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27 Mar 2020 209 views
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photoblog image <s>Cock</s> Clock Friday

Cock Clock Friday


At the risk of sounding risque, this is Rome.

I still can't believe it's on lock-down to all tourists right now!

(a year ago in Rome, Italy, )




Cock Clock Friday


At the risk of sounding risque, this is Rome.

I still can't believe it's on lock-down to all tourists right now!

(a year ago in Rome, Italy, )




comments (36)

  • Steven
  • Chicagoland
  • 27 Mar 2020, 00:59
Such ornate detail in this clock tower! Hopefully the tide will subside quickly in Italy! Stay safe!
Ginnie Hart: All we can do is hope and pray, Steven, and give help if/when/where we can. (sigh)
Jolie tour bien décoré, on dirait que la statue montre l'horloge. Il y a un détail coquin...
Ginnie Hart: The "naughty" detail is as much what Rome is about as the clock, Martine.
Great composition!
Crazy world....
Ginnie Hart: Great and Crazy in one sentence just about says it all, Elizabeth.
I recognize this bell tower and the statue that competes unfairly with it by revealing very different attributes. LOL! Nice framing Ginnie, have a nice weekend
Ginnie Hart: I like the way you put that, Marie. Merci. grin
  • Astrid
  • Nederland
  • 27 Mar 2020, 06:13
"Clock".....what clock..... hmm.. it is naughty Friday I think grin ...
Love the details in this picture but somebody "Photo-bombed" the clock, Ginnie.
Ginnie Hart: HA! I should have thought about the photo-bomber myself, Astrid. Good one! grin (Oh, and that I should have called this Cock Friday!)
  • Chris
  • England
  • 27 Mar 2020, 06:33
I was going to say exactly what you said to Astrid!

On the subject of lock-down I still can't believe my eyes here in Bath..
Ginnie Hart: I know, Chris. Your Bath is like Italy's Rome, I suppose. I think the entire world is in shock right now...which appears to be doing good for Mother Earth. A tear and a smile?
Très belle osmose horloge , sculpture !!!
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Claudine. smile
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 27 Mar 2020, 06:51
On the subject of lock-down, last evening we were asked to come to our doors and windows and clap the doctors and nurses in our NHS (National Health Service). We did with other neighbours around us, fireworks were set off, train whistles blew, and Michael beat out a tattoo on our wheelie bin
Ginnie Hart: We did something similar last week, Lisl, when the entire country clapped hands outside our doors/windows at 8 p.m. I saw that they did this in Atlanta the other day. It's wonderful to see it happening all over the world. Our healthcare workers need undying strength and support these days, knowing we aren't forgetting them! Thanks for sharing.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 27 Mar 2020, 07:05
Rome will recover!
Ginnie Hart: My guess is we all will, Ray, and hopefully to the better and wiser?!
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 27 Mar 2020, 07:22
Oh, my poor Italy - our bells are ringing every day at 7:30 pm to think thankfully of all the people who help us in the hospitals and ...- who is the nice man?
Ginnie Hart: Yes, Philine. We all need to be very thankful at this time for the healthcare workers who are fighting for their and our lives! And yes, who is that nice man, indeed! A photo bomber, I think. smile
  • Alan
  • United Kingdom
  • 27 Mar 2020, 07:23
Ooeer!! I like the juxtaposition here. Strange times indeed.
Ginnie Hart: Very strange, indeed, Alan. Hopefully we'll all get through it with flying colors.
What a change we have seen is such a short time. I had to smile at this picture...saucygrin
Ginnie Hart: Every day is a huge change, Bill, especially in America, which now has more cases than anywhere else. But don't get me started on that. (sigh)

