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08 Mar 2007 684 views
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photoblog image St. Paul's

St. Paul's

No wonder our book put St. Paul's Cathedral in London at the top of the list of all cathedrals to see!  How can you not be astounded by such beauty!  This is the ceiling along the Nave to the High Altar.

I have a confession to make to St. Paul:  instead of asking permission to go against the rules, I decided to ask forgiveness.  NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED!  So I sat down on a chair, very discreetly put the camera in my lap, lens up, swivelled the LCD screen around and snapped this pic without flash.  That's my confession.
Actually, I took other pics, which you can see here.

St. Paul's

No wonder our book put St. Paul's Cathedral in London at the top of the list of all cathedrals to see!  How can you not be astounded by such beauty!  This is the ceiling along the Nave to the High Altar.

I have a confession to make to St. Paul:  instead of asking permission to go against the rules, I decided to ask forgiveness.  NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED!  So I sat down on a chair, very discreetly put the camera in my lap, lens up, swivelled the LCD screen around and snapped this pic without flash.  That's my confession.
Actually, I took other pics, which you can see here.

comments (29)

  • Mia
  • 8 Mar 2007, 00:55
Breath-taking architecture Ginnie... no way would we all have wanted to miss it! wink

I've done that soo many times... the worst one being in the Pentagon LOL I walk out and there smack in the middle is the sign: NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED. VIOLATORS WILL BE... yadayada. What no pictures of the Pentagon?! But it's such a beautiful (coughcough) building! And I take a picture of the sign with the building in the back grin I should post it up someday haha
Ginnie Hart: I didn't feel too terribly guilty, Mia, since I paid my $17 and did NOT use flash. I think the prohibitions on photography in the past have had to do with how damaging flash can be on art. It'll be interesting to see if these prohibitions change with digital photography, or if they will just always "prohibit" it. Other than the flash, I've never understood the why of the restriction, especially if there's to be no financial gain. Maybe someone else knows?
  • Jimbo
  • 8 Mar 2007, 01:17
I don't remember St Paul's interior being this colourful! This is indeed spectacular. I must go back some time.
Ginnie Hart: My heart fluttered when I saw your name, Jimbo, because that's what we call one of my brothers and yet I knew it couldn't be him. So glad I met another Jimbo. Welcome to SC. And thank you kindly for stoppinjg by and commenting here.
Nicely done.

Reminds me of the shot I took in Montreal of the inside of the Notre Dame Basilica. Photography was allowed but no tripods or flash. So I balanced the camera on a pew/bench and hoped for the best.
Ginnie Hart: I'd be quite happy with those restrictions, John, rather than sneaking around to get a shot or two! Thanks for your comment!
Ha ha ha, Ginnie, nice way to get away with it grin

Even I have done that a couple of times, for the Old Fort Pic, even entry into the premises wasn't allowed at that time, let alone photography. I can understand the sense of achievement you feel once you get such a fabulous result.

I guess St. Paul has already forgiven you - at least you remind so many of us about him, through these pics wink
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Thomas. Thanks. smile
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 8 Mar 2007, 04:55
This is great, Ginnie! And I am happy to find out that you escaped apprehended despite your egregious transgressions smile
Ginnie Hart: I know, I know, Martin. I am so very bad and need to be happy that I got away with murder!
I spoke to god yesterday, he said if you didn't use a flash he forgives you, you just have to send me 5.000 € in sign of repentance.
That's an amazing ceiling !!
Ginnie Hart: HA! 5.000 € pennance is more like it. You're just way too sneaky yourself, Dafredo! I love it. smile
  • Raymond
  • Australia by way of New Zealand
  • 8 Mar 2007, 06:52
Hello Ginnie, churches have much history, and stunning pictures to tell. Brilliant colours, and light, quite a story here. Thanks for sharing. smile

