even more, I can't wait to see all the photos you'll capture!!!
Ginnie Hart: Did I know you had a Rebel, Mad??? Yaaay. Lots of us are on the same page, I see. How fun. Guess that means we can compare notes. And oh yes. That S3 IS will be my trusty friend for a long time to come!!!

Thanks for your wonderful encouragement!
You could take great photos with a box brownie! Enjoy your new toy
Ginnie Hart: You are way too kind, Bill, and I mean that sincerely. But thank you!!
Congrats on the new camera! Looking forward to seeing the results.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Will. I appreciate it.
i hear youre coming all the way from holland! (makes me very sad sad)...anyway, excellent shot - compsoed to perfection...
Ginnie Hart: Yes, all the way, Sam. I couldn't resist. So does the sad face mean you won't be there?

Thanks, as always, for your comments!
Well, you've certainly got to grips with your new camera. This is a cracking shot. All the best, Dave.
Ginnie Hart: You're so kind, Dave. Thanks. There's so much more to learn (that I hadn't yet learned on my S3 IS!).
  • Olaide
  • Fort Collins, CO USA
  • 5 Sep 2007, 20:34
a great way to start. very beautiful shot.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Olaide.
A good start for your new camera. Hope you continue to have more of such shots. Keep it up!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks for your support, Helen. I'm having so much fun. smile
congrats on the new camera! How cool is that... I guess you've got lots more to play around with and learn now.
Ginnie Hart: I think I'm learning something new every day, ET! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
A great shot really !
Too far for me, I'd like to be there though !
Ginnie Hart: It's a beautiful place, Zeb. Let me know when you can make it. smile

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