So, you like saucy?! grin
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 27 Mar 2020, 07:49
I don't know the word 'photo-bomber, but I understand what you mean ...
Ginnie Hart: A photo bomber is someone who pops into a photo who was not meant to be part of the picture, Philine. smile
Mooie klokkentoren, waar was dit in Rome ?
Kan mij deze niet goed herinneren of niet goed gekeken smile
Ginnie Hart: Good question, Marjolein. It's on the way to the Colosseum and Forum, past that big white building. You can see the clock tower in this photo: https://www.buzz4tours.com/buzz-presents-its-rome-routes-tours/
  • Richard Trim
  • Suffolk:where the sun rises first in England
  • 27 Mar 2020, 08:45
Somethings just seem to take centre stage ...l have no idea why.
Ginnie Hart: Our tourist guide last year said ancient Rome (and Florence, etc.) was all about the Power of Men! Hmmm.
  • jpla
  • Anjou
  • 27 Mar 2020, 08:49
C'est un nouveau cadran solaire ?
Ginnie Hart: Yes, indeed, JP.
Très bien vu ce choix de cadrage.
Bonne journée Ginnie, et prends bien soin de toi.
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Pascale. The same to you.
  • paul
  • United Kingdom
  • 27 Mar 2020, 09:07
what an unusual composition - it works really well
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 27 Mar 2020, 09:37
In your face - as the say grin
Ginnie Hart: Indeed, Louis. After awhile you barely notice. HA!
  • Chad
  • Somewhere in deep space
  • 27 Mar 2020, 09:47
Gosh it’s a bit ‘in yer face’ Ginnie. I’m talking about the clock of course.
Ginnie Hart: I know, Chad. You never fool me. smile
  • willy
  • Belgium
  • 27 Mar 2020, 09:48
een "ondeugende" compositie Ginnie....

have a nice day
Ginnie Hart: I know, Willy. The only good thing I can say is that I waited a year before showing it.
  • Andy
  • Canada
  • 27 Mar 2020, 09:59
Thank you for making me laugh out loud. You made my day.
Ginnie Hart: HAHA! So glad to oblige, Andy. smile
Today's post is like Marmite!
You either love it or hate it, ha. smile

I can't believe the States overtook China with most coronavirus cases. How are daughter A and grandson N coping?
Ginnie Hart: The ineptitude of the USA government right now just blows my mind, LC. Don't even get me started. But, thankfully, both A and N are doing well, though locked down at home. Thanks for asking.
I still have a friend there. She teaches in Northern Italy. Teaches her class from her apartment there. Her daughter who was in Uni in England is back here safe and sound, now out of quarantine but still isolated like the rest of us.
Ginnie Hart: It all is blowing the mind right now, Care. Will any of us ever be the same after this is all over???
  • Beth
  • United States
  • 27 Mar 2020, 13:43
Terrific. You gave me a great and needed laugh. The perspective is fantastic.
Ginnie Hart: HA! So glad for the laugh. It took me a year to finally dare to post this, but nowadays, nothing seems too off-beat to post, sadly.
  • Anne
  • France
  • 27 Mar 2020, 14:24
Nice shot!
Ginnie Hart: Merci, Anne.
A great picture of the clock tower, can't make up my mind about the chap with an appendage showing!!
Ginnie Hart: HAHA, Brian. It took me a year to dare to show this, so I'll give you a year to decide. smile
It is like time is standing still. Friendship
Ginnie Hart: Indeed so, Ruthie.
Hahaha.....an amusing composition, Ginnie! smile
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, Martin! As Astrid often says, "if we can't take a joke....!"
oy ... prisoners in our own homes ... so unfair in spring!
Ginnie Hart: May we never complain again, Ryan, right?!
nicely framing of the clock Ginnie...
it seems like the whole world is in lock-down... COVID-19 is a killer....petersad
Ginnie Hart: The whole world IS in lockdown, Peter, and rightly so. God have mercy.
clever shot and a clever title, Ginnie. another great example of light and shadow.
Ginnie Hart: Thank you, kind sir.
sadly much of the world is on LOCKDOWN
Ginnie Hart: Indeed, Alan, but rightly so. We're all in this together. And thanks for stopping by!
  • Bonnie
  • United States
  • 29 Mar 2020, 22:37
Great title! We are so sassy! Another idea:
"Time to put on my pants"
Ginnie Hart: HAHA, Bonnie. No slouching around these days while cooped up at home!
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thank you Ginnie.

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