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10 Jul 2007 839 views
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photoblog image The Water Hole

The Water Hole

When I'm in Amsterdam, as I am now till the 27th, I love to take a walk every day.  If I'm not looking for gable stones, I'm trying to pay attention to people and activities.  So for the rest of this week, I want to show some people shots.

These boys were taking a break from soccer in the early evening hour after dinner.

[Today I'm in Amsterdam.]

The Water Hole

When I'm in Amsterdam, as I am now till the 27th, I love to take a walk every day.  If I'm not looking for gable stones, I'm trying to pay attention to people and activities.  So for the rest of this week, I want to show some people shots.

These boys were taking a break from soccer in the early evening hour after dinner.

[Today I'm in Amsterdam.]

comments (40)

A nice capture. I look forward to the week of people shots. They're tough to do, I think.
Ginnie Hart: I don't normally do them, Red Pen, so I hope they are to your liking throughout the week. Thank you kindly.
This is wonderful....selective colors makes images looks great and unique....I like....grin
Nice shot & Angle
Ginnie Hart: As you know, I do like to play around with selective coloring! Thanks, Nacha.
Oh what you can do with post processing ....amazing!
Ginnie Hart: It's actually very easy and fun, Mary. I can imagine you going crazy with it. smile
  • Kay
  • 10 Jul 2007, 02:09
Perfect selective coloring Ginnie! I love this red...it really pops out smile
Ginnie Hart: It was like a no-brainer for me, Kay. Those red shirts popped out for me as well. smile Thanks.
  • Shailja
  • Boston, USA
  • 10 Jul 2007, 04:22
Very nice!! great composition and nice job with selective coloring - it works great for this shot. People shots are the most difficult ones to take so will definitely be interested to see who all you capture smile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you for your vote of confidence, Shailja. That means a lot!
I love the selective colouring
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Aussie!
This is terrific, and I this the selective colouring works so well. (:o)
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Roz.
Great processing Ginnie smile
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Magnus! smile
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, UK
  • 10 Jul 2007, 09:31
See you have caught the selective color bug LOL, lovely capture here Ginnie now in Amsterdam smile

Ginnie Hart: Yes, I'm afraid so, Suby. I actually had this one queued up a couple weeks ago and just happened to throw yesterday's in at the last minute, so it was coincidental that I had 2 selective-coloring posts in a row. I'll try to behave. grin

And yes, I'm now in our Amsterdam apartment, since 8:30 this morning. It feels like home!
I can hear the hushed tones of the voice over... "The red buffalo are seen here gathering at there favourite, disturbed by visitors from a rival herd" LOL Hope you have recovered from the flight. Mike
Ginnie Hart: HA! You're funny, Mike. I love it.

And I'm trying to recover...I keep saying I need to take a nap but never get around to it. Those through-the-night flights do take their toll but I usually am as good as new quickly.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 10 Jul 2007, 10:38
Excellent and caught in a big discussion. A park with a cobblestone floor - this is where you learn to stay on your feet while playing the ball. Jeans the only protection for when you come down on your knees smile

Or was there a park behind you?

Selective colouring is better here.
Ginnie Hart: The playing area is off to the right of this pic, Louis, and probably is just dirt, if I remember correctly. Not too much better than cobblestones!

As I told Suby, I actually had this one queued up a couple weeks ago and just happened to throw yesterday's in at the last minute, so it was coincidental that I had 2 selective-coloring posts in a row. I agree that the s-c works better here!
  • chunter
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK.
  • 10 Jul 2007, 11:51
I'm not a great fan of selective colouring generally, but it has its place and it works well enough here.

I think this would work just as well in total mono though, and would be keen to see some mono processing because I'm lousy at it.

The composition of this image is, however, a wonderful observation of youngsters 'in the wild' for want of a better expression and as has already been said, not easy to do. Well done.
Ginnie Hart: I agree, Colin, that this would have worked just as well in total mono. But you know me! Sometimes I have to come out and play. smile

Thank you for you kind comment about the shot. "In the wild" is a special way to put it!
Welcome back Ginnie...
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Bernie! It's good to be back. smile
  • Roger
  • Denton Texas
  • 10 Jul 2007, 13:21
Can't wait. People are my fav subjects.
Ginnie Hart: I don't take many people shots but I'm trying to learn, so this is good for me as well, Roger. Thanks.
yay, awaiting tons of people shots...
this one is excellent..selective colouring never gets old..
Ginnie Hart: Not tons, Sam--just a handful! smile