Ginnie Hart: I wish we could share all of it at whim, Raymond!!! It's like we need to get the word out, right?! Thanks.
  • madretz
  • SF Bay Area
  • 8 Mar 2007, 07:05
heehee! I've done the same a few times. A little harder with an SLR when you have to look thru the view finder, but that doesn't stop me from just clicking away without looking.
Ginnie Hart: I can just see it, Mad! What a sight. So glad I'm not the only one. smile
  • Neil Tandy
  • Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • 8 Mar 2007, 08:49
Hiya Ginnie. I am trying to work this one out - 5 views and 8 (9 now) comments!! I think the SC calculator threw a wobbly!! smile The photo is very nice considering your surreptitious method of capture!! I sometimes employ the same method for candids, the LCD is a great way to fool people into thinking you are not taking photos! I hope you guys are having an enjoyable time in Amsterdam. Warmest wishes, Neil.-x-
Ginnie Hart: Oh my, Neil. SC really did a nukmber on me this morning when I first opened this. I had 7 comments and after a few minutes of making commnents elsewhere, this post suddenly was changed to tomorrow's date, with no comments or views. And I wasn't even in the Edit page! Once I put the date back to today (the 8th), the comments came back but the views reverted back to 0. Figure that one out, if you can!!!

We had a great, sunshinny day here in Amsterdam today. Thanks for your good wishes!
A nice picture ... The ceilings in there beautiful ..if your ever go to Rome . . the vatican the most amazing ceilings ever !!
Ginnie Hart: I have been to Rome, Shakara, and have seen the ceilings at St. Peter's and the Sistine Chapel. I agree!
  • Louis
  • 8 Mar 2007, 11:03
Confessions popping up allover. You are all forgiven, don't pay frederic 5.000 €, just do two rosemaries on my special beads. They are for sale at 10.000 €. Hah.

So when did they prove that camera flash hurts, gold, mosaic, paint and whatever else they have used? Some years ago I visited the Stift in Melck, Austria which has also excellent artwork and trappings. In the chapel of the Stift we were told how the monks have preserved the artwork over the years by looking after temperature and humidity. The hunidity did unfortunately damaged some books in their library and they had to move the books to elsewhere in the Stift.
Flashes can make pictures possible and then you won't buy the postcards and 20 year old slides up front. More important, in the end these places are churches where people come to worship - sort of a private thing and in troop the tourists flashing away at everything. This last argument i would understand.
Digital cameras also have flashes, so i doubt they will allow them.

The centre parts of those two round art works - outafocus, shake or is it due to the material they used?

I do see your point of the other day about the interior being the claim to fame.
Ginnie Hart: You are hysterical, Louis, and between you and Frederic, I don't know who is worse! smile

Your points are well-taken, of course. And in regards to the outafocus ceiling, I don't have a clue. It surely wasn't camera shake, since this camera has the Image Stabilizer and the camera was in my lap. So, who knows. I've been told that when you take pics in St. Peter's (Vatican), none of them really come out well because the Saints forbid it (or some such story!).
beautiful artwork this always is, must be kept.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Chantal. I agree!
  • Amy
  • 8 Mar 2007, 13:14
AMAZING! So glad you took the shot . . . I forgive you! ;-)
Ginnie Hart: HA! Thank you kindly, my dear! smile
  • Ruth
  • Michigan, USA
  • 8 Mar 2007, 13:21
Just splendid. I do think we've slacked off with our ceilings in the last few years. But it amazes me how much effort and money went into ceilings in these old churches.
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Ruth. I totally agree. I wonder if there was a symbolic purpose to get us to look UP?!
Just remember, next time you go through customs and they pull you to one side,confessing to a serious breach of one of our finest laws could mean you never being allowed back here again!The age of innocent misdemeanour is no more.
Ginnie Hart: Ha Ha. Here comes the Judge. I'm BUSTED! sad
  • dotun
  • 8 Mar 2007, 14:35
I have reviewed your confession, and I have forgiven you. And I forgive you for one reason and one reason only..its a great shot, so be ye happy from today on smile
Ginnie Hart: I fully accept your forgiveness, Dotun. Now I can breathe freely. Thank you. smile
That's a beautiful ceiling. I have to visit this place the next time i come to London...
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Aksel, and YES, make sure you visit it when you're there again.
  • Petra
  • 8 Mar 2007, 18:22
beautiful photo Ginnie!! Welcome to the Netherlandssmile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you kindly, Petra. I thought of you off and on all day! smile
luverly...that is definitely the way to do it...i use similar techniques...
Ginnie Hart: Glad to hear it, Sam. smile
I've kinda been waiting all day to let everyone else leave their comments as I wanted to say something that was perhaps a little strong and then I read Louis comment this afternoon and it kind of calmed me down a little. As you know I've wanted to visit St. Pauls like fore ever but never found the time to do it, it was on my list for this summer but I don't think I'll bother now. I've seen your shots from the other web site and I think that perhaps they just might be some of your best that you've shown us and that's my problem.