Some of us really like s-c more than others, I know, but it's fun to play with, I think. Thanks.
  • Barbro
  • Sweden
  • 10 Jul 2007, 16:24
A very nice composition and framing, you captured a great moment here, interesting touch with the selective colouring.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks for your comment, Barbro. It was a fun pic to work with, the second I saw all those red shirts!
Great capture Ginnie...look forward to more.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Bridge. smile
  • Ruth
  • Michigan, USA
  • 10 Jul 2007, 17:47
I think I would prefer this in mono too, but I can see why you did the selective coloring, since their shirts were red! It's fun either way!
Ginnie Hart: Either way is good if it works, so thanks, Ruth. Sometimes I get carried away. smile
I love the selective colouring here Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Fehinti.
  • Julischka
  • butterfly bush
  • 10 Jul 2007, 17:57
Yep, I agree with Fehinti. smileAnd I love the scene. Very natural.
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Julia. smile
Wow, I love this one. Great work ..
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Sarthak.
You know me sweets I'm not big on selective colouring but the subject is wonderful. I think you just might be neglecting an area that your really good at, I'm looking forward to other people shots your going to post. smile
Ginnie Hart: I promise you, Johnny, that tomorrow's shot is in full color! And it's a people shot, so I hope you're happy. smile Thanks, as always.,
You know that I always be a fan of your partial desaturation Ginnie !
Great work indeed... So you love the red too ! smile
Ginnie Hart: Who doesn't like having fans! Thanks, Flo!!
This works very well. A really nice capture. All the best, Dave. P.S. never say soccer to an Englishman, it's football!
Ginnie Hart: HA! When in Rome and all that. Sorry, Dave. Football it is. smile
Great shot. I love these shots whereyou leave just some of the colour - its very effective.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, PB. Glad you like it.
Do you remember the football club witch was on their shirt? In Holland every little town has his own footballclub.

Those shirts are not known to me (I think it isn't a big club). The biggest footballclubs in Holland are PSV, Ajax, AZ and Feijenoord. I am a fan of RODA, but they never reach big European competitions like the UEFA cup or Champions Leage. They are always 7th sad . (You will need to be 6th if you want to go into the UEFA cup competition).
Ginnie Hart: I'm afraid I didn't get close enough, Tim, to get the name on their shirts. I was actually quite far away, using my 12x optical zoom. Maybe next time I'll be lucky and can let you know. smile Thanks.
Lovely capture and I really like the treatment.
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Shakara. Thanks.
  • Les Auld
  • Southport UK
  • 10 Jul 2007, 23:18
Good capture, the selective colour works well for me.
Ginnie Hart: Glad you like it, Les. Thanks.
Funny one and good PP on colors - Have a nice week Ginnie !!
Ginnie Hart: You, too, Zeb. As always, thanks for stopping by!
Cool Ginny. I like what you did with this shot.
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, John.
  • Jimbo
  • 11 Jul 2007, 09:45
Way hay! Having just commented on yesterday's shot, here's yet another example of Ginnie's excellent colouring work to admire. I'm in overload mode and lost in admiration. Rather unkempt kids, aren't they? There'd certainly be a lot of flip-floppy hair while they kicked the ball around. Long hair must be the fashion these days among the young.
Ginnie Hart: Ginnie loves to color, Jimbo. grin At first I thought some of these were girls because of the long hair, but after more careful looking, I do believe they're all boys! Thanks.
I wonder what was in front of "nieten"; whis in Dutch is the plural of 'not'...
Ginnie Hart: I went and found another pic, Wim, to answer your question: Genieten. My Babel Fish translation says "to enjoy." I think it's a cafe/restaurant.
clever selective colouring
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Genevieve.
I would love to se all the shirts in colours - do they have a white and black one - even so I don't get the feeling that I see the t-shirts in "true" colours smile
Ginnie Hart: In the original pic, Aksel, the only color that really stands out is the red shirts because this was taken in the late evening. The other shirts were black and white, yes. I decided to make the red stand out by making everything else mono. As you can see, only 2 of the shirts were "official" league shirts.
Well, I am going to buck the trend and say the selective colouring worked better for me in the previous shot. I think this one would benefit from being completely mono, or even all in colour.
Ginnie Hart: HA! Isn't it fun to see how we all have our "opinions" about certain things here on SC (or in art in general). I guess that's what makes the world go round.

Thanks for bucking the trend, Karen. I like that (especially since yesterday's shot I was not as sure about as this one!).
I love this idea. The people are so interesting for one thing! What a shot!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks for stopping by to look and comment, ET!
  • Monika
  • Londres
  • 13 Jul 2007, 16:27
Your B&W with selective colouring is getting better and better Ginnie!
Ginnie Hart: That's very sweet of you to say so, Monika. Thank you kindly.
GR8888888.OohoohoHoohHoh Ginnie! you really are a Billion Star General. I feel like one of this kids. This picture sets the mark for my weekend
Ginnie Hart: Busola, you know how to make my heart sing. smile
Muy buena, Ginnie!! Parece que nos podamos meter entre medio de ellos !

Very good, Ginnie! It seems that we pruned ourselves to put between means of them!
Ginnie Hart: It does feel like we're right there with them, doesn't it, Jose! Thanks.
Totally love these selective color photos, Ginnie! They are so fun. smile
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart to backtrack to this, Mad. Thanks! smile

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