I don't get the ban on cameras. Churches of all denominations are for all of the people, yes I know about the churches control over it's parish and all that goes with that but in this day and age that control no longer counts and you'd think that they would encourage anyone and everyone to visit and take pictures to show their family and friends so said visitors would help to draw people back to the church. Yes keep flash cameras dark, fine, but these buildings hold some of the best art work the world has ever seen, share, isn't that the basis of religion anyway.

Sorry Ginnie I'll stop because I can go on for ever. I think I'll go up to York, I heard there's no ban there but then again I could have heard wrong.

Take Care
Ginnie Hart: You have verbalized exactly where I'm coming from, Johnny. The irony is that by taking pics in a church/cathedral, we're made to feel guilty because of rules that don't make sense, at a time when the church should be taking away our guilt. I understand about the effect taking pics would have during worship, and feel strongly about the need to honor those times. But when a church charges admission to see its treaures, it has already made it a tourist trap. I could go on and on about this myself, as you see.

I really appreciate your comment, Johnny! More than you'll ever know. (My dad was a preacher, BTW!)
Waouh ! really nice... I thought first it was a "mandala"...
Ginnie Hart: I can't believe I never thought of that, Roland. I LOVE mandalas and color them from time to time.
great colors!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks, Nicola.
  • Ellie
  • 8 Mar 2007, 23:40
It's wonderful Ginnie, really wonderful ... just think how long this ceiling has been there, and how many thousands of people have gazed at it in awe.

The sparkle might be something to do with the pigments used, or perhaps the way the gold leaf has been attached? Are these domed ceilings? If so it could be the depth of field, or something. Whatever, it's a magnificent picture, I'm so pleased you plucked up the courage to take it. smile
Ginnie Hart: Your words are very kind, Ellie. I have so many "THOU SHALT NOT" tapes in my head that sometimes I need to buck the system. It WAS akin to plucking up courage. Interestingly, God has always been my bedrock, from whom my guilt almost NEVER comes!

Anyway, these domes, as you say, were defintiely all concave. I never once saw them as out of focus as much as sparklinmg so much that they danced with action. They were alive!
The colors, the detail - it's heavenly, Ginnie. I'm so glad you broke the rules so that I would have a chance to see this.
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Red Pen. Thanks.
You have captured the colors and details very nicely, Ginnie. And considering you were took this photo so discreetly, the focus is also sharp. I am wondering if you could have done anything about the ledge in the top right corner...
Ginnie Hart: I actually liked the pillars that ended up in the pic, Kedar, since they gave me a sense of the perspective and height. But I'm not sure I could have done anything about them if I didn't. It wasn't like I could go around to get the best shot, if you know what I mean. Thanks for your comment.
  • Julischka
  • Germany, near Frankfurt am Main
  • 10 Mar 2007, 08:28
Wow, beautiful! Great art which you captured beautifully!
Ginnie Hart: You're a sweetheart, Julia. Thanks a million.
Really beautiful, the colors are great and very well rendered !!
Ginnie Hart: Thanks a million, Zeb.
These colors are absolutely stunning. I'm pretty sure I told you that already though. ;-) I'd love to go back and get some inside photos of more churches now that I've learned a few more tricks sans tripod.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you most kindly, Jen!
I am delighted, Ginni, even when it took me some time to get to see this photo. I'm sooooo glad you broke the rules! smile
Ginnie Hart: How else is the world gonna find out about these treasures! Thank you kindly, Samira, and welcome back. smile

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